Tomo- Flamingo Hair, Eyelash & Nail Studio @ Tanjong Pagar Neil Rd

No matter how difficult it is to achieve your ideal hairstyle, don't give up on it. I promise to find a way to help you get your dream hair, even if it takes more time to get there!

Technical DirectoratFlamingo Hair, Eyelash & Nail Studio @ Tanjong Pagar Neil Rd

Flamingo Hair, Eyelash & Nail Studio @ Tanjong Pagar Neil Rd

Tanjong Pagar

Tomo may look young but has accumulated more than 14 years of experience in the industry. She is especially great with international customers with challenging hair types thanks to the location of her hair salons in Tokyo and also because of her passion for travelling. Ladies with stubborn curly hair love how she just seems to understand their struggles and offer a variety of solutions to help them manage their mane, be it a sculpted cut, rebonding or keratin treatment depending on what the customer is comfortable with. Tomo doesn't push aggressively but takes the time to truly understand what customers really want; it is this understanding that allows her to miraculously design the hair that customers have been dreaming about and a reason why she's been really popular with international customers back in Japan! 

Another thing to note is that Tomo doesn't just create a typical hairstyle like normal stylists; she makes it a point to add a differentiating point, be it a slightly asymmetrical cut or a feature on one side of the hair to show your individuality... and she can do so even for challenging hair textures!

Overall, a fun and trendy stylist who will ensure that you have a great hair experience and a beautiful hairstyle at the end of it!

P.S. Tomo has travelled extensively to many parts of India so do ask about her many exciting solo adventures in the beautiful country!


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