Director Stylist
atHAF Salon @ Far East Plaza


Yeng- HAF Salon @ Far East Plaza

Age is to me not just a number but a frame of mind. Embrace it and don't let that limit your possibilities!

Director StylistatHAF Salon @ Far East Plaza

HAF Salon @ Far East Plaza

Far East Plaza

Yeng is a very giving stylist who always goes out of her way to serve customers, Yeng's professionalism and heart for customers make her among the most popular at HAF Salon. She doesn't take too many customers at one go and explains very thoroughly so that customers know exactly what she's doing at any one time and why. This assurance, together with her very strong philosophy to be honest with customers, are major reasons why customers come back to her again and again; customers don't just come back, they recommend their colleagues, daughters and relatives here because she is THAT good. 

Although popular across all age groups, Yeng is especially close with customers above 30. Despite acknowledging the passing of years, Yeng looks a lot younger than her actual age thanks to her positive personality and active lifestyle. Customers who wish to know her secrets to long lasting youth should therefore come by to chat and get a hair makeover from her at the same time!  


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