Vernon- BE U Hair Design @ The Centrepoint

I aim to help customers find the hairstyle they’ve been looking for, be attended to comfortably, and walk out of the salon feeling happy and confident.

Senior StylistatBE U Hair Design @ The Centrepoint

BE U Hair Design @ The Centrepoint

The Centrepoint

When we first spoke to Vernon, we were instantly feel at ease because of his casual and comfortable aura. There’s something genuine about his eagerness to learn more about hair, help customers, and understand people.

Despite his young age of 23, he has over 6 years of experience in this industry. During a school break, he found a salon that was hiring, so he walked in and found himself landing a job as a student assistant.

Through handwork and determination, he managed to improve his skills and climb the ladder in the salon over the years. In early 2020, he came to Singapore to further his skills, work in a different environment, broaden his worldly perspective, and learn from new experiences.

Although he’s definitely most known for his easygoing nature and how comfortable he makes customers feel, people also enjoy his ability to create natural hair colours and effortless short hairstyles.

So if you’re in search for good service, an easy-to-manage everyday hairstyle, and a stylist that puts in the time and effort to understand your wants, needs, lifestyle, habits, job, and preferences, Vernon is the stylist for you.