Top 15 Oily Scalp Shampoos Recommended by Stylists to Reduce Hair Loss (+ Difference between Salon Shampoos vs Supermarket Shampoo)

Published on Jul 28, 2021

We know, shampoos are important. 

Go to any hairstylist and you'll likely hear them sharing about how important your shampoo is in extending the life of the colour/perm/treatment.

Use the wrong shampoo and you may find your newly minted hair colour/treatment fading in just 1-2 washes. 

That is a major reason why you'll hear your hairstylist recommending you to get a shampoo after a chemical service.

Are salon-grade shampoos really different from those at drugstores?

The shampoos we find at drugstores and supermarkets may be cheap and convenient but there is usually a reason why they're cheaper than what you find at the salons. While supermarket shampoos sometimes contain premium ingredients like argan oil and shea butter, the concentration is often so low that the effects can't be felt. They are also known for diluting their products with so much silicon and fillers that make your hair feels artifically soft temporarily but leave behind a waxy build-up.

Some fillers we do NOT like to see too much of in our shampoos

  • Sulfates (ammonium lauryl sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, 
  • Parabens (Ethylparaben, Propylparaben)
  • Dimethicone
  • Petroleum
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Sodium Chloride

These fillers don't just dry out the hair, some of them may irritate your scalp, cause the hair colour to fade faster than they normally would, hair loss and may even stimulate estrogenic activity. 

Sometimes, those shampoos you buy from the major supermarkets can contain so much silicon that your hair is wrapped with a thick waxy residue. In that situation, it may actually be difficult to colour or perm your hair as the cuticle is so clogged, the colour or perm lotion cannot even penetrate. ~ Danson, 99 Percent Hair Studio

While Salon-grade shampoos tend to be pricier, they contain nourishing vitamins, oils and minerals that are too pricey to exist in drugstore shampoos. As the salon-grade shampoos are more concentrated, proponents will tell you that you don't need to use as much to see results. They also contain less silicon/fillers (though not zero), allowing the hydrating ingredients to penetrate the hair cortex more deeply.

Examples of good ingredients we see more in salon-grade shampoos

  • Natural plant extracts e.g. Shea Butter, Jojoba extract, Coconut Oils
  • Vitamins and Minerals

Having said that, there are SO MANY salon-grade shampoos out there right now. While all of them aim to cleanse your hair and scalp, some are better for managing scalp health (reducing hair loss) while others are better at keeping your hair soft and moisturized. 

To avoid overwhelming you, we will be listing salon-grade shampoos by function so that you can alternate between the two and give your scalp/hair the attention it needs. In this particular article, we are focusing on salon-grade shampoos that minimize hair loss while ensuring that the hair is well-moisturized. 

While you can get some of these shampoos outside of the salon, we would still recommend you to ask your stylist for advice on the best shampoo that fits your scalp condition before proceeding to buy.

1. Monnali Black Series

Monnali Black Series Shampoo at Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

Price: $82 (350ml)

You may not have heard of Monnali Black Series shampoo but this is actually one of the top premium hair growth shampoos developed by hair growth salon BIDAN in Japan. The Monnali Black Series shampoo contains Nobel Prize Award ingredient, telomerase that rejuvenates your scalp, promoting hair growth and also helps to restore the condition of one's hair after every usage. 

The shampoo is also formulated to suppress reductase and formation of the DHT that causes thinning care, providing the optimal environment for your scalp to grow. 

Monnali Black Shampoo Information

What we like about it

✓ Free from Parabens, silicone, petroleum, synthetic colouring, fragrance, mineral oils

✓ Suitable for sensitive scalp and even children!

Where to buy Monnali Black Series Shampoo

2. Nook Shampoos

Nook Shampoo at Ann's Studio

Price: $58 (500ml)

Made in Italy, the Nook DHC shampoos are specifically developed to deal with different scalp conditions such as flaky dandruff hair (Purify), oily scalp (Rebalance), hair loss (Energizing) and Sensitive Scalp (Leniderm). Each of these shampoos contain unique natural ingredients such as Sugar Cane, Coconut, Honey, Fruits Extract and Green Tea to counter the specific scalp issue and prolong the anagen phase of hair growth while rebalancing the scalp.

The alcohol-free formulation is also Paraben-Free, SLES-free, SLS-free and allergen-free, making it suitable for sensitive scalp. 

What we like about it

✓ Free from Parabens, SLES, SLS and allergens

✓ Suitable for sensitive scalp and even children

✓ Special formulations to deal with specific scalp issues while extending the anagen phase for hair growth.

Where to buy Nook DHC Shampoo

3. Tokio Inkarami Head Spa Shampoo

Tokio Inkarami Head Spa Shampoo

Price: $45-$58 (200ml), $90-$108 (500ml) 

A fan of Tokio Inkarami treatments? The Tokio Inkarami Head Spa shampoo puts extra focus on your scalp while ensuring that your Tokio inkarami treatments last as long as possible; this is done by making the shampoo silicon-free while including argan oil, baobab seed oil, pellicer and its award-winning Fullerene within the fomula to keep the hair moisturized. 

What we like about it

✓ Dual care for both scalp and hair

✓ Silicon-free, Paraben-free, Sulfate-free

✓ Lemongrass scent

Where to buy Tokio Inkarami Head Spa Shampoos

4. O'way Frequent Use Hair & Scalp Bath

O'Way Frequent Use Hair & Scalp Bath

Price: $39 (240ml)

A gentle daily shampoo great for detoxing scalp problems, the O'way Frequent use Hair & Scalp Bath contains plant-based active extracts such as Araza extract, organic white tea, biodynamic lemon, aniseed extract and chestnut proteins - all of which help to cleanse the scalp thoroughly and revitalizes dull hair. Aniseed extract especially have soothing antiseptic properties that promote healthy scalp. It is also paraben-free and contains no artificial colorants or synthetic fragrance, making it suitable for sensitive scalp. 

What we like about it

✓ Paraben-free

✓ Contains no synthetic fragrances or artificial colorants

✓ Dual care for both hair and scalp with plant-baed active extracts

Where to buy O'Way Frequent Use Hair & Scalp Bath

5. Wella Balance/Purify Scalp Shampoo

Wella Balance and Purify Shampoo

Price: $39-$49 (250ml), $99 (1000ml)

Formulated for sensitive scalp, both the Wella Balance and Purify Shampoo contains the exclusive Dermacalm active substance complex that relaxes the scalp and helps builds its own protective barrier. Developed in cooperation with dermatologists, both shampoos have mild formulations but Wella Balance Shampoo is more catered towards sensitive skin whereas Purify shampoo contain active ingredients to reduce sebum and remove microorganisms that cause dandruff.

What we like about it

✓ Purify Shampoo suitable to control oily scalp for those who are mildly sensitive

✓ Dermatologically tested

Where to buy Wella Balance/Purify Scalp Shampoo

6. Davines NaturalTech Shampoos

Davines NaturalTech Shampoo

Price: $33-$35 (250ml), $85 (1000ml)

Hoping for a shampoo that better targets your scalp condition? Davines offers the NaturalTech range of shampoos that targets different scalp and hair problems. The Davines Purifying shampoo contains dandelion and anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial polyphenols and sugars to cleanse and combat dandruff while Davines Calming Shampoo contains phytoceuticals extracted from blueberries to reduce sensitivity in scalp. 

Depending on your scalp condition, there is a specific shampoo within the range to help solve your issue! 

What we like about it

✓ Customized shampoo for each scalp condition

✓ Paraben-free, Sulfate-free

Where to buy Davines NaturalTech Shampoos

7. Kamiyu Shampoo

Kamiyu Shampoo

Price: $48 (500ml)

Hoping to try a coveted Korean brand? Lee Han recommends the best-selling shampoo at The Space Korean Hair Salon: The Kamiyu Shampoo. It doesn't just smell amazing, the Kamiyu Shampoo has been highly raved in Korea due to its strong yet gentle cleaning power, mineral activated water as well as peptide ingredients + argan oil that keeps your hair feeling soft and smooth. Due to its high quality ingredients, it enriches both the scalp and hair health at the same time. Lee Han and his family has been using it ever since he was in Korea and naturally, this is the first shampoo

What we like about it

✓ Dual care for hair and scalp

✓ Paraben-free, Sulfate-free

✓ Tropical fruit scent (Smells like gummy bear)

✓ Improve Scalp Immunity

✓ Alleviate scalp infection

Where to buy Kamiyu Shampoo

8. Olivetta Hair Loss Shampoo

Olivetta Hair Loss Shampoo

Price:$45 (400ml)

Specifically formulated with coriander fruit extract, bay leaf extract, Chrysanthemum extract, coconut extract, peppermint extract, amica extract and marine plant extract, this shampoo is packed with anti-fungal ingredients to relieves itchiness, controls dandruff and prevents hair loss. Some of the above ingredients also help to nourish your hair and increase its thickness. 

What we like about it

✓ Focus on relieving dandruff and hair loss issues.

✓ Packed with anti-fungal ingredients to relieve itchiness and control dandruff

Where to Buy Olivette Hair Loss Shampoo

9. Gnome Cosmetics Shampoo

Gnome Cosmetics Shampoo

Price: $62.06

Developed by Japanese hairdressers with over 20 years of experience, Gnome Cosmetics uses active ingredients within the shampoo to specially control hair loss and promote hair growth. It contains placenta and EGF that promote regeneration of collagen and activates hair matrix cells for hair growth, swiftlet extract that improves multiplication of hair matrix cells and even pidioxydil to stimulate blood circulation and deliver nutrients from hair growth to hair follicles. Beyond scalp health, it also includes jojoba oil, macademia oil as well as argan oil to keep the hair strong and moisturized.

What we like about it

✓ Formulated with active ingredients to boost hair growth

✓ Dual care for both scalp and hair

Where to buy Gnome Cosmetics Shampoo

10. Retern Tricho-Blend Shampoos

Retern Tricho-Blend Shampoo for Oily Scalp

Price: $38-$49 (250ml), $119-$149 (1000ml)

Retern Tricho-Blend offers Balancing, Nourishing and Purifying Shampoo - all of which are focused on scalp care. Made from Aloe Vera, the Balancing shampoo calms your scalp and deep cleanses the hair while Nourishing shampoo is formulated from 100% pure essential oil to cleanse the hair and scalp. The Purifying shampoo is formulated with 100% pure essential oils with Rosemary, Spearmint, Chrysanthemum to strengthen and protect your hair.

What we like about it

✓ Formulated with essential oils to calm the scalp

Where to buy Retern Tricho-Blend Shampoo

11. Chanamu Tea Tree Shampoo

Chanamu Tea Tree Shampoo for Oily and Dandruff

Price: $45 (400ml), $96 (1000ml)

Ideal for oily and dandruff prone hair, the Korean Chanamu Tea Tree shampoo contains tea tree, lavender and hawthorn fruit that deep cleanses the scalp, removing dandruff while relieving itchiness. With a pH value of 4.5-5.5, hair cuticle is kept closed, allowing hair to remain smooth. 

What we like about it

✓ Tea Tree helps to control oily scalp

✓ pH of 4.5-5.5 helps hair cuticles to remain closed

Where to buy Chanamu Tea Tree Shampoo

12. Lebel Viege Shampoo

Lebel Viege Shampoo for Oily Scalp

Price: $40 (240ml)

As much as we love the refreshing and calming scent, the Lebel Viege Shampoos are known to efficiently cleanse excess sebum, metal ions and odour to restore a healthy scalp. This is all thanks to the active ingredients Shiso leaf extact, luffa cylindrica extract, and licorice extract that have antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti inflammatory, and moisturizing effects that help to support hair health and growth. 

What we like about it

✓ Dual care for both scalp and hair

✓ Made with active Japanese herbs 

✓ Refreshing grapefruit-based scent

Where to buy Lebel Viege Shampoo

13. Kerastase Bain Prevention 

Kerastase Bain Prevention for Hair Loss

Price: $42.80 (250ml)

Designed as a preventive solution to hair loss and thinning hair concerns, Bain Prevention utilizes an antibacterial agent to suppress inflammation, soothing agent to calm, soothe and regenerate the scalp as well as a regulating agent to stimulate micro-circulation and reduce hair loss while texturizing the fiber for immediate volumizing effects. We also like it that the formula is silicon-free though not sulfate-free. 

What we like about it

✓ Silicon-free

✓ Thickens fine hair 

Where to buy Kerastase Bain Prevention

14. Global Milbon Scalp Shampoo

Global Milbon Scalp Shampoo

Price: $44 (200ml)

Believing that excessive fatty acids is the cause of most scalp troubles, Global Milbon Scalp Care is formulated to remove excess fatty acids and replenish moisture to hair. The unique, non-drying foaming gel physically attaches to the fatty acid buildup to lift it away without stressing the scalp and hair. It contains licorice root, soothing menthol, hydrating hyaluronic acid and botanical extract as well as a silk-based complex to improve hair's overall integrity. As a result, dandruff is better controlled, scalp itch is relieved while stickiness and odour is reduced. 

What we like about it

✓ Dual care for hair and scalp

✓ Suitable for sensitive scalp

Where to buy Global Milbon Scalp Shampoo

15. Phytostory Premium Shampoo

Phytostory Premium Shampoo for Oily Scalp

Price: $63.15 after GST (500ml)

With the intention of rebalancing and controlling oily scalp, the Phytostory Premium shampoo contains essential oils such as rosemary, geranium, chamomile to relieve scalp and skin issues. They also contain naturla plant keratin from Wheat, Bean, corn to make thehair moisturized and keep the scalp healthy. It uses natural colorant from Gardenia and hence is devoid of artificial colouring. 

What we like about it

✓ Dual care for hair and scalp

✓ Free from Artificial Colorants

Where to buy Phytostory Premium Shampoo

15. SHA Shampoo

Sha Shampoo for Itchy Scalp, Dandruff and Oily Scalp

Price: $65 (480ml)

Those who've tried SHA Shampoo exclusively from Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village will love how the shampoo leaves your hair feeling clean and volumized. This is all thanks to the combination of Glucosyl hesperidin, Vitamin P, polyphenol & glucose from a mixture of 9 herbal extracts that help to reduce dandruff, scalp itchiness and encourage hair growth while leaving hair moisturized. 

What we like about it

✓ Dual care for hair and scalp

✓ Mixture of 9 herbal extracts reduces inflammation and scalp irritation

Where to buy SHA Shampoo

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