What does your nail colour say about you?

Published on Jan 30, 2016

You've got only a few more days to get your nails done for both Chinese New Year and Valentines Day!

Instead of going for the quintessential Red, why not choose a nail colour that better reflects your personality?

After all, nail colours are one of the things people notice about you immediately; a striking unique nail design especially can make a powerful first impression!

Just remember the first time you see someone with black nail colour or perhaps someone with a Hello Kitty nail design - what did you think about the person?

So yes, consider choosing your nail design carefully to make sure that your nails are saying the right things about you!

Here, we try to decipher the secrets your nails hold with the following list!


The first impression we get for those wearing red nail colours are that they  are extroverted, optimistic and is a person who is passionate, confident and enthusiastic about life.

They may be a little impulsive but that spontaneity of theirs also makes them sexy!

Typically, the above may be true perhaps for the first time you try a red nail colour (from your previously unadorned nails) but the colour is now so overused that sometimes it may appear a little more predictable and even conservative (at least in Singapore!)

After all, we've heard from some nail salons that red nail colours happens to be the nail colour of choice for close to 60% of their clients.

Mixing it up a little with a simple nail design can help inject some whimsical or cutesy into an otherwise staid nail colour!


A colour that signals strength, depth and maturity, burgundy is a colour popular with A-type female bosses and working professionals looking to show off their assertive personality.

Wearers of Burgundy are wise beyond their years. They know what they want and are not afraid to pursue their dreams and goals. In fact, they can be quite determined when they want something.

Burgundy Nail Design (Safori)

Burgundy Nail Jewelry Design by Branche Nail Salon

We note however that too much of dark burgundy, however, can exert an intimidating presence particularly for your potential male dates or your subordinates!

Adding a nail jewelry or mixing it up with other colours can help lighten up an otherwise serious nail colour.


Loving, kind, generous and sensitive to the needs of others, pink nail colours remind us of a young dreamy romantic girl waiting for Prince Charming to enter into her life.

Yes, they may sound a little idealistic but hey there's nothing wrong with fantasizing about a fairytale romance, is there?

Overall, pink nail colour can add much vulnerability and purity to one's overall image, triggering Men's protective instinct.

This however may not be what you are looking to achieve... and the colour may feel too young or sweet for you. In this case, you can incorporate a darker nail colour in the design to add some weight and maturity without detracting from its loving, gentle image!


Feminine without being super girly, lavender nail colours gives off an aura of gentleness and grace, a person whose heart is bigger than most!

She can however be easily hurt but doesn't like to show it or doesn't know how to do so... so please please be careful with her feelings!

Dior Inspired Nail Colour (Safori)

Paragel Dior-inspired with a little bit of Lavender by Branche Nail Salon


Sincere and quietly confident, wearers of Nude nail colours are ladies who know their place in the world.

They don't have to blindly follow every trend, often preferring simplicity and quality to short-term trends.

This makes them elegant and polished without the high price tag associated with fashion and trends!

Nude Nail Colour with Jewelry (Safori)

Nude Paragel Nail Design by Branche Nail Salon


If there is an OCD among the different nail colours, it would be you, the wearer of white nail colours!

A lady with a strong internal locus of control, you like to make sure that everything is at the right place at all times. You also like to make sure that you look neat and immaculate at all times, whether you are at home or out there.

Overall, a very cautious and practical character!

Nail Colour (Safori)

White Nail Colour by Branche Nail Salon


Not someone's who is uber competitive, you shy away from confronting conflicts head-on and instead have a deep need for peace and harmony.

This however does not mean that you are the type of person to just blend into the crowd.

On the contrary, your magnetic personality and stylish appearance often makes you the centre of attention when gathering with friends!

Blue Nails (Safori)

Blue Nail Design by Branche Nail Salon


Frequently associated with goths and punk rockers, black nail colours used to be seen as the colour of choice for rebels. If you are still in your teens, this image may still apply.

With Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie photographed on the red carpet with their black nail polish, black is no longer so anti-establishment. Although it retains a little of its "bad girl" edge, rich black nail colours now also speak of prestige and power particularly when paired with a little bit of Gold or nail jewelry!

Nail Art for famous film director Pin Pin (Safori)

Black Nail Design by Branche Nail Salon

It is no wonder why famous film director Pin Pin chose to wear black when going for a formal event in Singapore!


Gold nail colour signals that you are a person who appreciate luxury and pursues the highest of standards in everything that you do. Wise and successful, you are achievement oriented with high expectations, dreams and desires... and you are not afraid to show it!

Pair the Gold with Red or Black to avoid looking too bling for any occasion!


Not many people dare to sport the Green on their nails, indicating your adventurous personality in your choice of nail colour. Some may wonder if you are trying to make a statement about Protecting the environment or about living an organic lifestyle but the strong willed you won't let that get you down. Green is your favourite colour and you know you will rock the colour cuz you know exactly what goes well with it!

Green Jewelry Nail Art (Safori)

Green Nail Design by Branche Nail Salon


Solid colours are a tad too plain for you, the Glamour girl.

Spice up your pink nail colour with a touch of glitter and you'll instantly look 10 years younger and tons more girly!

Glitter Nails (Maki)

French Manicure

A classic that will never go out of style, lovers of French Manicure know that the French can give a great impression when you go for an interview and even to uber formal events!

You don't have to worry about which colour to choose and best of it, it accentuates who you are: confident even when unadorned!

French Nail Coated with Swarovski (Safori)

French Manicure by Branche Nail Salon

Nail Jewelry

It is not common to spot a lady wearing nail jewelry in Singapore, although it is a much more common occurrence in Japan!

This makes you the wearer look a lot more delicate and perhaps even more "tai-tai" as the nail jewelry looks like they require a lot of effort to maintain!

(How do you wash dishes and do household chores with this???)

People will probably stop to ask if you are getting married any time soon... just because they are more used to seeing this on brides than on normal ladies.

You are unfazed by all these comments because you know that deep down inside, many of these ladies are simply envious that you are able to carry it off!

Nail Jewelry (Safori)

Nail Jewelry by Branche Nail Salon

Flowery Designs

The choice of flower will affect our impression of the wearer's personality but in general, flowery nail design tends to cheer up its wearer as it invokes warm images of love and sometimes even romance!

Note that too much of a flower can make you look auntie instead so make sure your nail artist knows what you are looking for!

Marimekko Nails (Safori)

Marimekko Flowery Nail Design by Branche Nail Salon

Intricate Nail Art

We can't cover all types of nail art here but generally more complicated and intricate nail art tells us that this is a fun-loving lady who isn't afraid to try out something new! She may be a little whimsical at times but you know that this is a friend you know you'll never have a dull moment with!


Nail Art by Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon @ Outram Park Bukit Pasoh Rd

Do you agree with what our impressions of the different nail colours above?

Share with us your thoughts below!

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