Agent G: Getting Married in Singapore

Published on Sep 16, 2012

You've accepted your fiance's proposal ie. paid deposit for the HDB flat.

Both families have been informed about the upcoming marriage.

What next?


Let me attempt to put you into a panic. You've got, in the next 6 months or more, to prepare AND PAY for:

  • Wedding dress
  • Wedding photography
  • Videography
  • Wedding Banquet
  • Church Wedding (if applicable)
  • Honeymoon
  • Housing renovation

And if you're as greedy as us to want it all, the cost of it all can set you back by more than $100k (according to what some friends ACTUALLY pay)... and we have not even started tabulating the cost of the wedding rings, beauty treatments and angbaos.

OK don't worry. You've got AGENT G on the line to give you a hand.

I can't say that I'm the expert of it all; I wasn't the most beautiful bride, I didn't have the most perfect wedding out there, I walked down the aisle with my veil off.

Still, I SURVIVED IT despite having only 6 months of preparation and me being overseas 4 months out of the 6!


The process is too long to be written down in a single post. So, let's first start with our first post here.  

As a generalization, weddings are important to most women in Singapore as it is often considered to be a union of two families. Whether Chinese, Malay or Indian, elaborate customs and expensive wedding banquets are organized to inform friends and family of this blissful union.

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