atDe Salon @ Bugis Village

Valerie Koh

I believe that Customers' Hair is the best form of advertisement. That's why I put in a lot of love in every hair service so that they can see the beauty I see in them!

Valerie Koh
DirectoratDe Salon @ Bugis Village

De Salon @ Bugis Village

Rochor Road

Google about Valerie and you'll find that she's the one people rave about in online forums (Cozycot and even Hardwarezone) at her previous hair salons in the past 12 years. Just take a look at her awesome hair works  and you'll understand why! 

Whether Balayage, Ombre, Babylights, Ecaille, Valerie has mastered it all to create hair colour designs that are distinctly hers. In fact, you can literally see Valerie's signature on her rendition of Ash Grey, Ash Blue and Rose Gold hair colour designs! With such beautiful hair creations, it is no wonder why she was chosen for the Stylist Choice award in 2012. Valerie attributes her success in colour and overall hair design to the continuous training and practice she demands of herself. Other than going for Vidal Sassoon London, she continually gets inspired from Instagram, participates in hair competitions to sharpen her edge in colouring and even styles the hair of celebrities like Jamie Yeo to keep ahead of latest trends!

As good as her hairdressing skills may be, some customers say that her genuine personality is the biggest draw. She is after all one of the few young outstanding female Singaporeans who has earned her street cred from being one of the most honest stylists around. Valerie doesn't upsell for the sake of upselling - if a customer doesn't need a hair treatment, she won't recommend it. If its a hairstyle she doesn't think is nice, she won't go ahead with it. In fact, she often starts by telling customers about the worst case scenario and then, over-delivering with a bang. Instead of scaring customers away, her no-nonsense consultation has impressed and earned her a huge customer base who has followed Valerie for the past 10 years. 

True to herself and still able to do so well professionally, Valerie is one homegrown talent who has earned our admiration to no end! 

Definitely THE hairstylist to try in De Salon!