All my customers are my walking advertisement. I care about how all my customers look when they walk out of the salon, more than how much they pay. Hence, I do all I can to understand customers' mind and give them a hairstyle that is even better than what they imagine.

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We somehow expected Soo Bin to be somewhat of a diva. She has after all appeared on Channel 8, did lots of photoshoots for magazines and is highly raved online for her beautiful perms and cuts (just google Soo Bin Kenjo to know what we mean). While Soo Bin does have a more serious expression when she doesn't smile, she is in actual fact a warm and approachable stylist once you get to know her. Her teammates love her and commend her for being someone who is super easy to work with! We agree, because when you start talking to her, she is really cheerful!

It is easy to converse with her given her good command of English after being in Singapore for more than 8 years, bringing her total experience in the hairdressing industry to 20. Soo Bin's extensive experience allows her to diagnose customers' hair issues really quickly, allowing her to troubleshoot and give customers the hairstyle they are looking for, be it with haircut, perm, volume rebonding or colour. That is why 90% of customers who try Soo Bin come back; she is very fast at capturing what you're looking for and giving a hair result that WOW... even without much styling. Customers are so happy with her that many will refer friends and family to her, making her very popular especially among doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and teachers. Her detailed cut impressed even Caucasian customers as the shape of her cut last for a much longer than than other stylists. That is probably why customers from all over the world - America, Australia, Indonesia, will actually intentionally plan a stopover in Singapore to get their hair done by her!

Although she's already at the top of her craft, Soobin is not yet satisfied. To make sure that she delivers the very best in skill and technique, Soobin still goes to Vidal Sassoon EVERY single year to better her skills. Not someone who is selfish with her skills, Soobin then comes back and shares what she has learned with the rest of the Mode Studio team. 

With her strong technical skill, knowledge and motherly personality that makes us feel taken care of every time we're in her presence, Soo Bin is very clearly one of our FAVOURITE Korean stylists of all time in Singapore!

P.S. If you've ever gotten your hair botched elsewhere, consider coming to Soo Bin to fix your hair. She has helped many many customers revive their hair through a series of treatments as well as through her sculpted cut!


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