9 Tips to Make Your Vibrant Hair Colour Last As Long As Possible!

Published on Nov 18, 2015

Vibrant hair colours are trending and it’s not hard to guess why! They are absolutely beautiful to look at and adds colour to the wearer’s personality.

But visual aesthetic aside, it is not easy to maintain vibrant hair colours!

Those who try it for the first time may be surprised at how fast the colour fades within the first few washes.

To keep your colours from fading and help you get the "best value" of your vibrant hair colour, read on to see what our local hair experts say about maintaining the hair colour!

1. Make sure that you get pre-treatment and post-treatment during the hair service!

Lightening / bleaching is required when colouring your hair vibrant colours and this can result in hair being severely damaged.

Use the right pre-treatment and post-treatment to ensure the colour stays on longer and to minimize the damage!

We also hear from Picasso Hair Studio that adding some of these pre-treatments can sometimes reduce the number of bleaches required to achieve the vibrant colours, thereby minimizing hair damage.

Some notable brands of such pre-treatments include Olaplex / Cureplex / Continuum


All three are bond multipliers which help to multiply bonds to strengthen the hair and prevent breakage during the bleaching process!

These treatments are offered in many salons such as Picasso Hair Studio99 Percent Hair Studio, Artica Hair Studio Chez Vous Hair Salon and CLEO Hair & Make.

They are often offered it as an add-on to their usual vibrant colour service. For some salons, it is included as part of the overall price!

2. Choose the right hair colour brand

On top of getting the right pre-treatment / post-treatment, salons have told us that different brands of vibrant hair colours last for different lengths of time.

CLEO Hair & Make have recently switched to PRAVANA Hair Colour and found that PRAVANA colours are more vibrant and last longer than the previous brand of hair colour used.

Pravana ChromaSilk

Incidentally, Pravana is also the brand of hair colour endorsed by celebrity stylist Guy Tang.

So do check them out if you are thinking of doing a vibrant hair colour!

3. Wash your hair as infrequently as possible!

Vibrant hair colour is not just a hair colour... it's a lifestyle choice!

If you want your vibrant colour to last, you HAVE to make sacrifices... and the first sacrifice you have to make is the frequency of hair wash!

If there is only one tip you remember from this entire article, let this be the ONE.

Wash your hair AS INFREQUENTLY AS POSSIBLE and wash a maximum of once every three days (go for as long as a week in between if you can!)  

Do this and we can guarantee that your hair colour will last for weeks (even months!)

It may sound difficult especially in hot and humid Singapore but once you figured out a routine to keep your hair refreshed, it may not be as difficult as you think.

Some tips to help you:

1) Keep your hair tied up so it doesn't get tinged with your sweat as much

Pink Hair Colour by Artica Hair Studio

Pink Hair Colour by Artica Hair Studio

2) Use a Dry Shampoo in between washes if you really need to get rid of the oil!

Redken Pillow Proof

3)  Your Scalp gets drier as you bleach more often

So if you decide to continually bleach your hair, you will probably get used to not washing your hair more easily!

4. Use a colour-protection shampoo

Kerastase colour protection

On the few times you actually get to wash your hair, make sure that you've gotten the right products for it: Colour Protection shampoo / conditioner.  Some of these shampoos include special ingredients such as UV filters to prevent premature colour fading as well as zinc gluconate or linseed oil to lock in the colour longer. So do ask your stylist which colour shampoo best suits you!

If you have granny / grey colours, Picasso Hair Studio recommends that you invest in a silver shampoo or a Violet shampoo as these shampoos are specially formulated to protect your silver hair colour!

Silver Shampoo
Violet Shampoo

5. Wash your hair with cold water

On the days that you actually do wash your hair, remember to do so with COLD WATER.

hair wash

Hot water opens the hair follicle and this causes the hair dye to wash out faster.

You don’t have to wash your hair with freezing cold water, lukewarm or room temperature water will make a difference too.

6. Condition your hair before shampooing it... then Condition it again!


Healthy hair holds colour longer, moisture is key.

We hear that hair is strengthened and more moisturized if conditioner is applied BEFORE and AFTER shampooing as it helps to seal the hair cuticles.

So do try that to keep your hair moisture in!

7. Always apply a sunscreen for hair

Harmful rays from the sun isn't only harmful for your face!

Together with humidity and oxygen, UV rays can also cause colours to fade!

UV Protect Spray

Before you get out into the sun, you should also consider applying UV protection for your hair!

8. Avoid swimming!

Chlorine and seawater can be very damaging for your hair... and washes out hair colour really fast!

So if you want to keep your hair colour as long as possible, you are going to want to skip the visits to the beach or pool for a swim.


Seen on Flickr

9. Choose a vibrant hair colour design that can incorporate blonde bleached colour at hair regrowth!

Hair regrowth can be really annoying and may cost a lot to recreate the design.

To extend the life of your vibrant colour design, consider asking your stylist to create a hair design that can incorporate blonde bleached colour at the areas of hair regrowth?

hair regrowth
hair regrowth

In her previous hair colour, Agent JJ coloured her hair in March 2015. To cope with her hair regrowth, she bleached her hair in between to recreate the purple ombre effect.

This has allowed Agent JJ's Hair Colour to last more than 6 months... which is to us an amazing feat!

It may be tempting to get vibrant hair colours but it is definitely not an easy job to maintain it!

Do your research to make sure that the money and time spent on vibrant hair colour is worth it!

Know of other ways to maintain vibrant hair colours?

Let us know in the comments below!

If not, check out some vibrant hair colour designs trends or peek-a-boo vibrant hair colour designs suitable for work!

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