3 Types of People Who Would Benefit from Tokio Inkarami the MOST

Published on Oct 19, 2016

The latest hair treatment to hit Singapore salons - Tokio Inkarami boasts of repairing and restoring strength and shine to EVERY hair type in just 30 minutes. It's also the only treatment to contain the Noble Prize awarded ingredient, Fullerene. 

Tokio Inkarami

But just because Tokio Inkarami is suitable for all hair types, it doesn’t mean your hair needs it!

Read on to find out who can benefit most from this Japanese hair treatment that has gotten celebrity hairstylists such as Miyamura Hiroshiki from AFLOAT raving about it.

1. You cannot manage your crazily coloured hair!

You've bleached your hair to achieve those pretty pastel hues and vibrant hair colours, only to find that your hair has now turned to hay after all that bleaching!

ash purple

Agent Y found it difficult to manage her hair after bleaching it to achieve the beautiful ash purple on the left

If your hair is too brittle even for Tokio de Sinka, Tokio Inkarami can help! With fullerene and 8 types of Keratin present, Tokio Inkarami will repair your hair from within and restore elasticity and flexibilityBest of all, the effects can last beyond 4 weeks when used with the accompanying homecare; the shampoo and treatment replenishes the fullerene and amino acids that are lost with each hair wash.

2. You have frizzy hair but you're sick and tired of Rebonding / Keratin Treatments

We regularly have readers asking us what can they do with their hair if they want to reduce frizz but keep their natural texture, especially curly-haired ladies. Most of the time, salons will say that there is really nothing much to do except to apply products to subdue the hair.

before Tokio Inkarami

Agent SW got her hair fried by a local hair salon after they tried to perm her previously bleached hair!

Well, Tokio Inkarami changes all that! Tokio Inkarami contains Urea, which softens the hair cuticle and prevents the leakage of hair nutrients, making it less frizzy. It also contains keratin amino acid, ceramide complex, hydrolysis silk and perithera to pump up the inside of the hair cortex so that it is not susceptible to loss of moisture. 

Tokio Inkarami does not retexturize your hair in any way and it does not alter your hair texture, which allows you to subdue frizz while maintaining your natural waves!

3. You are intending to Rebond, Perm or Colour your hair

Chiffon Perm + Tokio Inkarami by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Chiffon Perm + Tokio Inkarami by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Tokio Inkarami is the only treatment to contain fullerene, a powerful antioxidant that is effective in protecting the hair against UVB damage. Since our locks are continuously subjected to some form of damage from heat or chemical services such as colouring, rebonding and perming, treatments are essential for counteracting the damage.

While most hair treatments restore hair strength to about 105%, Tokio Inkarami leaves your hair up to 140% stronger. This is achieved through a macromolecular keratin protein that is sustained inside the core of the hair by aggregation bonding process. It guards protein loss firmly by replenishing the hair’s lipid and warping the hair’s surface layer. As the hair cortex is pumped up with lipids and proteins, your newly coloured, rebonded or permed hair can sustain its colour or shape for a longer period of time.

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