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You cannot confine yourself to one style or salon because the customers are all different. I want to be able to cater to all my customers.

Zenn - Do My Hair @ Orchard Central
StylistatDo My Hair @ Orchard Central

Do My Hair @ Orchard Central

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There are not many Singaporean stylists out there, let alone very skillful ones. Hence, we're elated when we managed to find Singaporean stylists as talented as Zenn! 

Take a look at @zenntan.hair and you'll get why we're obsessed. Zenn is a stylist who is able to get a certain balance of chic, elegance and defiance in her cuts and colour that we Singaporean girls love so much. In every one of her hair works, there is an aesthetic and style that speaks of her attention to detail, background in visual design and extensive experience accumulated over the past 16 years. Yes, she has already been in this industry for 16 years, some of which at top luxury hair salons in Singapore where she was directly mentored. This may be the reason why she is SO strong in both haircuts and colour despite her seemingly youthful appearance!

Luckily for her clients though, Zenn is not an ordinary stylist who is satisfied with where she is at. Always looking for workshops to improve herself, Zenn goes regularly for trainings by top academies such as Mazella & Palmer and even recently participated in Wella 2018 Hair Competition where she actually earned a spot in the Top 6 Finalists. 

Skill aside, we really enjoy chatting with Zenn. She's sincere, easygoing and friendly without being overly chatty so it's easy to relax when you want to or confide in her when you want to. Very importantly though, she is honest about the hair service and will share with you her professional opinion as well as the benefits and the challenges of the hairstyle you choose.

So as one say, 臥虎藏龍 or crouching tiger hidden dragon. We feel truly blessed to have uncovered a hidden gem like Zenn!

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$110 for Haircut + Scalp Detox (U.P.: $150) for new customers only

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$208 for Wash & Blow + Scalp Detox + Kerastase Luxury Hair Treatment (U.P: $280) for new customers only


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$208 for Wash & Blow + Colour Refresh + Post Colour Treatment (U.P: $325) for new customers only

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25% off A la carte hair service for stylist Yenni valid on Weekdays only

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