It can be flowers, stories, places, people or even paintings. Whatever I get inspired by, I want the inspiration to come across strongly in the art I create on customers' nails!

Nailist ManageratProject Nails & Project Hair @ Katong (Oppo i12)

Project Nails & Project Hair @ Katong (Oppo i12)

East Coast Road

Take a look at Yuki's nail designs and you'll understand why her appointment book was filled every day, from morning to night at her previous nail salon. Whether floral or crystal, french or marble, Yuki's designs are so amazingly detailed and three-dimensional, they look extremely true to life!

Yuki attributes the excellent nail technique to her 9 years of experience in this industry. Not someone to rest on her laurels, Yuki has gone for numerous courses and workshops to upgrade her skills. You'll also find her experimenting with new designs in her spare time. That is probably why Yuki often exceed customers' expectations with her final nail designs even if it is a new design she hasn't tried before. In fact, the more difficult the proposed design, the more she rises up to the challenge!

This perfectionist streak of hers and her ability to understand customers' preferences really quickly helped her built a strong reputation among customers all the way from Jurong to Tampines. Most of her customers come via word of mouth referrals from other customers who just love her nail designs and extremely clean manis and pedis. She even counts celebrities Cecilia Cheung and Jocie Kok as her customers.

If it is not yet obvious, Yuki is a gem of a nail artist we're very excited to uncover. She's really nice in person and her skills are really good. At the price Project Nail is charging, Yuki is a steal for her skill and personality!