Because the customer gave me their trust to make themselves look good, it is my responsibility to put in my best and give my most honest opinion to help them get the hairstyle they are looking for!

Senior StylistatStyle NA Korean Hair Salon by Joel Park @ Compass One

Style NA Korean Hair Salon by Joel Park @ Compass One

Compass One

Friendly but slightly soft spoken, Wendy looks like any other ordinary experienced local hairstylist. It was only after chatting with her did we realize what sets Wendy apart from the rest; unlike other stylists who may recommend hair services that customers do not require, Wendy is highly principled, recommending hair services that are absolutely necessary to customers. Instead, she prefers to put her heart and soul into each hair service so that their customer will remember and come back to her. In fact, we actually witnessed a customer complimenting Wendy on how 用心 (thoughtful / meticulous) she was during a men’s haircut.

Although men’s haircut and smooth soft bob haircuts are her strengths (she uses a combination of wet and dry cuts!), we note that Wendy takes the effort to keep up with latest trends and improve herself with latest hair techniques. By combining what she learned from the Korean stylists and her 16 years of hairdressing experience in Singapore, Wendy likes to give customers a perm that integrates the best of both styles, a layered perm that adds volume, looks natural and lasts long in Singapore!