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StylistatArt Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

Holland Village

There are a number of Japanese stylists who are a little more distant and hence hesitate to chat with customers. We're glad to report that the smiley and outgoing Yuka is not like that. In fact, Yuka brings a little bit of sunshine with each visit with her warm and chirpy greetings and a consultation that made her feel more like a friend than a stylist. Customers love how they can just "download" their worries to her, leaving the salon with a lot less tension and unhappiness.

Just because they love her personality doesn't mean that Yuka isn't skillful though. Yuka believes that great skill is fundamental and honestly a basic for all hairstylists and so have been working hard the last 12 years to hone various hairdressing skills such as colour and haircut. 

We're especially in love with her stunning beige balayage and 3D highlights that add a sophistication to the traditional work-friendly brown colours. Add her skill in hair arrangement and you've got a stylist who can pretty you up like a princess in a couple of hours! 

Overall, this is one kawaii stylist who would give you a beautiful hair colour AND go the extra mile to make the experience a memorable one each time.