Best Wedding Hairstyles for Brides by Dress Type in Singapore

Published on Sep 27, 2015

There are many ways to make your wedding hairstyle romantic. Whether it's long and loose waves, a wispy updo, or a combination of both, you'll not only want your locks to look as lovely as ever on your big day but to last through the reception and after party.

The hairstyles you choose should also complement the wedding dress you are wearing!

We consult hair experts for their top tips and photo inspirations based on wedding dress styles to help you look gorgeous for your important day!

Chignon for Strapless Wedding Dresses

Chignon Strapless bra

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When to Wear It

A number of hairstyles flatter a strapless wedding dress, but we love the idea of pairing a shoulder-baring updo with this silhouette. Chignons are all the rage right now in wedding hair, and this romantic style adds some sophisticated polish to a neckline that shows a lot of skin. And it can work with or without a veil!

Complete your look with fresh flowers in your hair. The best way to make a statement, flowers help soften any look and give brides the dreamy feel they all wish to have on their big day!

Half Up and Half Down Hairstyles for Strapless Wedding Dresses

Bateau Wedding Dress

When to Wear It

This style is great for venues where heat and humidity are not an issue — the last thing a bride wants is to feel sweaty or have limp curls on her big day!

Despite having part of your hair pinned up, it's almost impossible to keep everything perfectly in place. If you're a summer or destination bride whose hair instantly frizzes at the first sign of humidity, you may want to stick with an updo so that you can enjoy every moment of your special day without having to sneak away for damage control!

Half-up, half-down looks pair well with ethereal gowns — light and airy designs with plenty of lace or tulle.

Styling (Lynn)
Styling (Vivic)

Half up Half Down Styling by Act Point Salon

Wearing your Hair Down for V-Shaped Gown

Fizel Wink Photography

Photo by Fizel Wink Photography

A wedding dress with a V-neck draws the eye vertically and elongates your body (and who doesn't want that?). To complement those long, lean lines, wear your hair down. Loose curls with a side part (and a vintage barrette, if you're so inclined) feel totally Old Hollywood. If you're going for a more casual look, consider beach waves.

Kawaii Motemaki Hairstyling

Kawaii Motemaki Hairstyling by Branche Hair Salon

When to Wear It

Sexy, cascading waves can also complement a strapless wedding dress. When wearing a veil, remember to add extra volume and bounce to the ends of your hair!

A loose nest of curls is also the perfect canvas for head pieces like veils, small flowers, or a tiny tiara.

Ponytail Braid for V-Shaped Gown

V gown

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If keeping your hair down is a little too messy for you, a ponytail braid is a great alternative that keeps your hair off your face and still emphasizes the long thin lines of your V neck!

When to Wear It

The braids should be made as voluminous as possible with a bouffant at the top to bring out the entire hair length.

Artificial flowers and tiara can also add to the romance of the entire hairstyle.

Side Swept Updo on One Shoulder Wedding Dress

One Shoulder Wedding Dress

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When to Wear It

A one-shoulder wedding dress draws attention to your shoulders, so you don't want a flowing hairstyle that will obscure this flattering silhouette. A side-swept updo will balance out an asymmetrical neckline and won't get in the way of shoulder details. For a more bohemian vibe, try a side-swept fishtail braid.

Chignon for Off-The-Shoulder Neckline

Off Shoulder

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When to Wear It

An ivory dress with ruched straps pushed off the shoulders is pure class. A smooth and simple updo draws attention to one body part that could be your greatest asset the shoulders.

A tight knot or a braided chignon is a mature option to match such a sophisticated style.

Braided Chignon by COVO Hair Salon

Braided Chignon by COVO Hair Salon

Updo for Bateau or High Neckline

bateau high neckline

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When to Wear It

The boat, or “bateau,” neckline skims along the collarbone to show only the faintest hint of skin. To suit this design, we prefer hair up and off the face in either a cropped cut with finger waves or a low updo in a soft, feminine style. If you have long tresses, secure the bulk of hair at the nape of your neck. A row of decorative bobby pins, a brooch or a barrette will add a little flash when pinned at the side or to the back of the hair.

A high neckline is an atypical choice that will make a refined statement. Hair should be pinned up to show off the gown in all its glory. This style should look textured, as though you just stepped out from the ocean and twisted your strands up yourself. (Of course, we all know it takes practice to get such a perfectly imperfect look!) Allow short tendrils to escape around your ears.

Square Neckline

Square Neckline wedding dress

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When to Wear It

The square neck is a no-fuss cut that can reveal almost as much skin as a strapless and shows off a defined jawbone, beautiful collarbone and décolleté.

We think this dress suits a chignon with a braided headband and volume at the crown, perfect for the bride who wants to dial up the glam.

Styling (Ai)

Styling by CLEO Hair and Make

Half Up and Half Down for Scoop Neckline

When to Wear It

A low scoop neck reveals cleavage, especially when enhanced with a hidden corset. We like the simple style and thin straps worn with hair half down.

Scoop Dress

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To nail the look, hair should be left a little loose with just enough flyaways to give it a more romantic look.

Styling by Act Point Salon

Malay Wedding Dresses

Makeup by Ina

When to Wear It

Most bridal couples choose to wear traditional Malay attire that are often made of songket on their wedding day. Although the headgear may obscure the hairstyle, it may be a good idea to request for a simple updo from the mak andam to create a more voluminous top.

If you opt for a more contemporary dress, then you will probably have greater leeway depending on the style of dress you choose.

scoop neckline

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

A scoop neckline, for example, may enable a half up half down hairstyle.

Styling (Sylvia)

Half up, Half down Styling by Act Point Salon

Even for those who choose a contemporary dress, most opt for a dress with a bateau or high neckline.


Credits: Another Accidental Bride

In those cases, an updo works best to show off the bride's beautiful jawline.

Bridal Styling (Daisuke)

Styling by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Indian Wedding Dresses

Indian Bridal Wedding Dresses

When to Wear It

The bridal lahenga or saree is often an important part of the Indian wedding. A half up, half down hairstyle that peeks out from the bridal veil adds a mystery that brings out the best of your designer outfit.

Styling (Vivic)

Styling by Act Point Salon

Waterfall braids can be also be a gorgeous addition, particularly if you add on various accessories to complete the look!

We hope you enjoyed the above compilation of bridal hairstyles suitable for Singapore weddings!

Have you decided on the hairstyle for your special day?

Comment below and let us know!

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