True Story: Agent G Top 3 Most Regrettable Weight Loss Mistakes!

Published on Oct 05, 2012

I did some pretty terrible things in the last 25 years... terrible things just to SLIM down my body! Hopefully because I made those mistakes, you don't have to. Here's my top 3 weight loss regrets:

#1: Starving myself with Cambridge Diet

For some reason, I got so FAT in Secondary 1-2, I gained practically 10 kg over a one year period. It got so serious that my mom decided to get me the Cambridge diet - a milkshake meant to replace your daily meals!

Cambridge Diet

For most of the day, I was just thinking about... Food Food FOOD! If I can just resist... maybe I can lose 1 more kg? With this thought, I resisted and resisted for ONE WHOLE MONTH! Result: I LOST 5 kg! Yay? Not really. I felt tired every day. I was craving for food ALL THE TIME and was frequently moody. Seeing how it has wrecked my temperament, my mom made me stop the Cambridge diet and resumed normal diet. I was careful not to overeat but guess what, I GAINED an ADDITIONAL 10 kg within the next month of NORMAL eating. As I have mentioned in How I lost 8 kg in 3 months, starvation causes your body to increase fat cells! So once you get to eat normally, your fat cells are the first to expand, causing you to gain weight much faster than you previously lost. Till today, I blame my high proportion of hard-to-get-rid fat cells on this intense starvation episode. DEFINITELY MY TOP WEIGHT LOSS REGRET!

#2: Caffeine-filled body-harming ineffective slimming products

When you are desperate enough to lose weight, you will try anything... Particularly when you read reviews of other women online successfully losing weight FAST. It's just so tempting seeing the range of slimming products out there; there's slimming pills, slimming cream, slimming tea - you name it, the Chinese will make it. A few years ago I was crazy about sprees (that was before all the Groupon and coupon deals became popular). First, I started buying cosmetics from Everyday Minerals and later on, I got hooked on slimming products.

Shills Slyphlike Heating Slimming Cream

One of the first few products I bought through a spree was the Shills Sylphlike Heating Slimming Cream. When first applied, there will be a heating sensation. "Wow it is REALLY burning my fats!" I thought happily. OK since it seems to be working, might as well apply everywhere! I applied a generous amount around many areas - my tummy, my arms, my thighs. And wow, did it burn. It felt good knowing that my fats are being burnt while I'm carrying on my life as per normal. Hence, I applied it religiously over a period of 2 weeks, reapplying when it stops burning.

So what? Er.. I don't think I have visibly slimmed down? I tried to tell myself - my skin might have tightened a little here and there. Still, the difference is so small, NO ONE really noticed it. Dang - whats the point of working so hard, spending all these money and you can't even see a difference yourself? FAIL! This Shills Slimming heating cream might burn, but just because it makes you feel hot, it doesn't mean you are actually burning fat! It's more a psychological rather a physical effect. EVEN if it works, it probably yields only a very limited effect  - after all, how much can the caffeine actually burn? A whole day of applying caffeine probably burns less calories than one jog around Macritchie reservoir.

Flash Over Slimming Pills

The next one I got was called Flash Over slimming pills. It was SO HOT when I was spreeing... I just could not resist it. I knew that my mom will KILL ME if she knew I was taking slimming pills so I was crazy anxious to be the first to get to my mail. I was super excited to get it because they apparently had 18 combustion ingredients, including 5 patented ingredients. I know its a marketing tactic but they also had the disclaimer: Do not try if you have less than 25 % of a body fat percentage. Please don't try Flash Over if you just want to lose 2-3 kg, because you might lose more than that. In fact some claim that they lost more than 10 kg over 3 weeks.

Truth or not?

I tried for over 2 weeks and lost  about 1kg. Well, theoretically it is possible that I lost more. Still, I was VERY WORRIED about my health while I took the slimming pill. Their recommended dosage was like 3 times a day of 3-4 pills each.  Each time after I took the pills, I could feel my heart beat SO MUCH FASTER.

At first I was happy but eventually became very worried because I could not sleep properly and just felt anxious all the time. And because there were so many combustion ingredients, I could feel my stomach feeling uncomfortable more often. In fact, I ate MORE because I felt hungry more often as well. Not wanting to end up like Andrea De Cruz in the Slim 10 case, I decided to stop. Scaredy cat? Perhaps. Is it worth it though to take the risk JUST to slim down?   Anyhow, all my $$$ going down the drain - my second biggest weight loss regret!

 #3: No Pain No Gain? Can you take the pain in slimming massages?

Thai Massage

An image of deft hands massaging my back as I drown myself in a pool of relaxed bliss appears in my mind when I first think of massages. Combine that image with a tighter more toned body - wow doesn't that just sound like heaven? You can kill two birds with one stone in just one session? That's just perfect... right?

My first slimming massage experience was the Triplex Bodysculpt (3-in-1 therapy that uses slimming massage techniques on the waist, hip and thigh; Stress-relieving and pampering massage on the rest of the body) at Eden Spa Purvis Street. I must say I really like the spa - they use Clarins products, the staff was not overly hardselling and the place was just so nice. Still, the Triplex Bodysculpt was PAINFUL, particularly when they use the slimming massage techniques to tone the flabby fats. You can tone down the intensity but with lower intensity comes lower effectiveness... what would you choose since you have already paid for it?

Most importantly, did it work? It might work for you if you have just given birth but for girls with "hard fats" on the tummy like me... I scarcely noticed a difference, except for the nagging pain around my tummy area for the next week!

I thought Radiofrequency slimming would be better at Song de Spa but really, it just seems as if the basics of slimming massage are similar everywhere - force the fats out of the targeted area! and therefore PAIN. Once again, not effective for me. :(  

Unnecessary pain - my third greatest weight loss regret!

Am I the only weird one not having success with the above weight loss methods?

Share with us your experiences below!

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