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Act Point Salon @ Dhoby Ghaut Singapore Shopping Centre

Act Point @ Dhoby Ghaut Singapore Shopping Centre
Act Point @ Dhoby Ghaut Singapore Shopping Centre
Act Point @ Dhoby Ghaut Singapore Shopping Centre


Exclusive Promotion:
50% off Shiseido Hair Treatments from 1 Aug 2015 to 31 Aug 2015
Singapore Shopping Centre, #01-17
190, Clemenceau Ave, Singapore 239924

Telephone Number: 6337 3822
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday : 11am - 8pm
Saturday : 10.30am - 7pm
Other Outlets:
Act Point @ Bugis Shaw Towers
Services: , ,
Signature: , , , ,
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Total Score
8.1/ 10



  • Stylists are highly experienced with perms and rebonding
  • Friendly hairstylists who give out hair advice
  • Usage of high quality hair products from known brands
  • No packages, no hardselling
  • Honest hairstylists you can trust
  • Close to Dhoby Ghaut MRT (Beside Park Mall)
  • Enjoy some peace and quiet at this salon


  • Salon is around the corner of Singapore Shopping Centre so you might have a little trouble finding it
  • Haircuts may not as amazing as the perms and rebonding


Close to the city and yet hidden from the hustle and bustle of busy Orchard, Singapore Shopping Centre houses Act Point\’s third outlet helmed by Salon Manager Bro. As there are relatively few walk-in customers, this outlet caters mostly to regular customers of Bro and Jess Kong, both of whom have gathered a sizable client base over the last 10-20 years. Both of them have been praised for the quality of perms they achieve, possible only because of their long experience and insistence on using only the most suitable hair products for customers (the full range of Shiseido Hair Straight is offered!). Best of all, Act Point offer no packages and no hardselling; stylists are focused on giving you only the best hairstyle.  With experienced hairstylists, good perming results, and affordable prices, Act Point at Dhoby Ghaut Singapore Shopping Centre is a great place to go for a peaceful afternoon perm.

If you are curious about who to look for and what you can expect from the salons\’ stylists, read the following tabs to find out more:

  • “Style Catalog” tab to see actual hairstyles performed for customers
  • “Stylists” tab to see how hairstylists look like and know more about them
  • “Price List” tab for latest promotions and prices for their various services
  • \”Events and Media\” tab to check out the latest events Act Point Salon is involved in.
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Style Gallery



Hair Colouring

Hair Cut




John from Act Point Salon

Because we want you to come back, we do only what’s best for your hair – John

Sylvia Chew Founder of Act Point Salon


No packages, no upselling of unnecessary hair products and services – only solid hair advice shared at length by its experienced hairstylists, Act Point Salon sets the industry standard for being one of the most transparent and trustworthy hair salons in Singapore. Don’t be surprised if a hairstylist at Act Point refuses to do a specific hair service you asked for; if the hair service is deemed to be too damaging for your hair condition or if the stylists are not confident of doing a great job, you might find yourself politely declined. This high level of integrity and responsibility is instilled into every Act Point hairstylist by its owners Sylvia Chew and John Ng. Having been in the industry for more than 20 years, Sylvia and John understands that building a long term relationship with clients is more important than profiting from an unsuspecting customer.

Sophie from Act Point Salon
Sophie (Salon Manager)

With 12 years of experience in the industry, Sophie is one of the first stylists John and Sylvia groomed upon founding Act Point Salon. From the founders, she acquired skill, knowledge as well as a strong sense of integrity, only committing to take on a customer when she is at least 80% sure that she can do a great job. Don’t underestimate her due to her petite size; she is one of most requested hairstylists for perming in Act Point. Whether or not it is Digital, Japanese or Korean perm, her perming skill has been affirmed again and again by regular customers. Fluent in English, she is also hotly requested for hair colouring for Caucasian customers.

Ivy from Act Point Salon
Ivy (Senior Hairstylist)

Talk to Ivy about hair treatments and see her light up as she explains about different hair problems plaguing city folks today. Customers love her for her in-depth knowledge on hair problems, honest feedback about their hair condition and oh-so-comfortable head massage.

With 10 years of hairdressing experience under her belt, Ivy is also adept at typical hair services such as haircuts, colouring and rebonding.

Kenny (Senior Hairstylist)

Humble and always willing to give a listening ear to his customers, Kenny has built up a strong customer base who are impressed with his conscientiousness and thoughtfulness. Happy only when he has given his 100%, he promises to give full attention and give his best to each and every customer. He loves to help customers with perms because of the transformation it gives!



Kim at Act Point Salon
Kim (Hair Assistant)

A sweet Vietnamese lady with over 2 years of experience in the hair industry, Kim is one of those who makes you feel utterly comfortable in the salon whether you are a new or regular customer. She assists hairstylists in hair wash, hair colouring and rebonding. Note that Kim is more comfortable conversing in Mandarin.


Beauty Undercover

Hello! I’m Part-Time Agent S :)

Due to the nature of my father’s job, I spent a few years of my childhood in Japan. Amidst the beautiful sakura and wondrous food, the perfectly-put together ladies with their impeccably styled hair made an impression. And then there are those Korean dramas… (no I am not a fan!)

I don’t  know if it’s just me but those SUPER auntie hairstyles I see on older Korean actresses just doesn’t appeal to me. That is why I’ve been ding-donging at the hair salon for the longest time… should I perm or not?

Shermeen Before Act Point Visit

I threw a dice and here I am at Act Point Salon!

My lucky stars must have been shining when I met Sophie.

I told her about my concerns (what I wanted and what I DO NOT want!) and she went on to soothe my concerns one by one. To understand the type of perm I was looking for, I showed Sophie some pictures and she in turn brought out magazines to run me through the type of curls and perm that suits my preferences and face shape.

Japanese Magazines

Since I was a perm virgin, she suggested for me to get natural curls first to get used to a permed look. Just like how some people find it hard to get used to a short hairstyle after having long hairstyle, some ladies also have trouble getting used to a permed hairstyle after rebonding their hair for years.

Consultation with Sophie of Act Point Salon

She then explained about the differences between ceramic, digital, hot, cold, chemical, Korean, Japanese perms (some are the same thing) and how fine your hair influences which technique you should choose, how the processes were like and how long it would take. She also asked if I recently coloured my hair; if you wish to colour your hair, do it 1-2 weeks after your perm. If you coloured your hair JUST BEFORE the perm, you may find your hair colour fades real quick!

Overall, I was impressed with her thorough explanations :)

(I thought she did this lengthy explanation only because I had a camera with me but apparently, she did the same for another customer who came in later on as well!)

Hair Wash

Sophie began the perm with a hair wash. It was not one of those super long and luxurious hair massage but it was quite alright.

Perm Pre-Treatment

I thought she was going to put those tongs on me right away but no, Sophie proceeded to apply pre-treatment cream instead. Both pre-treatment and post-treatment are important because chemical processes like perming / rebonding / colouring damage your hair significantly; to maintain healthy shiny hair, such treatments are hence necessary!

Hair Trim by Sophie

Once the pre-treatment cream has been absorbed, Sophie proceeded to trim my hair. Few people underestimate how important the haircut is for a good perm! Where the curls and waves form, where they end, whether your hair is long enough to irritate your eyes depends a lot on the haircut before the perm. That was why I was especially thankful that it was Sophie who attended to me.

She asked how long I wanted my fringe to be and if I preferred my fringe to curl inwards or outwards. I chose outwards as I prefer not to have my fringe fall onto my eyes while I work.

Small details that make all the difference.

Shiseido Creator Qurl Products

Next, Sophie applied the Shiseido Creator Qurl Pre-softener. These are the different types of Shiseido products used for rebonding and perming purposes for different hair types… Impressed that they actually stock and use the full range!

Not every salon I\’ve visited does that… (Due to inventory management issues, some salons choose to stock only the strongest, most damaging perming / rebonding solution to achieve the fastest results within the shortest time. This however only harms your hair!)

Application of Neutralizer

Next, Ericial, the hair assistant, put cling wrap over my head while the neutralizer is being absorbed.

While waiting, Sophie explained about how she was going to perm my hair.

Explaining about Tongs

Instead of using only one type of roller to create one-sized curls, she will be using a mix of medium and large rollers to create a more natural look.

Different Sized Tongs

Soon, she began curling.

Curling in Process


The process is lengthy, but exciting. With the wires connected, it does get a little hot, so be prepared for that.

Sophie and her colleagues were thoughtful enough to check in frequently to see if the temperature was still bearable for me.

Wires Connected

about 45 minutes later when your hair is FINALLY released from the rollers…



At this point, you will most likely look like a glorified ahjumma or a close relative of Phua Chu Kang.

Argh… those tight, tight curls closed to your head.


Post Treatment

Fortunately, this is not the end! Endure the post-treatment for another 20 min… (you can’t see much with a shower cap on anyway!)

Blow Dry

And finally, I saw the huge curls I\’ve been dreaming of…

And I am done… SORT OF!

How to Style hair

Before letting me go, Sophie took me through how to put leave-in conditioner the right way (part your hair down the middle, comb a 50cent-sized portion through each half with your fingers, before scrunching the hair up to your head), how to get looser, sexier waves (twirling your hair inwards while blow-drying produced tighter sweeter curls, then twirling outwards) and generically, how to style my hair.


At the end of the day, I had beautifully curled hair with a lot more volume, and a bill that was very, very reasonable.

Final Photo with Hairstylist

Does this look like what we decided upon at the beginning?


Total Time Taken: 3-4 hours




Treat your hair nice, and it’ll stay pretty on your head. Treat it mean, and like any sane being, it’ll leave!

Hair doesn’t JUST look pretty by itself. I don’t fancy a bald head (it gets rather chilly, I hear), so I sucked it up and bought the proper set of post-perm care.

Now, three weeks down the road, I’m glad I did.

2 in 1 Curl Definer + Leave in Conditioner

The Paul Mitchell 2 in 1 Curl Definer and Leave-in Conditioner I bought (the one on the right) definitely made my curls more defined. The styling lotion (the OSIS+ one I had) also kept my hair in shape! :)

Hope this is helpful to all who are interested in perming your hair!




SG50 Hair Treatments Promotion

50% off Shiseido Hair Treatments!

Terms and Conditions

  • Valid only with an advance appointment.
  • Valid for both new and existing customers
  • This promotion CANNOT be used in conjunction with any other promotions in the same visit.
  • Valid only from 1 August 2015 to 31 August 2015

30% off Second Hair Service!

Terms and Conditions

  • The 40% discount is valid only for the second, lower priced service in the same visit.
  • Valid only with an advance appointment.
  • Valid for both new and existing customers
  • This promotion CANNOT be used in conjunction with any other promotions in the same visit.
  • Colouring and Perming/Rebonding are not recommended in the same visit.

Limited Time Offer: FREE Shampoo and Mask (worth $160) when you go for KIN Hair Treatment ($250)

Comprising of Argan Oil, Macademia oil, Camelia oil, Grape seed oil and Kukui oil, the hair treatment provides maximum moisturizing and repair for your dry and damaged hair! Perfect for those of you with frizzy, dry hair ends that are hard to comb through!

KIN Hair Treatment


Gift Vouchers for Loyal Customers

Do approach your hairstylist if you qualify for the following gift vouchers from Act Point. The following vouchers are NOT valid for first time customers!

  • Beauty Undercover Reviewer Voucher: $10 off hair services if you write a review of Act Point Salon on Beauty Undercover
  • Birthday Voucher: $50 off hair services during your birthday month!
  • Referral Voucher: $10 off hair services if you refer a friend!

Offers All-Year Round

*Valid while stocks last

The following products and services will be offered free of charge for any rebonding, digital perm, spa perm and ceramic perm service performed by a senior stylist

  • Free Haircut (worth up to $35)
  • Free Basic Treatment

Not valid for Salon Manager or Director of the salon.


Student Discount

20% off hair services

Terms and Conditions

  • This promotion is valid for primary, secondary, junior colleges, polytechnics, ITE, NUS,NTU, SIM, SMU and SUTD students below 25 years of age.
  • for Students with valid student pass.
  • Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.
  • Promotion applies only for ala carte services and does not apply to the rebonding and perming promotion.



Price List

Price List 

Note that all prices exclude 7% GST!

Valid as of July 2014

Senior Stylist Salon Manager Director
Wash and Style 20 25 35
Men’s Cut 26 28 30
Ladies’ Cut 30-35 33-38 35-45
Men’s Hair Colour 50  50 50
Ladies’ Hair Colour 70-130 70-130 70-130
Hair Colour Retouch 70  70 70
Hair Highlight 70-130 70-130 70-130
Cold Perm 90-130 90-150 90-170
Hot Perm (Digital, Spa, Ceramic) 150 188 195
Rebonding 150 188 195
Pre TreatmentRecommended for damaged hair and longer lasting Perms & Rebonding Top up 40 Top up 40 Top up 40
Pre and Post TreatmentRecommended for damaged hair and longer lasting Perms & Rebonding Top up 60 Top up 60 Top up 60
Joico 4-step Intensive Treatment 80 80 80
Shiseido Fuente Scalp Treatment 120 120 120
Shiseido Professional The Hair Care Treatment) 120  120 120

Shiseido Professional The Hair Care Treatment contains 5 choices of treatments:

  • Aqua Intensive Treatment for Damaged Hair
  • Sleek Liner for Rebellious Hair
  • Luminogenic for Coloured Hair
  • Adenovital for Hair Thinning
  • Fuentes Forte for Sensitive Scalp


Events and Media

Paul Mitchell Hair Competition 2015

Shiseido Beauty Innovators Hair Show 2013

Lian He Zao Bao Event 2013

Samsung Fashion Step Up 2013


FHM 2012


3 Reviews


    I decided to try this salon based on the reviews that it doesn’t hardsell. I was disappointed in more ways than one.
    1st, the sylist Kenny, commented straightaway upon seeing me “Your hair very curly”. He even asked me something like, “You don’t style your hai ah” or something to that effect.His tone gave me the impression that it was not complimentary. I was not impressed then; but I thought, well, I just wanted a colour.
    The colour doesn’t cover white hair well. Some became whitw again after only 3-4 washes.
    After colouring Kenny asked if wanted a cut. He asked me 2-3 times actually. He said that some parts werw not ‘tidy’. In the end, I said ‘yes’.
    It was a mistake. If a hairstylist doesn’t ACCEPT your hairtype and try to WORK WITH IT then don’t bother. He kept telling me to blowdry my hair after washing and he would show me how to.
    I told him that I like my curls just as they are and would just scrunch them in. But he didn’t listen.
    The haircut turned out HORRIBLE. My curls poked out Everywhere with no harmonious pattern/shape.
    I WILL NEVER go back to this hairsalon.

      Team of Act Point Salon

      Dear Zan,

      Thank you for trying out Act Point Salon and taking the time to give us these valuable feedback!

      We have reviewed the situation with the stylist in charge and would like to apologize for not meeting your expectations!
      We do not hardsell at all at Act Point Salon. However, we agree that Kenny should have been more tactful when trying to give his professional opinion. For that, we have relayed the feedback to him and will seek to monitor his service standards more closely.

      We are also very sorry that the colour and haircut by Kenny did not meet your expectations.

      Would you like to come down for a free consultation, re-colouring and haircut (if you wish) by Sophie, the salon manager?

      Once again, very sorry for your negative experience with us. We will definitely take your feedback into account and improve our overall service standards!

      Thanks very much!

      Warm regards
      Team of Act Point Salon


    After months of consideration, I rebonded my hair at Actpoint Salon by Bro. I rebonded on my birthday month thus they rewarded me with $50 voucher to be use. Which mean i only spend $100 on my hair. Rebond, cut plus treatment. Nice right. Hahaha. I’m beginning to love my straight hair now. It makes me look more decent and gentle looking(point made by others). Seeing my hair getting straight also means my end of internship. I rebonded my hair one day after my intern end.

    Credits: This is a review obtained from a blog.
    Read the original blog article here.

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