Director Stylist
atAIR Salon @ The Cathay

Vin Phua

Hair is my artistic expression. It's a part of my life and it helps me explore what the world needs today.

Vin Phua
Director StylistatAIR Salon @ The Cathay

AIR Salon @ The Cathay

The Cathay

Vin is a stylist who has done it all. Inspired by his hairstylist mum, he pursued a career in the hair industry — first learning in a Japanese hair academy, then working in salons to serve customers directly.

While many stylists can offer a good looking haircut, Vin is able to create one that looks good and feels good, even from home. Plus, his customers love that his haircuts last for over 2 months, which makes it very easy to maintain.

Subtlely is key to Vin as he focuses not just on how your haircut looks, but how it feels, how you'll style it, as well as your unique style, shape, and lifestyle.

Skill aside, Vin's customers love that he's so easy to talk to. Vin and his customers treat each other more like family as they're open to talk about work and their personal life. This not only helps Vin form a stronger connection with his clientele, but it also offers a deeper understanding on their lifestyle so he can create the best possible hairstyle for them.

How I create a signature style for every customer? I pay attention to my customers' lifestyle, face shape, and preference. Then, I also pay attention to their stage of life, trends, and even their accessories and dressing.

This fashion-forward, trend-setting stylist has worked with the likes of Lee Teng, Xavier Ong, and Naomi Neo. He's also taken part in fashion shows, magazine shoots, and the Star Awards.

If you're looking for a fresh haircut from a reliable local stylist, make an appointment with Vin today.