I am nothing without my customers.. they trust me so much so it is only right for me to reciprocate their trust with the utmost level of skill and service. That is why I do all I can to make sure that the hair experience is perfect from the moment they enter till the moment they leave!

DirectoratMode Studio @ Wheelock Place

Mode Studio @ Wheelock Place

Wheelock Place

One of the most popular hairstylists in her previous salon, we always had a great impression of Vicky. She is not only pretty in person, Vicky is very good at her work and is definitely one of the most genuine Korean stylists we've come across. She doesn't push you to do any service or buy any product but listens very attentively to your requests and achieves them to the best of her ability. 

In fact, she is so humble, you'll probably not know that she has cut and styled the hair for a number of celebrities previously. In fact, some celebrities she worked on have gone on to perform in dramas and even movies with the hair that she styled back in Korea and even now in Singapore. The fact that Vicky is chosen is testament to her good skill and also ability to bring out various vibes and styles through hair. She attributes that to her regular communication with close friends in the fashion industry back in Korea that allows her to keep in touch with latest fashion and hair trends.

Having said that, Vicky is well-versed across all services from perms, volume rebonding or colouring. If there is one service you absolutely got to try from Vicky though, it must be her signature C Curl rebonding. Her C curl rebonding is so sleek, it looks like it belongs on a magazine or in a drama and so is our all-time favourite service from her. 

Overall, a very talented Korean stylist you know can get you the hair of your dreams and one you know you can stick to for life!


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