Depending on facial features and hair texture, a difference of an inch in the haircut can make a big difference in how you look. I want to use this expertise of mine to help customers change their hairstyles and look great!

StylistatRuleR Japanese Hair Salon @ South Bridge Rd

RuleR Japanese Hair Salon @ South Bridge Rd

South Bridge Road

The first thing most people notice about Yuya is his signature smile. Beneath his jovial and friendly personality that makes feel customers at ease, however, is a hairstylist serious about the work he does. He doesn't just do the same hairstyle with his customers all the time; Yuya enjoys giving a different spin to his customers' hairstyles, whether it is a ladies' hair tattoo, hair colour or a men's perm! Style wise, Yuya is versatile, often alternating between hard lines and soft hairstyles to let customers see a different side to themselves in a way that still flatters their face shape!

His cool vibes and fun personality, backed by his strong competency in haircuts and colour, make him a popular choice for young male and female executives looking for that extra buzz in their hairstyles. 

P.S. He has been in Singapore for more than 3 years now and understands quite a bit of English. However, he may still need help from a translator at times to communicate accurately during consultations!