I want to serve all my customers so well that I become the No. 1 skin therapist in their hearts.

TherapistatCIVASAN Laboratories @ Mandarin Gallery

CIVASAN Laboratories @ Mandarin Gallery

Mandarin Gallery

Want to get a facial done by a Korean therapist who has ACTUALLY done facials for Top KPOP dols?

We found the perfect facial therapist for you in Civasan: Soo!

Soo isn't just skilled at what she does, she is incredibly fun to be around. Maybe because she has been in Singapore for a couple of years, it is very fun to chat with her. Whether you're talking to her about skin, the newest mala restaurants in Singapore, korean dramas or the Kpop idols she has served before, Soo has lots to share, making Soo feel more like a friend than a facial therapist. That is possibly why she enjoys a strong following among customers she served before; some of her customers even request to meet up with her even after they relocate to other countries.