Customers spend their hard-earned money on us so that they can get their problem solved. That's why I make sure that I listen to what they want and give them what they need to make their money worthwhile!

Senior StylistatFocus Hairdressing @ Cuppage Plaza

Focus Hairdressing @ Cuppage Plaza

Cuppage Plaza

Sito is not the most chatty hairstylist you'll see in Focus Hairdressing but she is definitely among the most consistent and reliable. She has after all tamed the hair for SO MANY ladies via rebonding and perming over the past 9 years that she knows exactly what to do for every hair texture and curl. Customers love how she is able to give them a great pixie cut and/or rebonding without hardselling or making them buy products unnecessary products. Instead, she dispenses only the most honest advice, making it easy for you to return to her the next time around. EndFragment


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HOT! Vegan Colour!

$199 for Vegan O&M Hair Colour + Haircut + 7 day miracle treatment

Haircut, Colour, Treatment

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3 months left

$178 oway scalp treatment + mucota scena 3 step treatment


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3 months left

$160 mucota opera rebonding with haircut (for first timer)


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