Top Christmas and New Year’s Eve Party Hairstyle Ideas for 2015 / 2016

Published on Dec 16, 2015

It’s that time of the year! We are well into the holiday season and the party invites are streaming in.

Be it whether you are heading out for a celebration at your friend’s place or an office party, there’s no doubt you want to look your finest for the jolliest time of the year.

To help you look your sparkling best, we put together a list of hairstyle ideas from braids to highlights and perms to get you party-ready for the year-end festivities.

Braid it up this festive season

If you ever wanted to wear a fancy braid to work but never had the time or skill, a Christmas or New Year’s Eve office party is the perfect time to wear one! Fancy braids can be quite hard to master on one’s own but you can always head down to salons, and get their amazing stylists to give you a braid that will last as you party the night away.

1. Star / Christmas Tree / Heart-Shaped Braids

Star Shaped Braid

Seen on Pinterest 

There's nothing like a Christmas Tree, a star or a heart on your braid to bring out the Festive spirit!

Christmas Tree Braid

Seen on Pinterest

The braid can be pretty challenging to do on your own so you may want to check out salons who may be able to help you!

The closest we've seen so far is the beautiful heart-shaped braid done by Eri from Branche Hair Salon.

To make sure you get the style you are looking for, we would recommend you to schedule a pre-consultation to let her know of your ideal style beforehand!

Heart Shaped braid (Eri)

Heart Shaped Braid from Branche Hair Salon

Don't forget those ribbons as they can really add a lot to the overall look!

2. Rose Braid

Seen on Pinterest

If you are looking for something sophisticated and sweet, a rose braid can be an awesome idea!

Whether fully updo or a half-up rose braid, pretty sure no matter how hard we try, we could never style a braid this sweet.

The rose braid adds a lovely touch and not to mention picture-perfect!

3. Waterfall Braid

The sweet waterfall braids will never fail to make an impression in any occasion!

Styling Waterfall Braids (Ryu)

Flamingo Hair Studio

Although you may want to have a double layered waterfall braid just to make it even more special!

4. Go Professional with an Updo

A braided updo is classy and perfect for those formal Christmas parties. Though most updos tend to make you look more mature, it doesn’t mean you should shy away from them. Let your stylist know what kind of look you are going for and they will create an updo that is best suited for you.

You can go for a topknot or a fully braided updo like the one below.

Styling (Ryu)

Braided Updo from COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Braid bun by Toshie from Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

Braid bun by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

5. Half Updos

Styling (Sylvia)

Half Updo from Act Point Salon

A half up-do can look professional without looking too staid!

Hair Colour and Styling

Half Up Braid by Branche Hair Salon

Even if your hair is curly or wavy, a half-up braid can make your hair look sexy and sophisticated all at once!

Styling (Ryu)

Half Updo by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Especially if complex braids are incorporated!

6. Side Braids + Styling

Side Braids styling (Xavier)

An asymmetrical side braids + styling combination adds much personality to the overall look!

7. Kawaii Motemaki Styling

Kawaii Motemaki Hairstyling

Kawaii Motemaki Hairstyling by Branche Hair Salon

Of course, you can always choose to leave it all down and get a beautiful blowout at your favourite salon for a glam-up prior to the party!

8. Flower Power

Whichever style you choose, flowers can be an elegant and festive addition!

Incorporate it into your upstyles to look like a fairy / princess instantly!

Japanese Styling (Megumi)

Japanese Styling by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

If you are lucky, you may even get to borrow some special flower accessories from Japanese stylists for a uniquely Japanese look!

9. Accessories are the Key!

Christmas Bun

Seen on Pinterest

If you are looking for something quick and simple, a simple bun with some creative accessories can possibly get you Christmas-ready in a jiffy!

Styling (Chiho)

Styling by AVENTA Hair Salon

Other than eye-catching reindeer antlers, ribbons and headgears can get you right into the theme of your Christmas or New Year party!

Great Gatsby Styling (Yumiko)

Styling by Kobayashi Hair Design

It’s the season to colour your hair

Although styling can make a huge difference, hair colours (particularly vibrant ones) is possibly the simplest way to glam up your look fast! As expounded in our article on Why you should get vibrant hair colours now, there’s after all no better time to change your look since 2015 is coming to an end!

New Year, New Look, New You!

1. Peek-a-Boo Vibrant Hair Colours

3C Vibrant Hair Colour by Picasso Hair Studio

3C Vibrant Hair Colour by Picasso Hair Studio

For those of you with peek-a-boo vibrant colours, there’s no better time to let them shine than now!

Parties are usually the place where you let your hair down and let loose, but in your case, tie your hair up and surprise your colleagues at the office party with your inner vibrant hair colours!

Inner Hair Colour (Shinobu)

Inner Hair Colour by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Read our article on Peek-A-Boo Vibrant Hair Colour designs for inspiration on what type of subtle vibrant hair colour designs you can go for!

2. Red, Green or Silver Hues for Christmas

If you are wondering what colours to go for, here's some ideas for you!

Red tones are always in during Christmas.

Green Balayage (Danson)

Although Green is definitely a lot more unique... and still associated with the holiday season!

Silver Hair with Purple Highlights

Silver Hair with Purple Highlights by 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point

Silver bells, silver bells, it’s Christmas time in the city.”

Ho, ho, ho – yes, Christmas is definitely here, so why not get silver hair!

3. Galaxy Hair Colour / Rainbow Colour

Hidden Galaxy Sand Art (Sam)

Galaxy Sand Art by Chez Vous Hair Salon

If work (and budget) is not an obstacle, the galaxy hair colour is probably PERFECT for the festive season.

After all, whose spirits doesn't get lifted up at the sight of these cheery rainbow colours?

Rainbow Malibu Hair Colour (Sio)

Rainbow Malibu by CLEO Hair & Make

Before you go ahead with these vibrant hair colours, we would however recommend that you read our article on how to maintain Vibrant Hair Colours to make sure that the colours last as long as possible!

What do you think about the festive looks we've shared above?

Have we missed out anything you think is nice?

Share them with us below!

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