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Aqua Hair Korean Salon @ Delfi Orchard

Aqua Hair Korean Salon @ Delfi Orchard
Aqua Hair Korean Salon @ Delfi Orchard
Aqua Hair Korean Salon @ Delfi Orchard


Address: Delfi Orchard, #03-17, 402 Orchard Road, Singapore 238876
Telephone Number: 6732 8011
Opening Hours:
Tuesday - Friday: 10.30 am - 7.30 pm
Saturday - Sunday: 11.00 am - 6.00 pm
Closed on Monday.
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Total Score
7.5/ 10



  • Staffed by Korean Hairstylists
  • Great service
  • Great hair massage


  • Difficult to communicate with Korean hairstylists as their command of English is not strong
  • Hair salon is relatively new and young
  • Reviews about perms have been less than amazing
  • Surroundings are not particularly luxurious

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New Korean hair salons always gets us excited…
because it means we now have a new place to explore and try out those wondrous curls!

Nevertheless, newness has its pros and cons – are the hairstylists really experienced? can they understand how the climate in Singapore affect our hairstyles? do the hairstylists comprehend how a lifestyle of a Singapore lady differs from a Korean lady?

For Aqua Hair Korean Salon, we are not yet ready to say: this salon is a Must Try! Service, we hear have so far been excellent with Emily giving a Daebak hair massage. For perms however, we have seen quite a few cases online of women having to go back for a second perm, which is usually not the case for other salons. Rebonding, on the other hand, looks to be quite safe. If you need a recommendation for a hairstylist, we hear that Sophia is the girl to go to.

Have you tried out Aqua Hair Korean Salon @ Delfi Orchard?

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Indicative Prices

As of December 2012

  • Haircut: $45 (Female), $35 (Male)
  • Volume Rebonding: > $250 (Volume Rebonding + Haircut + Basic Treatment for Short Hair)
  • Digital Perm: > $250
  • Colour: >$130
  • Highlights: >$160
  • Intensive Treatment: >$150
  • Hair Styling: >$55

6 Reviews


    Went to Aqua for a hair cut and perm and I’m pretty much 9/10 satisfied! Made an appointment with them and I got assigned to Jessica, who was super nice. I was kind of nervous since I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to overcome the language barrier (I’m quite fluent in basic Korean but it’s kind of awkward to jump right into Korean with someone you don’t even know…), but she managed to understand what I want! I have pretty flat/thin hair and a round face so she suggested perming it after a cut so that my face looks less fat lol

    Basically the entire process went like this: cut, wash, pre-treatment(?), wash, perm, post-treatment(?), wash (it was my first time perming my hair so I wasn’t really sure what was going on lol) but that’s basically the gist of it. Jessica was with me 80% of the time (the hairwashes were done by an assistant, and the post-treatment was done by Lisa), and she was really friendly! Her English is good enough to hold up a decent conversation so you don’t have to worry too much about it. After she was done, Jessica taught me how to blowdry and manage my perm by myself, and gave me tips on how to grow my bangs out so that my face would look even smaller woohoo

    Here’s what made me really impressed during my day at Aqua: they give you a cushion at your seat so you don’t have to fiddle with your hands awkwardly underneath the cape and they provide a drink and snacks. Also, because I went in before lunch time, they asked me if I’d eaten and bought me fishball noodles for me T_T This probably isn’t a given for every customer so don’t walk in expecting a free lunch lol But I was really touched since I was a first-time customer!! ;____;

    Anyway I’m really pleased with my hair perm now! I got a C curl perm at the ends of my hair + my bangs. However, one side started to turn outwards (I have no idea why) throughout the day D: But it wen back to normal after I washed my hair (after at least 24 hours after the perm) so it’s no biggie for me.

    In total I spent $300 for a cut and perm. Pretty worth it for the pretty result, excellent service and cozy environment! Definitely going to go back there again :)

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    A while back for my DnD, I dropped by Orchard Delphi to have my hair styled by Aqua Hair Korean Salon! Imagine walking from the taxi stand at Orchard Towers to Orchard Delphi dressed in this.

    Yup people were staring alright. Hope no one thought that this cosplay was the newest in-thing at Orchard Towers :(

    Aqua Hair Salon has been opened for more than a year and I really like its homely and welcoming environment. Immediately when I sat down, the staff offered to take my bag to place in the locker and I was served yummy korean tea and snacks :)

    Getting my hair curled by tongs! Two people working on my hair at once, I felt pampered :X

    It isn’t entirely a Korean hairstyle if it isn’t done by a Korean, and in my case, I was really lucky to have Sophia style my hair for me once the curling was done!

    That’s Sophia back combing my hair to madness, so that I would look like a convincing sorceress/witch/Christine Daae. Don’t really know who I looked most like but take your pick! Aqua Hair Korean Salon uses Korean products on your delicate hair, and I hear that their massages are reaaally relaxing and super shiok!!

    PS: I really like Sophia’s hairstyle and colour! She speaks English well and is bubbly and friendly. I was trying to speak some broken Korean and she was teaching me some new phrases! Be sure to book an appointment with her in advance in order to secure a spot!

    What do you think?
    There was tons of hair spray and hair pins to keep my hair in place the whole night, and it even lasted til the next day (albeit a little messy)

    Credits: This is a review obtained from a blog.
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    My hair had never been handled by another hair stylist for 10 years so imagine my excitement and nervousness when I had my virgin hair experience at Aqua.

    I have to thank Elizabeth dongseng for writing a blog on this salon and her sharing with me. You may read more about her experience…

    My appointment today was at 10.30am as I didn’t know what I want to do with my hair actually… (Was hoping for Janus, my hairstylist to suggest). With my Starbucks coffee, I entered the salon with my cheerful “Good morning!”. Hee~

    Hmm… Janus was really surprised to see how damaged my hair looked and felt and was really shocked when I told her that I bleached my hair not once, but 3 times. She said I don’t have to do that to achieve the colours I want.

    Anyway, she suggested intensive treatment and a haircut for me. The princess treatment is really nice. There’s tidbits for you to munch if you want to. There’s always 2 person to attend to you at all times… (for me, Janus and a female assistant) They are really considerate and left me to finish my calls (had a few incoming calls during treatment). The assistant gave me a nice neck and hand massage while I wait for my hair treatment to be done. I felt relaxed after all that.

    Janus told me that I can dye or perm my hair the way I want as long as I take care of it first… That is, to make sure my hair is healthy. During the service, she gave me some advice on caring for hair and also taught me the way to blow dry my hair and give it volume every time.

    Credits: This is a review obtained from a blog.
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    I also just had my perm done by Emily last week and within a matter or 1-2 days it went flat. And to begin with, before i stepped out of the salon last week, i already knew this wasn’t what i wanted becos it looks kinda different from the photo that i picked and shown her as a sample. Like you, i was pretty miffed by it. Although they have offered a re-perm for me, i kinda lost confidence in her already and i wanted to request for Sophia (who is not available this weekend). I really think the language barrier is one huge problem because she does not seem to get what i want even though to me, having a photo as sample should be crystal clear enough. sighs.

    Credits: Review obtained from a blog comment here.


    I recently permed my hair at Aqua Korean Hair Salon at the recommendation of Syd, my fellow contributor.

    My decision to perm my hair had to do with my upcoming wedding photo shoot. My completely resistant hair would be a nightmare to work with so I thought some texture would be great.

    I took the Korean stylist, Emily. Our serious communication problem was the language barrier. Despite having taken Korean lessons at 19, I cannot hold a decent conversation with her. It was a lot of smiles and sheepish looks from both of us.

    Service level at Aqua was great – drinks, snacks and the constant making sure I was comfortable.

    Emily was evidently skilled, but she could be a little less rough while washing my hair. However, she gives a killer head massage. Yay to that!

    However, the next day, my resistant hair decided to do a diva stunt on me and ended up looking like this.

    Not balanced eh? It looked limp and lifeless as well. Was rather miffed but was able to arrange to get my hair fixed at Aqua the next day at no extra charge. I was pretty impressed by the goodwill gesture.

    On my way to Aqua. My mom was like “the curls are never going to last till June!”

    So, I headed to Aqua again. This time, Emily did a Korean perm for me to make my curls more obvious.

    Can you see the bowl on my shoulders? Was pretty intrigued by that.

    The end result of two perms in 3 days will be revealed in the next LOTD post. But I’m pretty happy with how I look now, that’s for sure.

    Go try Aqua if you think that you would wanna try out Korean hairstyling. It’s really different compared to what I normally experience, in terms of techniques. My colleagues said I really look very Korean-y now which is a definite morale booster.

    Prices are reasonable for an Orchard Road salon – I paid about SGD$220 for the perm and treatment. When I permed my hair at a rather well-known chain best known for its celebrity owners, I paid nearly $400. Do not expect an opulent and luxurious interior. It’s comfortable and cosy, but the stylists Sophia (who is so pretty! Porcelain skin anyone?) and Emily (I don’t think it was her faux pas. My hair is that resistant.) are really worth a try.

    I am planning to do another hair makeover after my wedding. Definitely will go back to Aqua for that.

    Credits: This is a review obtained from a blog.
    Read the original blog article here.


    hi, which stylist did ur rebonding? n how much was it?

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