My aim is to be such a good hairstylist that my customers can't do without me! That's why I keep upgrading my skills and do my best to make every customer happy.

Salon ManageratAube Japanese Hair Salon @ Marina Link

Aube Japanese Hair Salon @ Marina Link

Marina Square

Those of you with curly hair (or wish to get bouncy curls) should definitely try Shun.

An expert on managing curls, Shun's haircutting style is excellent in creating the texture and softness of curls you see in magazines, whether you have natural curls or if you're intending to get one via digital perm. The feel or basically the aesthetic sense of the hairstyle he designs will get you lots of compliments even as the hair remains neat and easily manageable! 

That may be the reason why he was chosen to be the Salon Manager and Top Stylist of his previous salon back in Japan, one of Japan's most prestigious and popular hair salon chain... and why he was selected to style, cut and perm for singers, fashion models and even MMA fighters during this time there!

Despite his great skill and popularity, you'll never find Shun acting like a diva stylist because he is just not like that. Ever so patient, Shun does his very best for every customer from his awesome head spa, cut and till the end of the service, making it easy for customers to come back again and again. 

A highly recommended stylist who goes the extra mile to help customers achieve exactly what they want!