Senior Stylist
atNumber76 @ Orchard Gateway


I aim to put a sparkle in the eyes of every customer... via beautifully designed hairstyles!

Senior StylistatNumber76 @ Orchard Gateway

Number76 @ Orchard Gateway

Orchard Gateway,

Wallace may have just debuted in Number76 recently but has actually more than 10 years of experience in this industry. Satisfied to learn from only the best, Wallace has shadowed Amy during his two year training stint in Number76, picking up valuable colouring and service skills that have made him THE upcoming hairstylist to look out for. 

Take a look at his hairstyles to know what we mean! The detail to which the colours are blended, choice of colours to bring out the customers' skin tone and the placement of the colours to maximize its contrast show skill that are far beyond his years of training. His passion shines through his works and the sincerity with which he treats every single customer, which are reasons why Wallace currently enjoys the strongest word of mouth referral in Number76 SG. 

Overall an up and coming hairstylist we think will rise through the ranks quickly with his gorgeous lavender ash colours and a flair for giving customers exactly what they are looking for!