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Devonshire Hair Salon

The Cottage by Devonshire Selected Beauty Salons @ Somerset Devonshire Rd

A true hidden gem right behind the busy streets of Orchard / Somerset, The Cottage within Devonshire Beauty Salons is the classy new Japanese hair salon worth checking out! Helmed by top Japanese stylists Obara and Ito, The Co...

Rubik Hair Salon
Branche Hair and Nail Salon
Face and Body
Queen's Market

Queen’s Market @ Tanjong Pagar

A cozy humble abode within Tanjong Pagar, Queen's Market is one of the best finds we've uncovered for budget conscious ladies! With great Japanese service, skillful therapists well versed in nail services, facials and eyela...

Geranium Hair and Beauty Salon
Branche Nail

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