2016 Top Nail Art Trends By Japanese Nail Salons

Published on Jun 23, 2016

Nail art has come a long way! Manicures are no longer just a fresh coat of colour or french tips.

From glass nails to nail art jewelry, manicures are a work of art and have become an extension of our personality. The Japanese do it so well when it comes to beautifully unique nail designs. Granted some of the designs may not be appropriate for everyday wear but they are still oh-so-pretty to look at that you can't resist jazzing up your nails!

1. Glass Nails



Known for creating the popular negative space nail trend, Eunkyung Park, owner of Unistella Salon in Seoul, also developed the shattered glass manicure. As pretty as they sound, glass nails are created using holographic paper, which are cut into triangular shapes and then stuck onto a painted nail. The final look resembles a stained glass.

glass nails

Glass Nails by Branche Nail Salon @ Capitol Piazza

If too much foil is not your thing, you can choose to add just a bit of foil for that 3D effect!

2. Holographic Nails

Holographic Nail Art by Branche Nail Salon @ Capitol Piazza

Holographic Nail Art by Branche Nail Salon @ Capitol Piazza

There are countless of mesmerizing designs that can be created using the holographic tape. Nail Therapist, Safori from Branche Nail Salon is amazingly creative with her nail designs, and when it comes to the holographic trend, her designs are nothing short of WOW!

holographic nails
holographic nails

Spacey Ocean by Branche Nail Salon

If you can't get enough of the glass nail trend but want something different, choose one of the many holographic designs instead!

3. Water Droplet Nails

water droplets nail

Have you noticed those tiny water droplets on your hands and nails after you have washed your hands? That's exactly what this 3D nail art is inspired from! Water droplet nails is fairly popular among Japanese nails salons and unlike most 3D nail designs, water spotted nail designs are longer-lasting.

water droplets nail

Water Nails by Branche Nail Salon

You can save cost and try the design out by yourself by using clear nail polish and letting it drip onto your painted nail. Though, keep in mind it takes quite awhile for it to dry.

4. Porcelain Nails

porcelain nails

Porcelain Nails by Branche Nail Salon @ Capitol Piazza

Don't we all love the intricate blue designs on fine-chinaware? Well, fashionistas who have a penchant for elegance are now recreating the same on their nails.

 5. Marble Nails

marble nails
marble nails

Marble Nails by Branche Nail Salon

Marble nails have been around for quite sometime now but Japanese nail salons have given this trend a fresh coat of paint by beautifying it with rhinestones. The rhinestones and glitter topcoat add a dainty touch to the trend.

But if you find rhinestones a little tough to maintain, you can also ditch the stones and go for a more affordable Marble Nail design.

Doesn't this camouflage water marble nails look really unique?

6. Bracelet Nails

Bracelet Nails
Bracelet Nails


The hottest nail trend right now? Bracelet nails! This may be popularized by the same salon that introduced glass nails but Japanese nailists have been doing a similar look for ages! Bracelet nails, as its name suggests, is inspired by friendship bracelets. The design consists of lines overlapping one another and gems placed where the lines cross. This latest nail trend is sure to jog nostalgic memories of making friendship bracelets with your friends back in the day. Now, you can wear them on your nails!

Bracelet Nails

Bracelet Nails by Branche Nail Salon @ Capitol Piazza

Grab your bestie and hop on the bracelet nails bandwagon!

You can also choose to skip the overlapping lines and just stick on the nail studs for a more rocker-ish vibe.

7. Pastel Nails

pastel nails

Pastel Nails by Branche Nail Salon

Pastel colours always seem to be trending. Hence, if you are looking for a design that is fashionable yet simple, a nice coat of pastel coloured nail polish will do the trick. Once again, add one or two nail studs to spruce up the look without going over the top.

If pastel-coloured locks are not a viable option, perhaps, you could settle for pastel nails instead?

8. Flowers

Flower Nail Art is the one thing that the Japanese nailists have a lot of expertise in. Maybe because Japan is blessed with beautiful flowers throughout the four seasons, their intricate nail designs are especially good at reflecting this important element in the Japanese culture.

flower nail art

Sakura Nail Art by Branche Nail Salon

That's why flowers (especially Sakura) is an evergreen nail design that is popular especially during spring / summer season!

Final nail

Coco Chanel Flower with Tweed Design by Branche Nail Salon

If you are not keen on having flower designs drawn on your nails, the Coco Chanel inspired Flower nail design is a classy alternative!

9. Champagne Nail Art

Champagne Nail Art

Champagne Nail Art by Branche Nail Salon @ Capitol Piazza

Champagne nails are for those who love to go all out! Definitely not subtle in appearance, champagne nails are fancy and guaranteed to attract attention. This design is one of those that are not practical for everyday wear and it's best to wear them when you have a grand event to attend.

Have you tried any of these nail art designs in 2016?

Share your favourite nail art designs with us here!

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