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StylistatSIL Hair Artistry @ Bugis Arab Street

SIL Hair Artistry @ Bugis Arab Street

Arab Street

If we can use Kakkoii-Kawaii to describe men, he's definitely the male stereotype for it. While he is often spotted with a serious face, Sio's cool demeanour is transformed into a cuter warmer personality when a smile breaks. Yep, he's that type - cool on the outside, warm on the inside!

Sio doesn't talk a lot but that is part of his charm. Aware that customers set aside a lot of time to do their hair with him, Sio feels that it is his duty and responsibility to give them his full attention and help them recreate the hair designs they have in their minds. We love how he is one of the FEW stylists who can reproduce ALMOST exactly what you show him and still make it look good on you! Just take a look at his hairstyle photos to know what we mean!

While he is considered the "Colour God" among Japanese stylists in Singapore, we hear that Sio is actually pretty popular for his haircuts and perms as well. Customers have shared how his perms can actually last for almost a year; it all boils down to your hair texture and the type of curl you choose. As he has been in Singapore for more than 5 years and has a pretty good grasp of English, Sio is able to explain the nuances of the final hairstyle pretty well and how you can achieve the same style back at home!  

Overall, a technically brilliant all-round hairstylist you can trust to make your hair fabulous! 

The only problem? He is too popular! It is not easy to get an appointment with him and even when you do, you may find that he has to attend to two customers at one time!