Even with just a haircut, I am confident that I can transform you so thoroughly that you'll never see yourself the same way again!

Korean Senior Director StylistatLeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

LeeKaJa Korean Hair & Beauty Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Mandarin Gallery,,

Judging by the number of customers requesting for Ted, it would appear that our hearts are not the only ones fluttering when the super gorgeous Korean hairstylist walks past. With the looks rivaling top Korean male actors and the charm of a true gentleman, it's hard not to notice Ted's striking features.

Don't let his good looks distract you from his awesome skill though! Those who've experienced his superb haircut and perm say that they just can't find anyone else who can create such a sleek and easy manageable cut as Ted anywhere else. It is no wonder why his appointment books are always full in Korea and now in Singapore! FYI, it's not just ladies who love him. Half of his customer base are made up of men who were so impressed with his cut and men's perm that they don't mind making advance appointments and waiting a little while during the appointment - that says a lot about his skill, don't you think? 

As he has been in Singapore for 3 years, he is able to understand basic English although he may still require the help of a translator at times. While you can definitely bring along some photo inspirations if you have any, Ted will also recommend a suitable style after taking a look at your face shape, your hair condition and your personality! Having said that, there are a lot of customers who go to him for C Curl perms as he is able to make it look natural and easily maintainable at the same time. 

If you are keen to give him a go, remember to make an appointment at least 1 week before to avoid disappointment!