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Exchange Hair Plus @ Plaza Singapura

Exchange Hair Plus @ Plaza Singapura
Exchange Hair Plus @ Plaza Singapura
Exchange Hair Plus @ Plaza Singapura


#06-20 Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road S(238839)
Telephone Number: 6884 4292
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 12.00pm - 9.00pm
Saturday to Sunday: 11.30am - 7.00pm
Public Holiday: 11.30am - 6:00pm
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Total Score
4.8/ 10



  • Average service
  • Free scalp analysis for some coupon customers


  • Strong hardselling
  • Often shorthanded, causing one hairstylist to work on multiple customers at one time
  • LONG waiting time
  • Unknown brands used for hair colour and treatments
  • Disorganized and unclean environment

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From the reviews we find online, Exchange Hair Plus have received complaints about long waiting times, hardselling and sometimes, unsatisfactory haircuts! Therefore, not the first salon we would recommend friends to go…



18 Reviews


    Bad experience!

    Their marketing trick:-
    1. The stylist with bring you to the hair scalp machine (before washing your hair) and will show you “oily scalp you have”. Suggest you do a scalp cleansing treatment worth SGD XXX. (Cant remember the price)
    2. After scalp cleansing and hair do, the stylist will keep bugging you to sign up package. Super annoying!

    Here comes the real deal after signing their package…. They are always fully booked! Always!

    I wouldn’t recommend it!

    Update: 1st visit was a year ago, last visit was few months back.

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    This year March 2014, I received a call from them that I still have balance of $36 worth for a haircut to be utilized. I was hesitating if I should go. End up I chose to go as I’m having hair loss on the scalp ( small round patch )& decided to let the hair dresser take a look & at the same time have my fringe cut as it’s long.
    When I reached the salon, they offered to go a hair scalp screening for me. They showed me a price list of their hair scalp & told me that I need to do hair scalp treatment in order to cure my hair loss. I was paranoid on the hair loss & end up agreed to sign the $2588 package with 16 normal sessions instead of the $5988 package after persuading me for hours with 3-4 staffs surrounding around me. Before I left the salon, one of the hair dresser did my haircut for my fringe. I was in a rush & didn’t really check on the haircut.
    The next day when I went to work, then only I realized the fringe is not cut evenly. I even got laughed by my colleagues that my fringe is not straight. I was so pissed off then. I went back to them on a Monday & realized that they are closed on that day! I was so furious that I’m not being informed on their operational hours. I end up went to my place shopping mall & paid $8 for a perfectly haircut on my fringe.

    On my 2 visit after signing the package, I feedback to them on their poor haircut & they claimed its because I was in a rush that day & results to poor haircut. Then, another hair dresser assisted me. He asked what I wanna do. I thought he should know better than me what treatment to do for me. After checking with another hair dresser, he told me that I need to top up money for using their machine with amp for better effect. I declined him as he asked me to upgrade to the $4988 package in order to use the machine.
    I feel so annoyed & uncomfortable that they are so pushy & hard selling on their packages & products.
    The same things go on on my 3rd, 4th & 5th sessions with them. Either persuade me to get their products or packages.
    My scalp problem on the hair loss did not get any better. I happened to tell my friend about it & she suggested me to go National Skin Centre for a check up. I went & paid less than $80 in total with an injection on my scalp & a follow up a month later. Guess what? I see hairs grow on scalp & the specialist said I’ve recovered.

    I told the hair dresser on the cure by National Skin Centre and they claimed injection might be unhealthy for me.
    I’m getting frustrated on this & decided to go over to the branch at Adelphi instead to continue my hair service with the package.
    When I went there on my 1st time, the hair dresser suggested to check on my scalp using their New microscope machine. He showed me that there are hair mites on my scalp & asked me to sign a scalp treatment at $1588 with 10 sessions. Again, feeling stupid. I signed it as I was paranoid with what was shown on the microscope.
    After my 3rd treatment on the hair mites today, I asked why they never check on my scalp using the microscope again to see the progress of the hair scalp. The hair dresser said 3 sessions of the treatment won’t be able cure the hair mites problem. It takes the 8th sessions to see the results. I got pissed off at this very moment & tell him off don’t ask me to sign anymore package.
    During the session, he said my hairs need another new machine. I immediately decline to take the package. He then told me I need this package for maintenance to use it together with the hair mites treatment.
    I raised my voice at him & his colleague when they both keep persuading me.
    After seeing me getting pissed off, then only they stopped asking me to sign the package!
    What a lousy service at this place! Horrible!

    Now I just wanna finish using all the services listed in the packages & WILL NEVER WANNA GO BACK THERE ANYMORE!

    Can you imagine within 5 months, I paid closed to $4k for this stupid hair treatment thingy & seeing no results on the treatments from them. I dont even dare to let them cut my hair!

    Oh ya, I did a coloring too lately & the color don’t even stay for a month. They claimed they are using some organic products that is harmless to the scalp. I have no idea what brand they are using it as well. I think the color can’t even cover up most of my grey hairs!

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      Another of their customer

      i shared the same experience as you, “我不是凱蒂貓”, and many that have dropped thir comments here.

      the first encounter with them was through Groupon a $38 for hair coloring for all length, then it evolved into a “3 sessions for $198 – $38 (cost of groupon)”. Slowly into the second session, it upsized to the 20 sessions for $1599 package less the $198 (previous package). the list goes on.

      The haristylists there seems to be holding double roles – stylists and salesperson, and that make going for appointment a dread. Total dread! i’m at my 5th session with them (spread across 2 years already), and every time, i need to make some excuse to run after the session is done. they never fail to frustrate me with their hardselling tactic, and they never play it fair since 4 hairstylists will surround you to force you into buying.

      To make it worse, i do suffer from some hair loss, and they saw the opportunity to make me buy their new services and all the whatsoever treatments. instead of persuading me, i sometimes feel humilated in the store as they can be quite loud in the shop about my hair conditions and in front of other customers, they actually make statements like “look how bald this portion is” or ” how come you loss so much hair when you are only so young?”. all these statements attract eyeballs from thes rest of the customers and i just wish to have “Harry Porter’s invisible cloak” to cover myself up.

      i’m still a customer of theirs thanks to the remaining 25 credits (which i dont know when i will ever ever finish it), but i do not recommend anyone to visit them.

      Review not yet verified


    It was my pure bad luck to have chanced upon this deal ”Only $35 for L’Oreal Xtenso Rebonding/Perming + Wash & Blow + FREE Scalp Analysis @ Plaza Sing & City Hall !! Option for Additional Shiseido Water Spa Treatment Available”
    I purchased the $45 deal which consist of Shiseido Water Spa. Unfortunately, when i arrived at the salon, i was not able to complete even this treatment!! They claimed that my hair was dry & unable to proceed to rebond it for me. They suggested a treatment , a so called ”BEST HOYU 3 STEP” treatment. During the hair treatment, I was being pushed to purchase Hair packages introduced by them, as BEST hair package, initially it was a $1588, thereafter, $5988! YES , it is a $5988 package & as claimed by the stylist, I could get to choose either a Samsung Note 3 or Lv wallet as a free gift. I declined to sign the package because I wasnt the least interested. However, I was being probed on WHY i do not want to sign the package & surrounded by 3 of the staffs , in total 4. They were very persistent even after I rejected their ”offer”. Luckily, I remained firm & not sign any of the packages & walked out of the salon. Having such a bad experience, I felt happy that i remained my stand & I WOULD NEVER EVER STEP INTO THIS SALON AGAIN!

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    your vioce

    It was a lousy experience at Exchange Hair Salon, Plaza Singapura ,( $18 deal from incl coloring & cut) .
    1. Staff are not warm and friendly enough . It take quite a while for someone went and greeted me after I stepped in
    2. Hair dresser is not customer-oriented but only interested in hardselling (which I shoud have prepared myself)
    3. Hair dresser pulled my hair very hard and used cold water to wash my hair
    4. Staff keeps chatting and laughing each other when they were supposed to blow dry cusomters’s hair .
    Nothing much to say. Think twice b4 u head down

    Do read this review with caution. Dear Reviewer, pls provide your actual email!

    Siti NH

    Hi All

    I had the similar bad experience with Xchange hair plus at Plaza Sing last Sunday. Initially everything seems ok. From the phone call to make appointment to the entering of the salon on Sunday at 12.30. My appointment was told at 12 which I can make it but I came at 12.30. I thought that I would be ‘scolded’ for being late. But instead I have to wait to get the hair job wait for abot 45mins to 1 hr. Mine is $45 Streetdeal voucher of Rebond/Perm with Loreal Xpresso and Water Spa treatment with checking of Scalp.

    Within that 1 hr of waiting time, 2 of their people came to me to consult about my hair. They say that Loreal Xpresso product in that voucher is too strong for my hair. They say my hair is fine but damaged. And that product can cause more damage to my hair and they dont want me to blame them in case if damage. So, that guy say that my hair need before n after treatment with cut wash n blow n all with the cost of abt $200 i think. Off course la I say i dont have tat money to pay. I come because of the voucher what. That voucher seems USELESS USELESS since because of my hair condition I cannot use the product advertised in the coupun. Tat guy give me student price , he say total $150.

    Because I dying to get a new hairdo, so I say ok. The guy who is responsible for my hair is doing 2 hairjob at the same time. Also, the people there at first seems professional but when open mouth, I cant understand their English phrases. The guy who do my hair perm my hair too fast, like no passionate. Then say its digital perm. Digital perm just like tat?? When ready, i pay $150. Actually total $195 add up from the voucher. I am not satisfied with my hair I saw 1 side perm, and 1 side not perm. And the hairstulist say my hair is fine(maybe he mean thin) and hair at the top is flat and he initially claim perm will appear at the top. But DONT HAVE!! The perm is only from ear length downwards which I at first say I want the perm to be from the eye-length.

    Everything I want seems wrong. Everything they suggest and do. I am not satisfied with the hair becuase I find it now, after 1 time wash, my hair looks messier and frizzier than before.

    And pay so much!! $195 FOR A LOW QUALITY RESULT!

    What should I do? I want my money back!!

    Review not yet verified.


    Started my rebonding 11:30am.. guess what.. now its 4:30 and im still here.. service is so f***ed up and the most irritating part, staffs are all rude especially the guy in the counter wearing coat… Gosh.. I dont recommend anyone to do your hairs here!!! Terrible!!

    Review not yet verified


    “Only $35 For Japanese Silky Color OR Creative Highlight + Shiseido Water Spa Treatment + FREE Scalp Analysis @ Plaza Singapura! (Worth $188)”

    I bought a coupon for $35 yesterday and booked an appointment at exchange hair plus to add highlights into my hair. The coupon also had water spa treatment along with it.
    When I called Exchange to book an appointment, I encountered the worst ever front staff service. when I asked if i could come early ie, 1pm, i was told that I can’t because they were fully book. The staff gave me a time (3pm) with a “take it or leave it” attitude. I told them that the earliest I could make it was 3.30pm, and he gave me a gruntle of displeasure and told me that its 3pm or nothing, rudely I might add.
    Undeterred, as I needed a highlight job badly, I came in to the salon.

    As I was seated, I told the staff that I wanted to have ash blonde highlights. He told me that it was not possible, due to my dark hair. He then wanted to sell me another brand of dye, a Japanese brand, for an extra $78.
    This means that on top of the $35 I have already paid, I needed to top up $78 more to achieve the look I want, making it $113 in total. THAT IS NOT A DEAL.

    the $35 package describes a “creative highlight”. that means that I should get my desired highlights for the price I paid. I would readily top up 20-40 dollars more, since the dye job is $78 but I would not top up $78 as that would mean my voucher will become completely OBSOLETE.

    I am in the process of securing my refund of $35, as it is a matter of principle.

    Review approved by Beauty Undercover


    “84% off L’Oreal Xtenso Rebonding/Perming + Shiseido Water Spa Treatment + Wash & Blow + FREE Scalp Analysis”; $45.00

    From 3pm to 7.10pm, this was a record. I never had myself sitting in a salon for 4 straight hrs. Salon was dirty, messy and the trash bin was overflowing. My friend complaint the cup that was served had a lipstick mark. (obviously it hadn’t been wash thoroughly or did they?)

    I told the lady who served me that I want soft rebonding and after looking at my hair she suggested a hair cut that cost $45 which I think was fine. But after the cut, she disappeared and came back with a paper, calculator and started telling me that soft rebonding is impossible with my exisitng package and recommended me with another type of rebonding with free treatment. (Shouldn’t you tell me in the first place before cutting my hair?)

    I was not comfortable with the idea at beginning but accepted it, considering that the existing package is not viable with my what I want. So in the end, I topped another $180.

    After ironing and 2nd treatment, she came back with a paper and calculator again, trying to promote their package; 30 sessions which cost abt $3.8k. I rejected her promptly, saying that I hardly visit salons and only cut my hair maybe once every 3 months. But she kept on pushing and nagging, saying that this is really a good deal and I could even share this with my friends. But still I say ‘I’m not interested” several times.

    She never gave it. (I applauded her spirit.) After 2nd treatment wash (last wash), while her colleague assisted to blow my hair dry slowly (the hair dryer air flow is switched to the lowest power) , she disappeared again and yes, you might have guessed it already; She came back with the same piece of paper and calculator to hard sell again. By now, I was really pissed off. I took off the coversheet and stormed to the counter for payment without drying my hair fully.

    I just want to voice out and share my experience with you and hopefully it you guys will benefit from it.

    Review not yet verified.


    I’ve been a loyal supporter while they were still Hair de Exchange. When barbara (the lady boss) was still there all day everyday to handle her faithful clients.

    Things started to go downwards when they started their groupon deals. Everything was a mess.Clients that made appointment for the groupon deals had to wait because of the overwhelming response.

    And it went further down when she hired this few stylist, who couldn’t cut/style hair to save their lives, to start pushing for packages. Scalp treatment ranging from $1599-$2699 ?!
    If you decide not to take up their package, they will get a few more stylist to standby and PRESSURE you with their non-stop chanting about their package. I understand that it is their job to sell some of their products and services but if you can’t even give me a decent hair cut, how am I suppose to go back to you anymore?

    BTW, my last 2 hair cut were by this lady call “ah may”. And i asked only to have my hair cut STRAIGHT. from shoulder to chin length. No pattern, no funky style. JUST STRAIGHT SHORT. And she couldn’t cut them even.And blamed my hair for being too STRAIGHT.
    i requested for her to blow my ends curl. All she needed to do was use a bigger round comb and hot blow the ends. She blow once and told me that was the best she could do.
    I remember clearly barbara didn’t did such an awful job.

    The other boy who was non-stop pushing me to sign package, just keep harping on $1599. Followed by a chloe who soon enough sat next to me and carry on the $1599 chants.

    All in all, i wouldn’t go back anymore. In fact, a few of us loyal clients are dropping out. And some of them are disregarding the packages that they still have left over.

    Review approved by Beauty Undercover


    I bought a $25 StreetDeal voucher for hair colouring and had a very nightmarish experience with them that ended up with me going to another salon to fix the damage (recolour my hair) 4 days after having my hair badly coloured by Exchange Hair Plus! The hair at the top of my head was shiny with colour but the ends were coloured badly. The colour imbalance resulted in me looking as if the colour of the top of my head was my natural hair colour whilst those at the bottom of my hair ends were the dyed one.

    My poor hair was coloured twice in a span of 4 days and it is so dry now. Not to forget that I had to fork out more than $100 to fix the damage done by them! In total, I paid about $150 to colour my hair!

    To add, I booked an appointment with them more than 1 month ago, and when I turned up I waited for more than 2 hrs to be able to sit down to speak to the hair stylist who coloured my hair. It was not just me alone who had to wait for more than 2 hrs to be served. One girl who booked an appointment for her mum at the same time as me also waited for more than 2 hours, whilst the poor lady whose appointment was at 2pm ended up being served at 4:30pm!

    It was an ugly sight inside and outside of Exchange Hair Plus. The salon was overbooked and they still accepted walk-in customers. Initially, those who, like me, were made to wait inside the salon for their turn to colour their hair, sat on some seats and watched other people have their hair coloured. Because the 2 washing areas were fully occupied, we were asked to give up our seats to those who had their hair coloured and got to wait for their turn to have their hair washed, so that some others could take over their seats to have their hair coloured. Outside the salon, you could see angry people making a scene, and hear them scolding the hair stylists about the waiting time.

    My hair stylist (Jessie) told her colleague that she was hungry and wanted to go for a smoke, and asked him if he could help her with the colouring of my hair. Hence, I ended up having my hair coloured by 2 people at the same time. When they were done, she left for a smoke before coming back to me 15-20 mins later to wash my hair etc. I was in Exchange Hair Plus for about 3hrs but only about they only used 50 mins for my hair colouring and treatment and wash and blow! They were desperate to clear the backlog.

    In my opinion, the personnel are very unprofessional in their work and their customer service is terrible.

    Review approved by Beauty Undercover.


    It’s funny that Singaporeans usually think that I’m a student, and I really feel flattered because they think that I’m younger than my real age. Haha! So to get rid of the student peg, and besides my friends say na hindi bagay sakin ang black hair dahil mukha akong mabait, I decided to have my hair colored.

    Exchange Hair Plus, Plaza Singapura

    I waited for almost an hour for my turn in the salon, ganun kadami yung tao! First step was application of the hair dye. I chose a reddish shade. After that, the hairdresser subjected my hair to this amazing heater.

    My hair was shampooed and conditioned. Next was the Shiseido water spa treatment.

    Finally, my hair was blow-dried and styled. Ang ganda diba??? ^__^

    Credits: This is a review obtained from a blog.
    Read the original blog article here.


    Even not worth for a $18 Groupon hair treatment.

    Please don’t go there, even if you’re broke and desperately needing a hair treatment, a home-made hair mask using only egg yolks can be more satisfying. It was an unending negative experience. I try to summarise into 4 reasons:

    1. The hairstylists were very clumsy. The one who did my treatment squirted the treatment lotion on my hair casually that the liquid landed onto my face, my lips and my book. Could he have mistakenly thought he was bathing his dog? Also, another guy who washed my hair was so violent, I felt my head moving from side to side, hitting the basin. Only when I couldn’t take it anymore as it was really painful, I told him off.
    Gosh, I can’t imagine having my hair cut by them.

    2. the place was grossly unhygienic. The towels they used to wrap my head smelled as if it had been soaked in someone’s pool of saliva. The whole place was not done up properly, with visible pipes running around the whole place and walls roughly painted. the hair-washing area smelled musty, with cartons of goods stacked in a corner.

    3. the staff were overly pushy. The hairstylist who attended to me tried to talk me into buying a $199 package for 3 hair sessions, to which I said “No, thanks.” A while later, another guy who blew dry my hair did the hard-selling all over again.

    4. The hairstylists sport very trashy hairstyles and dressing. I have a very peculiar way of deciding whether a new salon is worth trying or not – through the attire of its own staff. How do you expect me to trust my hair in your hands when you can’t even have your hair, or your staff’s hair taken care of properly? Although there were a few, infact, 2, decent looking ones who did look fine to me; the rest had their hair either brightly dyed with exotic colour (white bangs, black long hair which is way to dry and coarse looking) and weird sense of dressing. If it wasn’t for Groupon, I would never walk into a salon like that.

    All in all, I should have done my homework before buying the Groupon voucher. However, I am so glad it was just a treatment, not hair cut or any chemical service. It could have been worse.

    Submitted Review Approved by Beauty Undercover


    I bought a S$60 coupon on Groupon for a perm at Exchange Hair Plus. I had a perm done around 3pm and finished at 6pm.
    Stylist vyi attended to me. I knew it wouldn’t turn out well coz I could practically smell the chemicals as they placed on my hair..
    I used to have really long nice and thick hair. Now it’s just a frizzy mess. I feel really bad about it.
    My hair is so damaged, I want to cry :( So slow with the blowdry too. Sigh~ never again…

    Submitted Review Approved by Beauty Undercover


    I also have same experience ,but let me tell u guy ,next time better don get cheapo offer from group buying ,don becos of any offer ,is better pay original price then they will serve better and do better,I will not purchase from those offer coupon any more ,my husband scold me ,where got cheap and good thing

    Submitted Comment Approved by Beauty Undercover


    In my previous post, I blogged about purchasing a hair dye deal from
    It was a

    $25 for Hair Coloring or Technical Highlights + Shiseido Water Spa Treatment + Wash + Blow (worth $230) at Exchange Hair Plus, Plaza Singapura

    went to dye it and am back for a review.
    I was apprehensive after I saw people blogging about its hard-selling.
    I was so prepared to say NONONONONO.
    Turns out, there wasn’t any.
    Perhaps it was due to my good luck?
    Anyway, booked the 1130am appointment and had my dye till 1.45pm.
    More than 2 hours!
    That’s because my hair is thick and long.
    FYI, I purposely chose a coupon that does not have restriction on hair length! :)

    When I entered the salon I was a bit scared.
    I was the first customer, and all the staff were wearing black plus doing their own hair.
    Waited for around 3 minutes before they attended to me.
    I thought they’d make me wait for a long time since I wasnt a full paying customer.

    The Good:
    My stylist is a really polite man.
    Asked him for an advise on which color suits me and he chose a few.
    I think I decided on a cooper brown one.
    The stylist keep checking on my hair, whether the dye was deeply absorbed.
    So I had to wait for quite a long time before the dye was done.

    No hardselling.
    I was praying he don’t push me to the hair-scalp machine, because I’m not interested!
    Luckily he didn’t.
    The only thing he asked me to purchase was a $199 voucher deal, which entitles me to 3 rebond or hair dye process.
    I politely declined and they didnt say anything either (hope they don’t curse behind my back lol)
    Went out of the salon in a happy mood
    Plus I was so famished

    The Bad:
    I don’t really like it when I see stylist brush the chemical dye on my scalp, and he precisely did that.
    But I didn’t tell him la, just let him do his work.
    Anyway, I felt a little pinching pain on my scalp lor.
    Maybe the chemical a bit too strong for me.

    Another thing is the smell.
    OMG I am still suffering from the bad ammonia smell even after shampooing again!
    I guess the hair dye is a lousy one la, but I can’t complain much since its $25!
    The last time I had a bad hair dye smell was in Seoul.
    Previously when I dyed in Singapore salons (without voucher deals) it was okay.
    Not so bad smelling like today’s.
    Guess it’s true that the more you pay, the better quality you get.

    Anyway, the color on my hair isn’t really even.
    It is really light at the crown/top of my hair, and darker at the bottom.
    But never mind, I hope that the more I wash it, the more even it gets
    (does it make sense? lol)

    Overall, for the price I paid, and the after effect, I’d say the deal was a success.
    Plus, the location is so convenient, which is precisely why I chose this deal in the first place!
    They even gave me a $30 voucher for the next visit.

    Credits: This is a review obtained from a blog.
    Read the original blog article here.


    First, upon reaching the place, she was asked to do a Lucky Dip. She picked up some $400 off hair treatment.

    Then she was asked to do a free scalp analysis. My Goddess was thinking why not, since it’s free, and she can take a look if the latest shampoo(es) that she’s using was better for her scalp. The lady claimed that she had her scalp too oily and wanted her to take up a scalp treatment package. Well, in the first place, I highly doubt if the analysis was accurate – this was taken in the evening, and my Goddess’ last wash was the night before. Tell me whose scalp will still be squeaky clean and dry after a hot lunch in the sun earlier? If they really want to do an accurate test, they should do it after her hair is washed. And so my Goddess declined after she tried to push for it twice. And then the lady was a little unhappy that she stood my stand.

    And so the lady ushered her to her seat, and made no mention of the lucky dip that she has won, and didn’t even offer her magazines to read. My Goddess couldn’t be bothered at all too. Just want to get her colour done and scram.

    The stylist that my Goddess was assigned to asked her what colour she wants to do, and her reply – “dark brown so that my roots won’t grow up obvious”. And he kept suggesting bright copper browns for her! So in the end my Goddess gave up and chose her own colour. The colouring was also from some unknown brand (not the usual Loreal, Shiseido, or even Wella). My Goddess was so worried that it will sting her scalp or stink her nose. Luckily it didn’t.

    The hair wash at Exchange Hair Plus was not a pleasurable experience at all too! First the water was too warm for my Goddess, then the water splashed on her face a lot of times, my Goddess even wondered if she’s doing her facial or hair colour. And the drying of her hair with a towel was the worst! Her hair was constantly pulled like she was engaged in a cat fight!

    And the place looked messy and dirty. They had cream coloured chairs which had some coloured stains on some place or another. There was dust above the pipes which was obvious when you are lying there to have your hair washed steamed and pulled and had nothing better to do. The phone signal sucks too, many a times you will get disconnected, so no FB at all during the whole time. This will be the last time my Goddess is stepping into the place even if there’s an attractive GroupOn voucher from them!

    Credits: This review is obtained from a blog.
    Read the original article here!


    I made an appointment for 2 haircuts at 3.45p.m. today, a couple of days ago for Isaac and I. The sole purpose of making an appointment is that we do not have all the time in the world. Isaac has a class at 5.15p.m. Even though, it is not likely that the service can be started on the dot at 3.45p.m. but an hour would be sufficient for them to finish 2 haircuts. But I was so DAMN wrong!

    They started with Isaac and I had to wait first. But making a customer wait close to an hour before making an effort to show that you are going to cut her hair soon is totally UNACCEPTABLE! ! Come on! Are you David Gan? And such low productivity made me even wonder why they SHOULD survive?

    And the way things are done are so disorganized! Isaac had his wash, his cut then he had to wait. They didn’t put any conditioner on his hair and his cut wasn’t complete. So there he was waiting like his time is like the air that he breathes (i.e. abundant!) I was so so so PISSED!

    I couldn’t fathom why his haircut was halfway done and his hairstylist could go over to another customer and start cutting her hair! And did that customer came earlier than us? If she didn’t shouldn’t she be served later than me? And even if she did, she should have came in around the same time as us and don’t most salons practice giving priority to customers who made appointments? If making appointments doesn’t not have any benefit on its own, why do people make appointments?

    Hate that salon! And Isaac didn’t feel that his cut was good either. As for me, I was so pissed I told the person I do not have the time and I don’t want my haircut anymore. Why should I give my money to a salon that acts like she is the queen and should be waited upon by her customers. Especially since their skills are not that great!

    Credits: This review is obtained from a blog.
    Read the original article here!

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