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Zophia  - Walking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central
DirectoratWalking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central

Walking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central

Orchard Central

Dreams do come true, and in Zophia's case, it certainly did. 

No one expected a young girl armed with just a PSLE education to fly to London and pursue a hairdressing career all by herself but that's exactly what she did. Without financial support from her family, Zophia studied in the day and waitressed at night to finance her studies. The journey was full of strife and tribulations but this spunky stylist persevered and after 4 years of struggle, was finally accepted to be a stylist at Toni & Guy London. There, Zophia faced many challenges with the melting pot of cultures comprising many different hair types, customer preferences as well as sense of aesthetics that are sometimes different from that in Asia. It is however the process of overcoming these challenges that sculpted her into the distinguished hairdresser she is today. 

And you'd know it, the moment you sit down. There is a flair about Zophia that hints not just at her almost decade-long experience in London but also her subsequent time at Kim Robinson. No detail escapes her eyes even as Zophia engages you in easy banter to get to know you, your personality, occupation, your hair problems and essentially all of your life.

More importantly, she always has the solution for your hair problems... and often unconventional ones at that. Have a fringe that somehow always grows upwards but still want to grow your bangs? Zophia would cut your fringe off and bring the hair from the top down to form a fringe. Want to look trendy but feel restricted by your occupation? Get streaks of your hair coloured for a peek-a-boo holographic hair you can show when you tie up. It is this ingenuity and her larger-than-life personality that have made her irreplaceable. In fact, one of them even paid for her plane tickets and accommodation to Australia to have their hair done for their wedding!          

Overall, Zophia is a gem of a stylist you know you'd be happy to stick with for life!


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