10 Terrible Things That Happen When You Do Not Blow Your Hair Dry

Published on Aug 29, 2019

Did you ever go onto the MRT with your hair wet... simply because you are pressed for time?

Don't make it a habit because keeping your hair wet or letting it dry by itself in humid Singapore can actually have pretty disastrous consequences for your hair, scalp and even your face! 

While there is a certain truth that heat damages hair, your scalp and hair is subjected to many more terrible things if you do not blow your hair dry. We talk to some stylists who share with us about the 10 terrible things that actually happen when you do not blow your hair dry.

1. Itchy Scalp

Sleeping with your hair still wet creates a fertile breeding ground for bacteria and demodex to grow. This will lead to itchy scalp and a host of other scalp issues. Instead of spending time and money on intensive scalp treatments in the future, why not avoid that altogether by blowdrying your hair?- Calvy, Scalp Specialist at Follicle Salon

2. Itchy Dandruff

There are a lot of things that can cause dandruff but wet hair is among the most common. Keeping the scalp wet causes irregular oil secretion patterns, creating a more friendly environment for dandruff-causing microbes to grow. This causes dandruff.- Shan, 99 Percent Hair Studio

3. Terrible Scalp Infections

Scalp Infection

Scalp Ringworm

Scalp ringworms are highly contagious fungal infection that can spread to your body as well. When you lie on a pillow with wet hair, the pillow becomes warm and damp, which promotes fungal growth... particularly if some other infectious person has had contact with the pillow somewhat. It is not common but yes, scalp infections such as ringworm, yeast or scalp psoriasis can actually happen because you did not blow your hair dry!

4. Awful Headaches When You Wake Up

Have you heard of 头风湿 (Head colds)? Some of us have heard our parents and grandparents repeatedly tell us not to leave our hair wet. We may not have felt the effects when we are young but as we grow older, you may actually find yourself experiencing bad headaches when you sleep with your hair wet. This is because wet hair causes your body to lose heat and this loss of heat can actually cause you to experience headache as the body attempts to compensate for the heat loss. - Relcy, Gene by Ginrich Hair Salon

5. Sleep Paralysis

Not drying your hair doesn't just cause headaches, it might even cause you to have facial nerve paralysis and spasms. This happened to a 32-year-old woman in China and it took her 10 days to recover! 

6. Bad Acne Breakouts

Acne Breakout
Acne Cleared After Facial Treatment at Apple Queen Beauty

Acne facial @ Apple Queen Beauty

Your hair isn't the only thing that suffers.Your face is the skin that is closest to your hair, so it will suffer too. Sleeping with your hair wet will cause your pillowcase to be wet, populating the entire area with bacteria. The bacteria doesn't just affect your hair, they attack your face as well. So don't sleep with your hair wet if you want to keep your face clear.- Apple, Apple Queen Beauty

7. Hair breakage

Running Hands Through Hair at Picasso Hair Studio

Running Hands Through Wet Hair at Picasso Hair Studio

When you keep your hair wet, your hair may break when you comb your hair or even run your hair through it! That's because wet hair causes cuticles to open, making the hair structure a lot weaker than it is. If you want to comb your hair when its wet, remember to apply a leave in moisturizer to protect the hair. It helps to reduce the friction between the comb and the hair. Ideally, use a big tooth comb as well to reduce the friction and possibility of breakage. - Jesly, Picasso Hair Studio

8. Limp Hair

Leave your hair wet and don't be surprised if your hair ends up looking limp and frizzy. Wet hair promotes production of more oils, which coat the hair and drags the hair down. This takes away body, volume and bounce, causing the hair to go limp!Blowing your hair dry every day, together with a good cut,  is essential to make the hair look more voluminous. - Tomoka from Shun Sakurai
Limp and Thin hair
Voluminous Hair After Haircut and Blow Dry at Shun Sakurai

Before vs After Haircut and Blowdry at Shun Sakurai

9. Creases and Kinks 

Difficult to style hair
Sleep with wet hair and you're sure to wake up with a bad hair day. On top of a splitting headache, you will find your hair getting all sorts of weird kinks and creases that are just impossible to style when you wake up the next morning. Those of us who've tried it will know how Anna feels every morning. - Leong from Hair Illustrated

10. Smelly Hair

Smelly hair
Just as wet clothes stink when put in a bag without drying, the same goes for your hair.When pressed to a pillow, air is unable to flow through to rid the hair of the smells, causing your hair to smell bad.Doesn't this just defeat the purpose of washing your hair with a nice smelling shampoo and conditioner?- Yoshi from S.A.D's Hair Design

Blowdrying need not always take a long time or damage your hair excessively. Use a heat protector that helps to repel water before blowdrying will not only protect the hair, it will also help you dry your hair faster. You may even consider going for keratin treatments as the keratin coating makes your hair more hydrophobic and makes blowdrying a breeze!

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