I didn't have to think twice about becoming a hairstylist. This is what I'm meant to do!

StylistatThe Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics @ Raffles City

The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics @ Raffles City

Raffles City Shopping Centre

To Winnie, becoming a hairstylist was part of her destiny.

She always loved playing around with hair when she was a student, and upon graduating Secondary school, she wasted no time and jumped right into a hairdressing course.

Although her family was against her choice in the beginning, they quickly became supportive when they saw how passionate and dedicated she was.

Then, she moved on to work as a hair assistant and quickly climbed the ranks to become the hairstylist she is today.

With over 17 years of experience, you’d think that her unique selling point would be her skill and technique.

While she is skilled, it’s truly her attitude and approach towards her craft that sets her apart from others.

Winnie has a clear thirst for upgrading her skills, so she is always up for challenges, new customers, and busy days that allow her to learn something new.

Her curiosity is never quenched, and she continues to find everything hair-related to be fascinating.

This is why customers love coming back to her: She constantly creates new hairstyles so customers are never bored with their hair.

I make small tweaks and improvements to all my customers’ hair every time they visit. So if they like a certain hairstyle I created for them, I tell them to take a picture so I can remember which one they’re referring to!

On top of that, her bubbly personality makes her feel like a sister to her customers.

Have you heard of a stylist that checks in with her customers days and weeks after their hair appointment to find out how they’re doing, how the hairstyle is, and whether they’re happy with it? That’s Winnie for you!

With the penchant for all things pretty, Winnie is sure to give you a gorgeous makeover while making you feel at ease.

P.S. Winnie is more comfortable speaking Chinese than English!