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Jeric Salon @ ION Orchard

Jeric Salon @ ION Orchard (within)
Jeric Salon @ ION Orchard (within)
Jeric Salon @ ION Orchard (within)


ION Orchard #B4-48
2 Orchard Turn S238801
Telephone Number: 6509 9709
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday (10.30am to 9.00pm)
Saturday to Sunday (10.00am to 10.00pm)
Other Outlets:
Jeric Salon @ Bugis Junction
Jeric Salon @ I12 Katong
Jeric Salon @ Plaza Singapura
J.Cut@Gemmill Lane
J.Cut@Suntec City Mall
Services: , , ,
Signature: , , , ,
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Total Score
7.5/ 10



  • director for ION Orchard branch Jeric See is frequently called to be the key hairstylists for models (inc SIA air stewardesses) and celebrities (inc S.H.E., May Day, Tanya Chua, Edison Chen, Michelle Branch, Fiona Xie, Felicia Chin, Jeanette Aw)
  • Friendly service
  • Central locations


  • Variable cut and perm quality
  • Website not updated with latest promotions/staff not always well briefed on pricing policies

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The younger of the two Reds Salon founder brothers,  Jeric ventured to open his own line of salons Jeric Salon and J.Cut by Jeric more than 5 years ago. If you are lucky, you just may get a celebrity-worthy hair cut by Jeric, who is the director for the ION Orchard branch. Otherwise, quality of haircut and perming depends on which stylist is available. We found some comments on forums about less-than-perfect perming results although others vouch for the quality of Jeric Salon. It is after all good enough for quite a few brides, many of whom trust Jeric for their once-in-a-lifetime. If you’ve decided to try out Jeric Salon, remember to ask for prices before actually starting on the hair service! Discounts on the website may be outdated and junior staff may not always be updated with prices.

Beauty Awards

Harper’s Bazaar Hair Awards 2012:
Jeric Salon Aveda Full Spectrum Deep Color Customisation Service $155 to $350: Using 93% nature derived ingredients, this hair colouring service is good for the environment and your tresses. All the natural and organic colours are specially mixed and customized according to the customer’s needs and wants.

Celebrity Watch

Styling for Vernetta Lopez’s wedding:
Styling by Jeric See for Vernetta Lopez
Styling for Radio DJ Liyi:
Styling by Huifen from Jeric Salon for Radio DJ Liyi
Haircut for Naomi Neo:
Haircut by Jeric See for Naomi Neo

Price list

18 Reviews


    My scalp has been giving problems lately – itchiness, pimples and dandruff, so I decided to call up Jeric salon to try out their scalp treatment. I used aveda products before so I wanted to try and see if jeric’s treatment worked better. I called up the salon on the day itself and was quite surprised they gave me the timing I wanted. The stylist Karen attended to me, asking me the service I intended to do. After that, EVERYTHING was done by the assistant. Karen only showed up at the end. I asked her if my scalp was better, she didn’t even bother to flip my hair over to check and simply said yes, it’s better. I’m not too sure if just by looking at the surface is enough to tell if it’s really better. Secondly, the assistant wet my back while washing my hair! It’s no big deal actually but shouldn’t she at least apologize or use the hair dryer to dry it a bit? When I walked out of the salon, my back was still wet! The price? $256! For something which was entirely done by the assistant! Probably because they used aveda products and it’s in town so it’s slightly more pricey. It’s also partially my fault as I didn’t confirm the price beforehand. But for the price I’m paying, I am definitely expecting better service than this. Their price list is rather misleading so I advice future customers to check the price before committing.

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    I got really black/ hard chinese hair. In U.K. , I have not found that any stylist can perm my hair. After a really bad perm experience in U.K. I decided to perm my hair during my holiday in SG–Jeric. I permed my hair in April 2014, Maggie Woo did fantastic job. She is the only person who even permed my fringe– but it looks so beautiful. I sent my photo to my friend( after perming)–my friend said that I looked like a celebrity. My hair is also easy to look after. just put a little curl cream and leave it dry. Maggie Woo is very pleasant and a good communicator. She listened to me but also gave me advise.

    The new hair style really give me confidence. Next year I shall back to Jeric and do it again. thank you Maggie woo — this is Suan from U.K

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    Jeric Salon is by far the best salon that I have ever went to in Singapore. This is the second time that I am visiting their salon and I am so impressed with the service they give you. First of all, I like the whole white and brown design of the salon and it gives you a warm and cozy feel. I like how there is a cute and functional cubicle for every seat that you can put all your stuff in it – your bags, your mobile phones, your umbrellas, whatever.

    Then, I like how they serve you water, tea or coffee – whatever your choice is they give it to you and I chose tea, and they served me really nice tea that comes with the tea bags. They served me Lipton tea that has a new tea bag packaging – it’s kind of transparent and cloth like, not the paper type. This is a great choice because it is so much healthier and I can actually smell and see the tea leaves in the new packaging. Great!

    Then they served me a little pack of biscuits which tasted aaaaamazing. I wanted to ask for another one but decided not to… every time I finish drinking a cup of tea, they take note of it and they refill your cup happily. I drank so much that they gave me another tea bag in another flavour which I adore them for it. On the other occasion, it was quite cold and they actually gave me hot stones to hold for my hands. It was instant warmth and relief! No salon I’ve ever been to gives such amazing quality service!

    Jeric and your team, two thumbs up and keep up the great job because I’ll be coming back for more for sure! The people who handled me were very nice to talk to and also professional… keep this up because I like a professional environment when I get my hair professionally done. Also, the fact that they sell Aveda products? It’s a major plus for me because I like Aveda, obviously. Much love to Jeric Salon… great overall experience and wouldn’t mind seeing more from you! One thing that I haven’t got from you is my preferred choice of hair stylist since I’ve just been there a couple of times. Next time I’m going to cut my hair and hopefully be impressed with a hair dresser that will win me over and over again.

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    Jeric’s salon at Ion
    I would like to EXCEPTIONALLY recommend this salon because I love how the perms progress as weeks passed… When I first permed… Sorry for the bad quality photo. But yeah, u get it right? when i first permed, my hair was like all twined tgt.. somewhat like princess curls.
    WAIT! As it progresses…. the curls get looser, get more natural. and i really love the after effect of it!!! And if you have seen my past few posts photos, that is how the hair looks now. Even after half a year of perming :) though i would like to admit that it is kinda pricey here :(

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    yesterday was checking with the counter lady if there is any promotion going on. she said no.
    then i asked if there is any promotion at other outlets as i wanted to cut and either colour or do a treatment. she said there’s no promotion at any outlets currently. then i proceed to cut my hair. the hair came out nice.

    today, i went to their jeric website and i saw the promotion is still on – the $180 one at GEMMILL LANE. i called the ION JERIC and guess what? they told me that they have different Management and they are UNSURE of the other outlets.

    Firstly if the counter lady is unsure then Call and Check. yesterday when she told me that the promotion was off, she was damn sure.

    So CUSTOMERS, please check the information all by YOURSELF !

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    For the record, her hair looks fucking fantastic (thanks to Maggie Wu at the Jeric Salon in Orchard Ion and the reasonably priced hair services. Seriously you need to make an appointment with this lady) and the style is pretty effortless to maintain (just apply leave-in conditioner while hair is damp and allow to air-dry).

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    I am one happy girl yesterday. First I found a gooooooood hairstylist to suit my preferences at Jeric Salon, then I go my hair permed.

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    我在jeric剪 很好啊 日本的. JERIC在ion, plaza singapura, suntec city都有店,我去的是bugis junction2楼那间,我不清楚单剪发是多少钱,因为我都是烫,剪就算在一起了.

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    Srsly, try Jeric. I have really frizzy and wavy hair that has been pissing me off for ages. ): No hairstylist could tame it, and I’ve tried tons and tons of hairstylist, including most of the mainstream ones and the few award winning hairstylist that were recommended my Her World/Cleo in 2007. Most of the hairstylist have either recommended me to rebond it or cut it short, because it’s just that wild and literally has a life of it’s own.

    But Jeric did wonders and suddenly it’s MANAGEABLE! (: <3

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    I went to Jeric the other day. I asked japanese guy there. (Tetsuya)
    I got perm and cut… He was quick and good.
    Much cheaper than Monso.
    Tetsuya just came to singapore in Aug.
    You can try there…

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    thanks everybody for the precious suggestions.
    Today I was walking into the ION and I noticed the Jeric hair salon.
    I gave it a try and the result in not bad at all.
    The shampoo has been a very relaxing experience and the haircut is ok.
    My Hair-stylist (named Ryan) doesn’t speak English but the receptionist did translate all my needs.
    So I’m recomending this place to anybody!

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    I really like the service at Jeric Salon, and the stylist is very professional..oh at least Ryan is very professional and handsome ^^.. when i first came, he sat with me and do a simple consultation about the perm that I am interested to do. Then he checked my hair texture and all. And the best thing is..there’s no Hidden cost!! When they put the treatment, the stylist helper said this is all included in the package..I feel at ease here.. because some salon try to earn money by putting all treatment thingy and when the bill come it’s like hundreds of dollars! The place is very comfy and relaxing..i spent around 3 hours there but i can calmly sit as they provide tons of magazine, crackers and your choice of drinks. Luv it! Btw, I’m not getting paid by this Salon to tell a good thing about them..i just love the service i feel like sharing it. ^^

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    HI i would recommedn Jeric Hair salon at Ion my stylist is Kai. I just did my hair there, tired of my long hair & cut it short now till shoulder length, my gf recommend me to go find him, he’s gd i can say very “xi xin” in cutting my hair & i love the colour & highlight he had done for me & is what i wanted too smile.gif
    Intially my stylist was Roy at Monsoon, but his standard dropped so much & now my gf told me this Kai is gd so i go there & try. Will surely go back to him nxt time round, He’s gd looking summore hahahaha

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      Hi tricia, happen to chance upon your post on hairstylist kai at jeric salon?do you happen to have his ctc?me and wife used to be his regular at jeric salon…do u mind passing me his ctc as we found out that he is no longer working at jeric…u can sms me at 83220191..thks


    haha woot went to cut hair super satisfy!! haha had my fringe straighten lol quite nice haha if u guys wan rebond hair tell me i can recommend u his skills is damn good make u wanna slp haha hg hair and cla hair become awesome too haha the ambience there nice sia can slp haha

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    den went to jeric salon to cut my hair..hahaha. first time no more 2.80 cut..hahah its was suppose to be 55++ but i onli pay 40+ cuz i gt discount voucher..hahah. but still so ex la pls..but realli so shiok..esp the hot towel massage..haha

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    Had 2 pleasant experiences with Jeric Salon. The first experience was at The Central when my long hair(with extensions) was styled by Michelle(the manager recommended by Iv) for Kel’s wedding as jiemei. They(my long hair) were not easy to manage but she did a great job. My second experience was my rebonding at Bugis Junction. was done by some guy whom I’ve forgotten the name and sweetie chris. It was good. I dont want the typical rebonding which will make the hair look flat but yet not to the extent where it looks like nothing has been done. I got what I wanted and the great thing is, the effect is lasting. It’s not that straight now la but that wasnt my priority. I rebonded merely to make my hair more manageable and to improve the texture.

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