Top Reasons Why We Still Prefer Local Salons in Singapore

Published on Mar 02, 2016

You may consider visiting a Japanese salon or a Korean salon to check out what the hype is all about.

However, most of us STILL go back to our local trusty hairdresser for our regular hair service!

Here, we examine the reasons why local hair salons are still the top choices for most Singaporeans!

1. You can actually understand what they are saying!

It may seem like a very basic requirement but it can be really tough to communicate what you want and understand what Japanese or Korean stylists are trying to say!

If a translator is not around, you may not be able to get the hairstyle you are trying to get!

On the other hand, most salons in Singapore have Chinese staff who are fluent in Mandarin and understandable in English. Therefore, you can actually understand what they are saying!

Non-Chinese may still find Malaysian Chinese stylists hard to understand so we always appreciate it when salons like Picasso Hair Studio have a receptionist fluent in English to help out with translation where necessary!

Did we also mention that Picasso Hair Studio even has a consultation chit to help the stylist and yourself better understand your desired hairstyles and facilitate the consultation?

Consultation at Picasso Hair Studio

 2. You can converse with your stylist about almost everything

Those long hours sitting and waiting till your hair is done can be a bore. (A perm for example can take 4-5 hours!)

Although you have your phone and magazines to entertain you, it is nice to have your stylist engage you in conversation for at least part of the 4-5 hours.

While Japanese or Korean stylist can only carry the conversation for about half an hour or so, some of you may be lucky enough to find a stylist who can truly click with you and talk to you about literally everything under the sun... from work to relationships and family!

3. Your stylist becomes your friend and not just any other hairdresser.

The moment you have your stylist on Whatsapp and Facebook is probably a sign that your stylist is not just your hairdresser, he or she has now become a friend.

A friend who listens to all your secrets and won't judge what you do

A friend who understands when you sometimes want to try out other salons for fun

A friend who would help you curl your hair just because he/she knows that you're having a bad hair day.

Xavier and the other stylists there are really friendly and helpful!! They are so easy to talk to and my friends love my hair as well means they are doing something right! Once I went to visit my friends doing their hair in The Bund (aft they knew I went there) and Xavier curled my hair for me just because I was having a bad hair day haha. They’re really friendly and they know their stuff.- Wendy on The Bund @ Ang Mo Kio Bishan Park

With their genuinely friendly personality, it is no wonder why The Bund @ Ang Mo Kio Bishan Park is getting more and more popular these days!

4. Your local stylist will try to solve your hair issue for you!

You don't just visit a hair salon just because you want to talk to hairdresser, do you?

(Well, some tai-tais do that but most of us just don't have the time and money!)

Your hairdresser has to be really good at what he or she does and in addition, help you solve your hair problems so that you have a good reason to go back month after month!

Before and After Keratin Treatment at 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Katong

Before and After Keratin Treatment at 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point

The stylists at Juz Salon have more than 30 years of experience - as they've probably tried almost every hair solution possible, they know just what to do to help you get beautiful hair!

5. Local Hair Salons are the BEST in Singapore for Hair Colours

You may go to Korean salons for a perm and Japanese salons for a Japanese style cut... but for hair colours, most of us still prefer to go to a local hair salon.

The reason is simple; local hair salons are the FASTEST to innovate and bring in the latest hair colour trends to Singapore!

If you've seen a hair colour you like on Instagram, chances are local hair salons like 99 Percent Hair Studio,  Chez Vous, would have experimented and tried the hair colour before!

Whether you are talking about galaxy hair colours...

Galaxy Colour

Galaxy Hair Colour by 99 Percent Hair Studio

Colour Melting...

Colour Melt

Colour Melting by Chez Vous

Handpressed Colour...

Handpressed Highlights (Picasso)

Handpressed Highlights by Picasso Hair Studio

Fluid Hand Painting...

Local Hair Salons can do them really well!

In fact, some even come up with their very own hair designs that leave us lusting for more!

Cotton Candy 3C Hair Colour by Picasso Hair Studio

Cotton Candy 3C Hair Colour (Jesly)

6.  Styles designed by Local Salons suit Singapore weather and work better!

Hair trends are hair trends but how practical is it to wear it to work in Singapore?

Fortunately, local hair salons have already thought about that issue, taking into consideration your daily haircare routines, Singapore climate and work environment in designing the hairstyle!

1) Trendy Hair Colours Suitable for Work

Vibrant hair colours may be nice but not everyone can wear it to work!

Local salons have therefore incorporated the vibrant hair colours beneath the hair in a trend called peek-a-boo hair colours to make it suitable for work!

Of course, you don't have to have vibrant hair colours to look trendy!

The expert colourists at Chez Vous Hair Salon can also make you look chic and professional at the same time by placing the highlights at just the right places using a technique called Ecaille!

Ecaille Hair Colour (Veyond)

Ecaille Hair Colour by Chez Vous Hair Salon

For more hair colour designs suitable for work, check out our article here!

2) Volume Rebonding Customized to Singapore's Needs

The Koreans may be the first to come up with Volume Rebonding but the local salons would argue that they do volume rebonding better than some Korean Salons.

This is because local stylists know how our local hair texture is like and what type of style we like to wear to work.

Picasso Hair Studio was one of the first to differentiate between the different curls - s curl, c curl, rebonding perm to make it easy for us to choose what we are looking for.

C Curve Rebonding
S Curve Rebonding and Highlight (Jesly)
Rebonding Perm (Jesly)

Volume Rebonding by Picasso Hair Studio

Focus Hairdressing has also incorporated the use of MUCOTA Omega Treatment with Volume Rebonding to tame your hair and create the Korean-style look at the same time!

Volume Rebonding (Yahnie)

Volume Rebonding J Curl by Focus Hairdressing

For those who wish for their curls to last a little longer, Act Point may also make the curls slightly tighter so that it can last you for 3-6 months!

S Curl Rebonding (Bro)

S Curl Rebonding by Act Point Salon

3) Wide variety of Undercut and Fade Haircuts

As Undercuts and Fade Haircuts are a lot more popular in Singapore, we also find that local stylists are able to produce more creative haircut designs than foreign salons.

Although Professional Men's Cuts are the most prevalent...

Men's Cut (Purple)

Professional Men's Cuts by Kobayashi Hair Design

Fade Haircuts are coming on strong!

Men's Haircut (Yahnie)

Fade Haircut by Focus Hairdressing

You can even incorporate a man bun design by Kenaris Hair Salon below!

Men's Haircut (Jimmy)

Or if you prefer the more typical Men's Undercuts...

7.  You can rely on Local Hair Salons to fix your hair when things go wrong!

You may have damaged your hair at a visit to a salon in JB or even in Korea. Or perhaps miscommunication with a foreign stylist caused your hair to be seriously damaged.

Whichever is the case, you always have your trusty local salon to come back to fix for you.

After all, some local salons like Chez Vous Hair Salon has a strong team of stylists who has more than 10-15 years of experience. They've seen and fixed numerous botched cases, making them the best people to go to if you need some emergency hair SOS!

Before and After Chez Vous' Expertligent Hair Fix

Before and After Chez Vous' Expertligent Hair Fix

Read more about Chez Vous' Fixed a Botched Haircut or How they fixed a Botched Rebonding here.

8. Prices tend to be more pocket-friendly

When the foreign stylists travel so far away to settle down in Singapore, you should expect some sort of price premium to come with the stylist himself / herself!

You may therefore find many local salons charging prices lower than that of Japanese or Korean salons!

For example, you are very unlikely to find a perm / rebonding for $150 (inclusive of haircut and treatment but before GST?) at a Japanese or Korean Salon...

but yes, Act Point Salon charges that impossibly low price for its great perms / rebonding!

S Curl Rebonding by Act Point Salon

S Curl Rebonding (Sophie)

If however you prefer MUCOTA rebonding as opposed to Shiseido rebonding by Act Point Salon, Focus Hairdressing also provides affordable MUCOTA packages you probably can't find cheaper elsewhere!

Perm (Yahnie)

S Curve Perm by Focus Hairdressing

Foreign salons will probably charge you an additional $100 or more for the same service!

9. Local doesn't mean Bad Service!

If you are willing to pay a little more, you can also be treated really well at some of Singapore's local salons like Chez Vous Hair Salon and Kenaris Hair Salon!

On top of a dessert bar and a wide selection of TWG teas, Chez Vous Hair Salon also has a special VIP room for those who require a little more privacy.

VIP room

Kenaris Hair Salon too is well known for the awesome head massage and hair wash.

head massage and hair wash

Many of them also offer a 7-day satisfaction guarantee if you are not happy with your hairstyle and most importantly no hardselling... so as long as you research about them on Beauty Undercover, you may stand a greater chance of a happy hair experience at the salon!

10. Local stylists don’t leave as often as foreign stylists

There are cases of Malaysian stylists going back to their hometown to open their own salon but such cases are probably fewer in proportion to the number of Korean or Japanese stylists who have come to Singapore and gone back within 5 years. This is understandable given that Singapore is still not their home country and they too have family and personal commitments that may require them to return to their home country.

If however you have fallen in love with your hairdresser, you may be left in a lurch when he/she returns back home!

Local stylists on the other hand don't leave as often as foreign stylists so you don't have to worry as much about he/she leaving!

So yes, those are our top 10 reasons why most of us still go back to our local hair salons for regular hair services after trying out Japanese salons  or taking a chance with Korean salons in Singapore!

Have we missed out any other reasons?

Share with us below!

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