5 Tips to Get the Best Haircut for You!

Published on Nov 20, 2015

For those who've read our last article on how to spot a bad haircut, you know how disastrous a bad haircut can be!

Other than a technically bad haircut, you may still not find a haircut satisfactory if it doesn't suit your needs, personality or styling regime.

We have therefore consulted with Chez Vous Hair Salon who has kindly provided us with these 5 tips to help you get the best of your haircuts!

1. Share your profession with your stylist during consultation

The hair forms a big part of your professional image. Your haircut therefore has to be compatible with your image both at work and after work.

A good haircut can help high-powered working professionals look authoritative, relationship managers look more approachable and lawyers more trustworthy.

mod cut

Hensley, for example, was able to help Karina look more refreshed and confident with an empowering and striking mod cut!

That is why we would highly recommend you to share your professional as well as intended projected image with your stylist if you have one in mind. This can help your stylist design a more profession-appropriate hairstyle rather than a stunning creative haircut that may not be suitable for you at work!

2. Take note of personal hair habits and styling regime

Do you tie your hair often? Do you go for water sports regularly? Do you have time to put on some hair serum and moisturizer?

Certain haircuts tend to require more maintenance than others. A Pixie Haircut for example may require some simple styling every morning particularly if your hair texture is naturally straight.

pixie haircut

It is therefore important that you share these important details with your stylist so that he can create a cut that best suits your face shape AND your lifestyle. After all, he may be able to create a technically perfect cut but if an active mom is unable to tie her hair up without having strands of hair falling on her face, she will still find the cut unsatisfactory.

3. Share your expectations with your stylist

Is there some part of yourself you are more sensitive about e.g. double chin, bigger-than-normal ears? Square shaped face?

Or are you looking for a major change to help you start over a new chapter in your life?

If you have any such expectations, do share them with your stylist so that he can better design a cut to better suit your expectations.

asymmetric bob

Jasmine, for example, was a little sensitive about her protruding ears. Hensley therefore gave her an asymmetric bob to take attention away from her ears and to complement her oval face shape.  The end result is a chic professional look!

Do however be sure of your expectations! You may be thinking of a drastic makeover but may not actually be mentally prepared. If you have any such uncertainties, do also inform your stylist so that he can perhaps give you a longer than expected cut and then trim it again afterwards if you are ready for a more daring cut.

4.  Don't just rely on your stylist... research on the type of haircuts you are looking for!

A picture says a thousand words. It can be often difficult to communicate to your stylist about the type of haircut you are looking for so it is best to do some basic research on the type of haircuts you are looking for and share your preferences with your stylist!

For those of you looking for a short haircut, here are some examples of haircut styles  that you may be looking for. Of course, do also read about whether the haircut is suitable for you here!

Regardless, be open to your stylist's suggestions especially if you are looking for a creative cut that complements your face shape and personality!

Side Swept Crop

5. Read reviews and view customer photos on Beauty Undercover

Every stylist has their individual haircutting styles. Even if their skill level for haircutting is equivalent, they may still have a different outlook on beauty that may or may not match yours.

Therefore, we would encourage you to read reviews and view their individual masterpieces on Beauty Undercover to get a feel of the type of haircuts they are capable to giving you.

If the style matches, you are more likely to get the haircut you are looking for!

Are these tips from Chez Vous Hair Salon useful for you in getting a great haircut?

Let us know if you have any more tips below!

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