Agent G Wedding Series: 180 Days and Counting Down

Published on Sep 16, 2012

In my previous life as a calculative Singaporean accountant I was, the first word out of my mouth would have been budgeting. Now reformed and given a new life as I'm Agent G, the key word I want you to take home is...


Sometimes, we are so caught up with what other people want, what other people are doing that we forget who we are, what we want. Your wedding is once in a lifetime. Instead of getting caught up in the motion, take some time to...

Talk through honestly with your significant other (SO) what both your dream weddings are like

Is it a small intimate dedication of love? A big lavish wedding banquet as a form of respect to families on both sides? A simple restaurant banquet or an overseas wedding with friends by the beach? Think about it and rank them by order of preference/importance. Here are some possible combinations u can work through.

  • Wedding Reception: Yes/No | Hotel/Restaurant | Local/Overseas | Big/Small | Conventional/Special
  • Wedding Dress: Purchase/Rent | Made to measure (MTM) / Off the Shelf | Designer/Who-cares
  • Wedding Photographs: Yes/No | Average/Top-tier photographers | Local/Overseas
  • Wedding Videography: Yes/No | Average/Top-tier videographers | Local/Overseas
  • Wedding Fun: Stag/Bachelorette Night | Gatecrashing
  • Honeymoon: Short/Long | Near/Far | Immediate/Later
  • Religious Considerations: Church wedding
  • Housing arrangements after marriage

In this discussion, consider any requirements/constraints that family might pose. It is a joyous family occasion after all!

Let this conversation take place for 2-3 weeks, consulting all VIPs to make sure that you do not leave out important details.

EDIT: Consult your siblings for tips to manage your parents, prior history of banquet attendance, dos and donts.... you are going to need all the help you can get!

Aside from wedding event planning, do not neglect the most important part of the wedding... Yourself!

YOU are the princess, the queen, the guest of honour for the night. And what must the princess always do?

Look and Be the Prettiest You Have Ever Been in Your Life.

flower bouquet

To do that, you've got to start taking care of your face and body (if you haven't already) What can you start doing that will be crucial for the next 6 months (in order of my preference)?

  • Slim down (for your wedding shoot and eventual wedding)
  • Alleviate facial problems
  • Control skin problems on your back (particularly if you want to wear a bareback wedding dress)
  • Eliminate unsightly hair on arms, upper lip, fingers

Read for more details on how I slimmed down, controlled my skin problems and eliminated unsightly hair. In short, I would highly recommend you to

  • sign up for a gym package
  • take your skincare issue to a professional e.g. TCM, reliable salon provider, dermatologist
  • try out IPL hair removal

Did I miss out anything? Remind me by commenting below! :)

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