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To some, a haircut may just be a haircut and a change in hair colour just a change in hair colour. But for those whose haircuts and hair colours are done right, a hairstyle change can actually prompt a changes in self-identity and eventually in the lives of customers. That is why Veena chose to pick up hairdressing 16 years ago: not just to make people look good but to give them confidence and improve all the other areas of their lives.

With this strong belief in the transformational powers of hair, Veena has consistently pushed herself to go for overseas courses, learn more and hone her hairdressing skill to achieve her eventual purpose: to positively change her lives of her customers.

It is therefore not surprising to find that she has many customers who, at the cusp of their lives, got recommended to her for her chic and fashionable short haircuts. By cutting the weight of their hair, Veena is able to draw out each customer's confidence and inner strength. In her cuts, you'll not find a rigid silhouette that is sharp or overly structured, but a tailored cut that brings forth their personality and sass. Customers also rave about how she is able to give them a different look each time as they co-create together to experiment with new styles!

Overall, a skillful Singaporean stylist you know you can journey with for the long haul.


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