Style Director and Salon Manager
atNumber76 @ Orchard Gateway


Customer satisfaction is, to me, the most important in a hair experience. I don't just design a hairstyle that looks good from my point of view but prefers to listen to customers so that we can customize a hairstyle that fits what they love and what they are looking for in the long term.

Style Director and Salon ManageratNumber76 @ Orchard Gateway

Number76 @ Orchard Gateway

Orchard Gateway,

From his long Japanese-style haircut to his distinctive zen look, Steve exudes the vibe of a Japanese stylist. Given that Steve has been under the tutelage of esteemed Japanese hair maestros all his life, we should perhaps not be surprised!

Aside from his external appearance, the Japanese influence has played a huge part in shaping his haircutting and colouring skills as well. Possibly the most popular in Number76 for haircuts, Steve is able to sculpt a hairstyle in such a way that it looks airy and voluminous at the same time, a reason that has earned him fans the likes of Miyake, Karen Kho, Qiuqiu, Yutaki and many top bloggers and personalities. He too enjoys a huge following back in Malaysia so he also has to go back a few days each month to serve his loyal customers. 

Haircuts aside, Steve is very intuitive towards hair colour trends and will be the first to introduce any interesting colour designs to the team. For now, his style is inclined towards the classy understated look, which makes him very popular among working professionals. 

Although he may not be the most chatty hairstylist around, Steve's strength in listening more than talking has made him very likeable among customers who enjoy a more attentive and serene hair experience. 

Overall, an outstanding all-round hairstylist who can give you the perfect hairstyle you're looking for!