Assistant Salon Manager
atGATAOMO Hair Salon @ Far East Plaza


There is no limit to what you can achieve in hair and in fashion. I aim to push the boundaries and help customers discover and embrace the new and different sides to themselves.

Vanness - GATAOMO Hair Salon @ Far East Plaza
Assistant Salon ManageratGATAOMO Hair Salon @ Far East Plaza

GATAOMO Hair Salon @ Far East Plaza

Far East Plaza

Vanness is your man if you're looking for daring hair makeovers and hairstyles that make a statement!

An artist at heart, Vanness doesn't just give customers the usual haircut. He takes into consideration your dressing habits, your natural hair condition and your lifestyle habits before proposing a hairstyle that you love. He's great with bob haircuts and stylish men's undercuts. However, Vanness really enters his element when he creates hair tattoos, asymmetrical haircuts and vibrant coloured hair, something he will suggest only if the style fits you and your personality.

Even if your dress sense is not able to carry off the hairstyle yet, the fashion designer in him (his first love) will give you some tips on the type of clothes that will better match your hair, something value added that we appreciate.

Overall, a cool stylist who will make you see sides of yourself you've never seen before!