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Komachi The Hair Cult @ International Building

Komachi the Hair Cult @ International Buildling
Komachi the Hair Cult @ International Buildling
Komachi the Hair Cult @ International Buildling


#02-03/04 International Building
360 Orchard Road S(238869)
Next to ANZ Bank
Telephone Number: 63399432 or 68363391
Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 10.00am-8.00pm
Saturday to Sunday: 10.00am-7.00pm
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Signature: ,
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Total Score
7.9/ 10



  • Hairdressing by Japanese Hairstylists
  • Comfortable hair massage and great hair wash
  • Attentive service from hairstylists
  • Spacious environment


  • Difficult to communicate in English
  • More expensive than other salons though not necessarily significantly superior

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4 years ago, Komachi the Hair Cult was one of the hottest, most raved about salons in Singapore.

Featuring top hairdressers Maeda-san, Ejima-san and Tsuji-san, the stylish, innovative and distinctly Japanese cut attracted praise from forums everywhere, from Flowerpod to Hardwarezone. Prices were a little steep then but the attentiveness shown by the Japanese hairstylists and the joy derived from the highly satisfactory haircut keep customers coming back for more.

Fast forward 4 years, Komachi is a different place. They have now moved their premises to the less dodgy International Building (Scotts Orchard area). Maeda-san, Ejima-san and Tsuji-san have all left, replaced by raved Monma Tsuyoshi, Kohji Matsunaga  Rie-san (all three from Japan) and Frank Zuo (from China). Generally, service is still good. Rie-san, especially, is bubbly and attentive. Head massage here is also comfortable. Like before, communication can be a challenge as Rie-san does not speak English well. So bring along a picture if you have a clear idea of what you want.

Although Japanese hairstylists still exist in Komachi, not all Japanese hairstylists are equal. There are fewer praises observed about current hairstylists in Komachi. Also, with a Chinese hairstylist and a Chinese receptionist, the Japanese feel seemed to be have been dimmed slightly.

Overall, Komachi is a safe choice to go for for a stylish Japanese haircut, particular one by Monma Tsuyoshi. Service is generally good and haircut satisfactory. You might be able to find cheaper Japanese hairstylists out there but just in case they are all full with appointments, Komachi is always a good choice to fall back upon.



Beauty Awards

Harper’s Bazaar Hair Awards 2012 “Best Crop” for Komachi The Hair Cult Creative Cut

A personalised consultation and attention to detail ensures the best crop for you. Stylists will consider everything from your face shape to your natural hair texture, as well as the kind of lifestyle you lead to design the best cut. Whether you’re a minimalist executive or a maximalist who can’t live without her styling products, a crop will be fashioned specially for you.


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Celeste Vania after Komachi Hair Cult


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Price list


  • Creative refers to International stylists from Japan
  • Artistic refers to local stylists

Creative Hair Cuts

 International Creative Director from $ 80
 Creative Director from $ 70
 Senior Stylist from $ 60

Note: Even for men, Artistic stylists costs $55 and Creative Stylists costs $80.


Shampoo & Blow from $ 35
 Curl Style from $ 90
 Upstyle from $ 120
 Blow from $ 25
 Flat Iron Styling from $ 25

Hair Colouring

Single Hair Color from $ 90
 Double Hair Color from $ 110
 Bleach from $ 120
 Double Bleach from $ 210
Milkshake Color from $ 110
 Double Milkshake Color from $ 120
 Toner from $ 90
Henna Color from $ 120


Highlights – 1 panel $ 11
 Full Head from $ 150
 White Highlights – 1 panel $ 18
 Eyebrow Color $ 20


Cold Wave from $ 170
 Point Perm from $ 60
 Pin Perm from $ 140
 Water Perm from $ 180
Micro Perms from $ 300
Air Perm from $ 350


Natural Rebonding from $ 200
 Half Rebonding from $ 150
 Fringe Rebonding from $ 80


Mud Treatment from $ 70
 Milkshake Treatment from $ 80
 Ultra Treatment from $ 100
 Honey Treatment from $ 80
Basic Scalp Treatment $ 80
 Ultra Scalp Treatment $ 100

Head Spa

Quick $ 80
 Basic $ 110
 Long $ 130

Kimono Dressing

太鼓結び $ 110
 飾り結び $ 140
 補正(タオル・コットン込み) $ 60



24 Reviews


    I’ve been going to one of the most senior directors for a few years. His previous assistant who worked with him for many years left last year. That assistant gave the best hairwash and massage that I could ever get elsewhere. I feel that the most important thing is, you know that you’re in good hands when being attended by her as she has always been detail oriented, gentle, polite and careful while doing her work in the most professional way. I really miss her. The new assistant however, is pretty average and doesn’t really have the heart to care for customers or treating their hair as her own. Water splashed over my face most of the time cos she turned the water on too strong. When doing my perm, she rolled up the curlers too tight a few times that I almost yelled (at the same time there’s another assistant doing the other side of my hair but she’s real gentle and careful). When I said it’s very painful cos the curlers are too tight, she replied saying because my hair is too short so it’s really hard to put on the curlers. As if it’s not her problem. This is not an average salon and I do not expect average services since I’m paying such a premium. I’m really disappointed.

    Review not yet verified


    Thanks to Cosmopolitan, I won a haircut at Komachi the Hair Cult at International Building.

    The japanese intl. artisitc director served me and he was very friendly. Here’s how I looked like now. If this hairstyle is easy for me to manage, I will consider patronizing them again.

    Credits: This is a review obtained from a blog.
    Read the original blog article here.


    Date of recent visit
    10 December 2012

    Amount Paid
    For the colour+bleach highlights cost about $340, the fringe trim was $10 if I recall correctly. This is after the 20% off for first time customers.

    What I love about Komachi
    When you first go in, the receptionist would offer you a complimentary drinks. Definitely more of an older crowd when I went there, probably because the salon is on the pricier end. The assistants do a good hair wash, very thorough and pleasant.
    Environment was comfortable and clean.

    Things to note
    I made an appointment online for a earlier timeslot and they called me after but I missed it. They did not call me back after that. I had to call them the day before to check and they then only informed me then that I could only take a later timeslot.

    For my actual service, my stylist was Rie and I was just doing colouring because I had read that their organic colour system could avoid bleach from an online review. However, it turned out the effect I was going for (full purple toned hair) would still require bleach, so I agreed to highlights instead. Rie was very nice and smiley. I could tell when she trimmed my fringe that she is very skilled with scissors. However, I was not so happy with the end colour. Though I could see the highlighting and colouring technique was good, but the result was totally not what I was going for. Rie cannot really speak much English so I had prepared images and showed her at the start. Despite that, the result had little in common with the images and looked more of brown hair with light golden highlights and very little purple tone if at all.

    Will I come back again?
    I probably wouldn’t come back again because for the price I paid, even after 1st-timer discount, I would have expected that the result would at least resemble what I had in mind. Though one might argue it could be a case of miscommunication, but since I brought images I would think my disappointment is justified. However, if you just want nice hair with no expectations, Komachi might still be alright.

    Submitted Review Approved by Beauty Undercover


    Horrors. I just called Komachi up wanting a hair cut and highlight and I found out that Horii san and Risa san have left the saloon and gone back to Japan. Now with Tsuji san MIA for the time being (or at least until her work permit problem is settled) who is good?

    Anyone knows if Risa san and Horii san are seriously not coming back?

    Also, the service standard seemed to have dropped the last time I was there.

    Credits: This review is obtained from Flowerpod forums.


    I’m looking for Tsuji san too but since she apparently hurt her hand and can’t work for months… I resorted to Nakamura Aki at Komachi. Omg worst decision ever. I requested for a classic Japanese hairstyle with fringe perm and she screwed up my fringe perm SO badly. She redid it twice and it still didn’t curl AT ALL and she had the nerve to tell me that the perm was done when my hair was still ramrod straight. I’m speechless. And she charged me $120. What daylight robbery. Does anyone have any other recommendations for Japanese hairstylists? I swear Tsuji san was the only competent hairstylist at Komachi…

    Credits: This review is obtained from Flowerpod forums.


    This is a little overdue but I’m not the least pleased with my hair colouring experience at Komachi over the wkend. Risa Honda was my stylist and I consulted her on a colour which she recommended in the end.

    What I find most appaling is that she dyed and re-dyed my hair 4-5times in a row without my consent, each time leading me to think it was the last time. She should have known better than to do that as her assistant already asked me by the second attempt if I dyed my hair close to black before since the colour won’t show up and I said yes. Risa instead chose to carry on and now my hair is so dry and frizzy I don’t dare to blow dry or style it myself in case it gets any worse.

    I feel that she being a hair stylist should have paid more attention to a customer’s welfare and not force the issue at the expense of damaging my hair, something Tsuji will never do and not to consider the ridiculous amount of time I had to spend in the salon without knowing it. It took 2hrs 10mins which made me run late for my other appointments and total damage was $150 before discount

    This review is obtained from Hardwarezone Singapore forum.


    i’m going bk to komachi for perm and fringe cut this time!!! i tried kohji matsunaga and he’s reali nice too!! i can speak japanese so i guess that’s y i like going to jap salons but yup their service is reali good =) can’t stand salons tt cut ur hair and talk to other ppl and go over to cut other ppl’s hair at e same time…

    Credits: This review is obtained from Flowerpod forums.


    I, on the other hand, opted for a treatment for my freshly-cut hair [Andrea gave me Fall Cavalli hair just on Monday!], and after the best head massage ever, the stylist, Horii and his assistant combed through my hair and applied the treatment mask on it and left it on for fifteen minutes before rinsing it off and blow-drying my hair after. Of course, other than cuts, colours and treatments, the salon offers a plethora of other services, which you can refer to here.

    While I honestly preferred how Andrea blew my hair after she cut it, the treatment did leave my hair silky smooth, like one of those shampoo ads you see on TV. And about 10 hours after I’ve done the treatment as I write this, my hair still smells amazing!

    For those obsessed with Japanese-anything, you’d be pleased to know that Komachi The Hair Cult is a Japanese-influenced hair salon with all their stylists hailing from the land of the rising sun. For those who have had problems trying to figure out what hairstyles best suit your Asian face, expert help is at your beck and call at Komachi.

    Credits: This is a review obtained from a blog.
    Read the original blog article here.


    Was due for a hair cut for a long time….due to some unhappiness in my life recently, I decided to go for a haircut again…(not because my hair is long!!!) I am sad to find out that my regular stylist Mr Takao Horii from Komachi has left the salon…so I decided to try another stylist Ms Risa Honda…
    Made my appointment at 12pm but arrived slightly earlier, I took a seat and proceed for my hair wash…as usual the shampooing and wash was professionally done. After the wash was complete, Miss Risa appeared and I shown her the style of hair cut that I wanted and explained to her how previously Mr Horii cut my hair…after studying my head for a moment and asking for what I wanted, she began to work…and…she was a more friendly person and I was able to chat with her during the haircut session..she commented on the power stone bracelet that I wore was pretty nice and I explained to her that it was a magazine freebie and show her my blog + some recommendations on the new PowerStone Mooks that are coming to Kinokuniya. I also chatted with her about my previous stylist Mr Horii and my previous haircut experience…..
    After a while, the haircut was over…it looks pretty OK although I preferred the more layered haircut from Mr Horii….
    It is a pity that Miss Risa is going to return to Japan next month and probably not gonna come back after being based here for more than 3 years….a pity I would say….so those who wish to try her services at Komachi better head down fast….while she is still around….

    Credits: This is a review obtained from a blog.
    Read the original blog article here.


    I had my haircut & treatment at Komachi, opted Maeda to cut my hair. Other than communication, everything else is good.

    Asked for a easier to manage hairstyle as my hair was quite thick and it gets messy very easily.Of course with such conservative request, my hairstyle won’t be too much of a big difference but alot of layering is done, which makes my head so much lighter, will need to have a few more hair wash to come up with my final verdict as wrong layering may cause hair to be even harder to manage which i’ve experienced before, but so far so good. The next time i visit komachi, guess I’ll bring a pic of my fav hair style and asked for their recommendation, I’m sure Maeda can do wonders to ur hair, it’s just how open or conservative u are in ur hair style

    I’m really impressed by the hair wash & head massage, nearly fell asleep as it’s too too comfortable, the right pressure at the right place of the scalp, trust me, it’s the longest hair wash I ever had… & 80% of the time is on the head massage. This is def even better than those full body massage I went, simply love it!

    Love the smell of their shampoo, smells like cocoa butter, wanted to get a bottle from them but didn’t since I’ve had 2 more bottles of shampoo waiting for me to use.. hee.. & they never pushed any products or further treatment or asking you to colour your hair unlike most of the hair salons..what u request is what u get, no hidden costs

    As for treatment, I go for honey treatment (treatment w ampoule), smell really nice.. again, after washing n blowing, it feels silky soft (note: I’ve had very dry hair ends, hence can’t expect a 360 degree change in hair texture just aft 1 treatment ) Will again need a few more hair wash to determine if the treatment is good.

    Overall: Worth e $ spent!
    Gd service, excellent hair cut skills & most importantly, you feel rejuvenated inside (fantastic head massage) & outside
    Will definitely be back again if both my haircut & treatment speaks for itself after few more hair wash. 12 more times to become platinum member

    Btw, they’re shifting to Orchard next month, for those interested, please rem to call and asked when exactly they’re moving. Will be waiting for them to inform me via sms

    Sorry for e long post, as I really find it worth to give Komachi a truthful review.

    Credits: This review is obtained from Flowerpod forums.


    my hair is ridiculously long, so after much research online(yeah i research for a salon online), i ended up inside Komachi Hair Cult.

    the shop is Japanese-owned, and i got Tsuji-san to cut my hair.

    it’s quite funny, how she communicates with me, because of the language barrier
    after every sentence, she will ask me if i understand, and i will say a bit abit then she +.+” and sighed

    hhaha! and she always say japanese along with english…takada, gomeh, yadayada
    and one of the assistants thought i was chinese, so he talked to me in chinese, which of course i go starry-eyed,
    then he sees my name on the appointment sheet, “Faris, you malay?”, which i answered yes, and he revealed that he is
    a malaysian, so we converse in malay. even he admits that Komachi is expensive

    anyway, im satisfied! very expensive, but worth the experience!
    anyone who wanna try Komachi, tell me beforehand! peace

    Credits: This is a review obtained from a blog.
    Read the original blog article here.


    I just went for my hair cut on last sat with Maeda.
    This time the experience was not as good as the previous one.
    My Appt was at 2pm and I went them earlier around 145pm. When I was there, I saw Maeda lead a lady to her seat and talking to her. It seems to me that she is also there for haircut with Maeda and I was right.
    15mins apart for 2 appts seems too close to me.
    Anyway, I did not think much about it and I was sitted around 2pm. I waited for 15 mins, a guy came forward and shampoo my hair. The shampoo is quite relaxing and it takes about 10-15 mins.
    Then he blow dry my hair and once everything done it was about 2.30pm. At that time, I saw Maeda busy with another lady and i waited around 315pm before he came to me. He apologised to me constantly but honestly I was already getting quite impatient.
    I am not sure if anyone of you have similar experience. For S$105(new charges) I dun expect such long wait. The hair cut I have do not have much difference this time as it is short but he gave me fringe. Not too bad though….
    Maybe, we should try to book appt with Maeda on weekdays.

    Credits: This review is obtained from Flowerpod forums.


    I just went for a haircut on tues & i must say its really good My hairstylist is tsuji san. Thinking of doing microperm initially but she suggested me to go for treatment twice before perming my hair, as effect would be much much better. I got to do treatment at my previous salon as i still hav an outstanding package with them, but still, tsuji san suggested that (even though i m nt doing e treatment at komachi). She’s really meticulous, not pushy at all, and took quite sometimes to discuss what to do with my hair (with the help of the receptionist as translator) Although i din really hav a major makeover, just some trim here & there, i still recommend tsuji san to those who are interested in trying her out

    Downside: Ambience wise, it looks like a normal salon, in terms of furnishing, etc. I brought a treatment too, but was not given any carrier. But then, it doesnt really matter as i could keep it in my bf’s bag

    All in all, komachi is a place worth trying The guy who helped me to wash & blow dry my hair also gave me valuable advices on how to style my hair (which i really appreciate). I was a little apprehensive of visiting a new salon initially (haven done that for ages) but i never regretted in going Komachi

    If anyone’s going, do feel free to use my name: Sharon Yeo to enjoy e discount Do pm me if u use my name so i can claim e stamp Thanks in advance

    Credits: This review is obtained from Flowerpod forums.


    I went for an haircut appt with ejima last Fri.. I was lucky to be able to book the appt on the same day. Actually wanted Maeda but he was not available until this tues.

    But ejima is good. He doesnt converse with u much. But although i did not bring any pictures of what i wanted, he was able to deliver the sort of hairstyle i wanted.

    I merely said i wanted to keep my long hair, but i do not want too much layers. Coz u see i have wavy hair. But amazing he was able to work around the natural waves and give me some nice layers as well.

    No complaints at all. The hair wash of about 10mins was good too! No complaints coming from someone who only cuts her hair twice a year due to phobia of lousy stylists.

    Worth all of my $80 bucks. There’s still a 20% off 1st timers.

    Credits: This review is obtained from Flowerpod forums.


    Got my haircut today at Komachi (the Liat Towers one)
    this time i got Tsuji san to attend to me

    I must say that she very 细心
    she takes notes of small details like

    hair texture
    hair parting
    face shape

    and then give her comments before stlying
    and i love the outcome.
    although there were some communication problems, but all were okay thanks to the helpful translators

    my previous visits were attended by

    Kenny (Not there anymore)
    Nakamura san

    both gave me nice and satisfied hair cut
    however, they both weren’t as attentive or 用心 as when Tsuji san attended to me

    Credits: This review is obtained from Flowerpod forums.


    Finally… after about 4 months… i had a new hair cut! you can imagine how terrible my hair looked without any trimming at all! LOL.. i remember last time i always change my hairstyle and i spent a lot.. really a lot on my hair…but after my hair grew longer i didn’t go to hair salon that often anymore…

    Anyway, today i went to Komachi and i really like their service! Although it’s quite expensive, it’s worth it, really… this is my first time to have a japanese hair stylist to cut my hair! argghh….. his name is Maeda, he’s the director actually! wow, first time let a director to cut my hair, somemore he’s a real nihonjin… he’s quite charming and always smiling! when i walked in to the hair studio, the local staff, which is a chinese lady, showed me to my seat and here came Maeda… the lady helped to translate and asked me what hairstyle i want… i showed them a pic in my hp and asked if it’s suitable for me… Maeda said i may need some perming if i want to have the same style in the pic and i agreed… i thought i must trust him…haha :p

    After that the lady bring me to wash my hair… her massage skill is good and she even said ‘xin ku ni le’ after she has finished washing my hair and i was like “this is my 1st time to hear someone said this to me in a hair salon”!! the staff there really follow the japanese culture…. they are very friendly and polite!

    Then Maeda started to cut my hair… he tried to chat with me although he can’t speak english that well… actually most of the time i can’t really get what he was trying to say but i just smiled..
    haha… i observed him and found that he always has smile on his face even when he is cutting my hair! he said something to me which made me quite happy… ” your face very small… good… cute… ” !!! i was very shocked coz nobody ever told me that my face is ‘small’… please la, i always think that my face is big! anyway, i think he just wants to make me happy only.. haha…

    Finished cutting and he was going to perm my hair… the chinese lady came and give me a tissue for me to wipe off those tiny hair which was cut and fell onto my face… seriously, i went to other salons before but none of the staff there offerred this or they don’t even care if the hair irritate your eyes! i mean this act is so thoughtful to me… LOL :p

    30 mins later perming was done… only a few parts of my hair needed to be permed so it finished quite fast… Maeda washed my hair again… blow dry… style… and done!

    i’m not sure if i will go back again for hair cut coz it’s too expensive but trust me, their service is really good!

    Credits: This is a review obtained from a blog.
    Read the original blog article here.


    Hello! Dropping by to report!
    I arrived 10 mins before the appointment. I don’t really like the place but if the hairstylist is good, I won’t mind.
    Tsuji was my hairstylist. She can’t communicate well in English, so please have a photo of the hairstyle you want. I randomly pointed to a photo and told her I want to keep the length. I got exactly what I asked for.

    The assistants were very professional too. I chatted with one of them in Mandarin. Other than that, there’s no chit-chatting in the salon. Very very professional. When the assistant hand me back to Tsuji (e.g. after washing my hair), he said, “It’s been tiring for you” in mandarin. I know this is part of the Japanese culture, which I really appreciate.

    I did a perm ($300) and cut ($65) and paid $292 after the discount.

    Things that will bring me back…
    1) After 6 stamps, free cut
    2) After 12 stamps, free perm (exclu digital, I think) or colour
    3) No hard selling AT ALL
    4) No chit-chatting (unless I initiate)
    5) Very good hairdressing skill; does not try to bluff by piling on styling products
    6) 20% discount after becoming a member (it’s not a miserable 10% discount)
    7) No GST – I hate GST surprises
    8) Reasonable price for the skill and location
    9) Japanese culture – attentive to clients!
    10) I like the movable sink and comfortable long couch!

    So… I really must put in the effort to visit more often than my usual 2 times/year! Hahah… Tsuji was amused and surprised to hear that. She’s very clever and knew I’ll have NO TIME to style my hair in the morning. She told me not to wash my hair the next 24 hours. The most surprising thing is, she said my perm should last me 3 to 6 months!!! So different from all the other hairdressers who insist digital perm does not last, must come back again, must use this product to maintain… What a load of bull! Finally an honest hairstylist!

    So… I give this place 90/100. Wish it was an elegant and posh looking place. Haha.. but I shan’t be snobbish!

    Credits: This review is obtained from Flowerpod forums.


    hello went to cut my hair at komachi this morning..
    i was almost 10 minutes late and the receptionist called me when i was in the lift. (the lift is kinda scary isn’t it? the one where you have to walk down a few more steps and turn right. can’t we use the 2 ‘main ones’ at the lobby?) so i told her i was in the lift already and when i reached there tsuji-san was there to meet me at the door

    and the receptionist/ translator is very nice too! she helped me put my bag in the locker i didn’t go with any style in mind so tsuji asked me if i wanted a ‘kawaii style’ or a more matured style. i didn’t restrict her so she decided to give me a matured style, with more volume at the top and thinner ends. i was impressed that she really took her time to decide which style would suit me. and she asked if i always wore glasses ( i wore glasses today cos i wore my contacts for too long and my eye got really red and if i blew dry my hair or let it dry naturally. i told her i usually don’t blow dry my hair or even do much styling to it cos i’m a student, but that i would try to style it should she give me a style that required it, and she gave me a very versatile style! i can either blow dry it or let it natural dry, apply wax or not, curl the ends or leave it, and it would look good! haha. she taught me how to use hard wax though.

    i’m still not used to this hairstyle cos when its styled, its messy and tousled and cos my previous hairstyles were more girly and conservative.. when she was cutting i couldn’t see anything without my spectacles >< so when i put them on phwoar! so much volume..

    i told her i was learning japanese and she did try to communicate with me in some basic nihongo. when i couldn't understand her, she asked "reading okay?" and went to take a piece of paper to write down instructions on how to style my hair lol then i tried to read it and she guided me on the pronunciation and everything. haha. i kept the paper cos i found it so cute

    this is the paper! ->> anyone can understand it? lol

    the shampoo guy was really nice too. he commented that my hair was soft although tsuji-san was a bit shocked when she saw and felt my hair cos its so frizzy.. and asked me if i did rebonding before. i have naturally frizzy hair.. never did anything chemical to it the shampoo guy helped to blowdry and apply serum to my hair too (him and tsuji were both blowing my hair and talking to each other in a mishmash of english chinese and japanese :/ but one thing i realise everybody talks really softly in komachi.. i had to ask tsuji-san to repeat what she said a few times) i couldn’t see the shampoo guy without my glasses >< but on the receipt they wrote 'kenny' as the assistant. i thought kenny was the stylist and not the shampoo guy? or are there two kennys?

    this is the before->>

    this is the after->>

    oh and this is after being blown everywhere by the wind and drizzled on by rain.. so actually tsuji’s styling is better than this.. my bad.

    Credits: This review is obtained from Flowerpod forums.


    I went to Komachi on the 3th Feb (Sunday), initially wanted to get a haircut and a treatment. My appointment was at 530pm but eventually when I got served, it was about 6-615pm. Guess they were really very busy due to the crowd before CNY.

    My hairstylist was Ejima-san. He commented that my hair was very long and asked if my hair was permed or natural curl. I told him it was natural curl and he actually said “very good!”. It’s funny to me because I have never ever heard of any hairstylist telling me that natural curl is “good” because most would advice me to get a rebond to straighten my natural curls.

    He asked me what I wanted to do but I told him I don’t really have any idea. Had a little bit of difficulty communicating with him initially because I was contemplating on getting a color job instead of the treatment and I wanted to ask him for advice. Then they got a very nice, friendly young lady to serve me and do translation for me. I told her my concerns with no problem at all. Eventually Ejima-san decided for me to do a natural milkshake color and that he would just cut layers for me.

    Everything after that went very smoothly. I was very happy with the color he gave me (because I like yellowish-brown) and somehow he managed to cut a style which I was happy with without even me telling him! I think that is very amazing…. He even knew how I wanted my fringe to be. I was the last customer and even all the other staff went back home (including Maeda-san), so he was left all alone to cut and blow my hair for me. He took an hour to cut and blow my hair. I was quite embarrassed to have to make him stay back just to attend to me. Everything cost me $172 (long hair) after 20% discount for first-timer. I’m very happy with the hairstyle and would definitely save up and go back again!

    P.S. I saw some students going to Komachi for a haircut as well. They are indeed very rich

    Anyone interested for the 20% discount, please feel free to use my name XX

    Hope you gals enjoy Komachi as much as I did!

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    i permed my hair last week at another salon and my hair ended up pretty frizzy and “frail looking”(according to a fren). my boss even thought i cut/thinned my hair personally i didnt like it tat way so decided to go komachi for colouring to try salvage the look & seek advice.

    tried the online booking system for milkshake treatment colour appointment with maeda san, and they replied me with confirmation e-mail within a day! no hassles

    the salon was abit crowded when i reached there yesterday afternoon. but i didnt have to wait very long before maeda san came to say hi and confirm with me that im doing colouring. he then came back with another stylist called kenji (who acted as the translator also). they asked me what colour i prefer, and i told them that i didnt like my current perm and need their advice on the colour. maeda san suggested colouring my hair first, and if i would like to perm it again, i could do it another time. he recommended a few colour mixtures, one which is more brownish, e other with reddish tint. i opt for the reddish one and from then on, kenji took over.

    kenji is a very friendly and chatty guy. throughout the whole colouring process, he shares alot of hair care information, and remind me to take care of diet, try not to sleep late, how to wash hair the correct way etc.. he also washes my hair carefully (the shampoo and conditioner smell great.. sweet fruity cooling..), and provides a good scalp massage! very relaxing! so far, having been to various big and small salons, no stylist has told me about “holistic haircare”. at most, they would just tell me to buy certain shampoo/tonic.

    after the wash, kenji demonstrated how to blow dry my hair and he managed to change the small frizzy curls into a total different wave, just like those tat i see in jap magazines! he also showed me some tools which i could use to create thicker looking hair at the crown area coz my hair volume is pretty thin. when he was done, i really love how the new hair colour and waves look! hair is even more glossy n soft after the colour even though i did not do a treatment

    this is probably the first time when im totally satisfied with the whole salon experience from start to end. no doubt e prices are more on the steep side ($160 for shoulder length hair colouring; $128 after 20% first-timer discount) but i think the money is well spent. kenji told me not to wash my hair for a day, and when i woke up tis morning, the whole style is still in shape + no frizz (apart from some slight uncurling). my only worry is.. will i be able to create the same look after washing?! lol.

    verdict: this place is highly recommended! do try it ya. can just use my name (XXX) to get ur discount

    to cindy: do collect ur stamp as i’ve mentioned ur name. thanks alot!
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    6 feb 2008


    Visited Komachi last friday.
    My stylist was Maeda.
    There wasn’t much change to my hair as I didn’t want to cut it too short.
    Overall I quite like it there and will consider visiting it again.
    But I was quite surprised a number of you gals mentioned that he cut really fast.
    When you gals mentioned fast, how fast was it? 15mins? lol..
    Maybe I went during the off peak time and I find that it took quite a while to cut.
    I enjoyed my time there. The assistant who washed my hair was chatting with me throughout the whole process.
    During the cut, Maeda was chatting with me too. I supposed that maybe we were chatting which was why he was taking his time cutting his hair too. There were times when he would stop cutting and finished what he was going to say before continue cutting my hair. lol..
    But I did have a good chat with him.

    In the beginning, he would explain how he would be going to cut my hair before starting to cut. After finishing it, he would also teach me on how to style it.

    Sorry, I didn’t mentioned your name at all because all the chatting with Maeda made me forgot about it.
    But as Maeda was the one writing the payment for me. He didn’t ask me for any names at all and just said I must be introduced by a friend. Thus I got the 20% discount nevertherless.

    Credits: This review is obtained from Flowerpod forums.


    Did my perm at Komachi with Maeda. It was a micro perm I think.
    Actually I was expecting another kind of curls and more volume for my crown. Didn’t really get the the curls I had in mind BUT I still like the curls he gave me.
    Most importantly my hair is not damaged after the perm, in fact it feels softer! Very impressed. Previously my hair was already damaged due to perm so I was skeptical to perm again. But Maeda is even more scared than me haha he told me so. So he was very careful when applying the lotion to my hair.Very detailed and really take care of customers’ hair.

    He gave quite a good fringe cut too. He permed my fringe but after that use some crimper to flatten it to give it a slight C curve. Hope the style will last though coz my crown already starts to feel bit heavy.
    He will also keep asking before he cut your fringe or trim off any length. I liked that! He does give some suggestions too.

    Btw I saw another lady having her hair permed by the other guy japanese stylist called Ejima or something. The lady got the waves I wanted!!

    Overall it’s very exp!$385 for perm and cut. but for it’s quality I don’t mind going back again.
    Maeda’s English is very basic and it’s bit hard to chat with him and he seems bit shy? I suggest you show some pics to him to explain what you want and also to explain more in details. I didn’t really explain in details as he kept nodding so I thought he knew what I wanted.

    i posted in Sept regarding my perm in Komachi.
    Between Maeda and Ejima I am really not sure who is better.
    Ejima did a perm on one customer and the waves were what i wanted… natural and soft
    Maeda permed for me. although not what I wanted exactly but results is good too. His cut is good too!
    But Maeda is more expensive than Ejima…..

    After my perm in Sept, I went back 1mth later to trim my fringe. The problem with japanese stylists is they will give you very nice cuts as if you just walk out from the magazine. but such cuts usually need to be regularly trimmed. the fringe maeda gave me in Sept was very feminine and pretty but it was exactly the right length you see in Japanese models pics.Very soon it was poking my eyes and became bit heavy…

    After he trimmed the same thing happened again in 1 mth’s time. I didn’t want to keep going back to him as it’s this time I went to Maison Hairmake…And boy was that a huge mistake!!! The fringe cut is totally unlike the Japanese model pic I showed the i have to suffer for 2mths. Only consolation is I don;t have to trim within next 1 mth

    Japanese stylists cut well but their cuts need to be maintained every mth or so. It’s costly but at least you are ensured of quality. I will stick back to Komachi!!!No more SG stylists for me!!!They don;t understand Japanese looks…

    Credits: This review is obtained from Flowerpod forums.



    Before I went to komachi, i went to maggie friends on a few occasions. lol, so im gonna like compare both. hope it helps. my stylish was maeda-san.


    Komachi: located at liat towers, 21st floor. It’s easily accessible. P.s. The lift sucks. Makes you wanna vomit.

    Maggie Friends: Located at club street behind Maxwell food center. The place is quite ‘ulu’. And semi-hard to find.
    Komachi: Very big, there’s space to walk blahblahblah. The lighting is bright. CLEAN. 4 hair washing stations. uhh… Seats about more than 5 people for those who wanna cut their hair.

    Maggie Friends: SMALL. 2 hair washing station. CLEAN. seats only 4 for those cutting their hair.
    Komachi: You can book via their website but please note that you have to keep checking your email because they will send verification of comfirmation of appointment via email and they WILL not call you back, although the website says that one of their staff will contact u again or something. Or you can just call them for an appointment. Makes life easier.

    Maggie Friends: You can only book appointment through calling. THEY CLOSE ON TUESDAYS.
    SHAMPOO (lol, i dig shampoos)
    Komachi: They use shampoos/conditioners with some milkshake essence in it. Damn it just makes me wanna drink the shampoo. Smells nice. (LOVES)

    Maggie Friends: L’oreal. Smell nice too. Hehe.
    Junior stylists, stylists, blahblah
    Komachi: You can choose whether you want junior stylists, creative director(maeda) blahblah to cut your hair. Price ranges. The junior stylists/senior stylists there are SUPER friendly. Chatty. Hehe, the one who washed and dyed my hair was KENJI, very nice guy! Then the one who styled my hair was KENJI’S SENIOR (sorry i didn’t ask for your name. hehe, but i know you read this thread!) They rocks! Careful with hair, would often ask if you’re confortable, if the water temperature is fine. If they’re combing too hard.

    Maggie Friends: Well, only the stylists there (Saito and the new stylist from japan) cut your hair. The other stylists mainly function as shampoo guys blahblah. They are friendly but they don’t chat much. Soso. But DAMN they are super gentle when they wash your hair and stuff.
    Maggie friends (saito): CUTE. He is very careful with your hair. Takes at least 30mins for each cut. VERY chatty. His english is ohkay. He understands you and I am able to understand what he’s saying. Damn comfortable if he washes your hair for you. Lol, bites lower lip when he concentrates. CUTE.

    Komachi (maeda): Well… he cuts fast. At first I was like WTF is he doing. But at the end the cut turned out all right. MAEDA CANNOT SPEAK ENGLISH! So most of the time, it was…. silent. Though he tried to strike a conversation, lol, i don’t understand what is he talking about. Not as chatty as Saito, maybe it’s the language. I notice he ‘smiles’ when he is very concentrated in cutting your hair. CUTE.

    Saito vs Maeda: I think Saito is good when you actually show him a picture of how you want your hair to be. But Saito is VERY careful in cutting your hair. Not really daring in style. Maeda is somewhat like Saito I guess. Because I told Maeda I didn’t know what style to cut, he gave me a rather conservative cut. Maybe if you were to show him a picture, then he know know better. lol. I need to visit Komachi more to give a more accurate analysis of Maeda’s styling skills.

    Komachi: (comes out half-dead)
    No student discounts, only 15% off for first timers, 20% off for first timers with recommendation.
    Have a stamp card. Go there for the 7th time and get a cut free. Complete 13 stamps and become a platinum member with permernant 20% discount.
    Maeda’s price: $85

    Maggie Friends: (comes out still with bruises here and there)
    Have a student’s discount of 10% but until 18 years old.
    10% off birthday month.
    Saito’s price: $55(girls) $45(guys)

    Therefore, if you’re looking for something in the long run, I would recommend Komachi. Because if you become a platinum member there, it would be the same as visiting maggie friends everytime. And for those over eighteen, I recommend Saito. But if you’re looking for more than a cut, I think that becoming a platinum member in Komachi is more worth it, even though each visit is very expensive.

    If you have the EXTRA money, I would recommend Komachi. You can choose Maeda ($85) or other stylists, depending on their rank.

    If you are on budget of not more than 60 for a cut, then go for Maggie friends. You can get Saito for $55 for girls.

    Then again. If you want to stick to a certain salon, then go with Komachi. Go there only when you have money. Lots of it. But once you become a platinum member, then I think going to Komachi would certainly be worth it.

    It depends on what you’re looking for anyways. Space? Comfort? *cough*CUTE*cough* stylists? Price?

    Damn. it took me so long to time. I will definitely give more reviews when i go back to Komachi. (gotta get the second stamp).

    Credits: This review is obtained from Flowerpod forums.


    Was there 4 times. First 3 time was to style and add volume my long hair with just normal cut by the Jap creative stylist. VERY GOOD! Hair more volume after cut and the shape remains very good even after 3 month. So I think $85 divided by 3 is still ok. Better than going to normal stylist and look nice only after the cut then your hair goes crazy after you wash and do your own styling. The Jap creative stylist very patient and cutting skill very different. Hair looks great even without styling or just wake up. Saw ppl when there to perm and the perm look very natural. Just like jap magazine.

    My husband love the cut too. He say he don’t need much styling and the hair stands/style properly. No need all those MUD or Wax which is difficult to wash. He too thinks $65 for guys is worth it.

    He even encourage me to go there on my third trip cuz I wanted to cut my hair short. He says its risky to do it somewhere else and I may regret cutting it. So I went thinking I want to cut short and perm. I did my ceramic perm in JB and the curls was weak and flat one mth before I decided to chop it short. Surprisingly the stylish advice me to only perm on my next trip. After he did his magic on chopping of hair to shoulder length, my curler looks better then before. It was strictly cutting and blow dry. My hair have more volume and I look much younger and alive. Yipee! Anyway will be going there soon for my next transformation. Juz can’t wait! FYI, shoulder length Jap perm is $160. Long hair is $300. But I hear from their staff that the Jap perm may look nice but only last 1 to 2 month. I have personally not tried it to confirm this. Maybe in my next trip and ask them extend the perm time longer. Normally my hair straighten quite fast. Try once after perm (abt 4hr) go see ghost movie, after the show hair really straight!

    Remember to book and not do walk in or you will be disappointed. Even book also need to Q. If you have a budget can try his local disciple which is cheaper but I have not try his skills. Ppl there are very friendly too. A+++ service and cut. Only problem, you can’t chit chat with the Jap stylist cuz their english not very good. They do ask their local staff o do translations.

    They should do it bah. It provide a full range of hair services. But maybe you try ask the hair stylist (BTW, mine is Maeda) to style your hair with his magic hands. You will be surprise that maybe you don’t really need to straighten. Of course if you have other reasons for straightening and not becuz your hair juz refused to be style properly then you can still check with them. If you are recommended by a friend then you will get a 20% off in your first cut. Out of good will, I will PM my name and their number to get the 20% off. Call them to make appointment. When you reach there, tell the reception that this is your first time there and you are recommended by me. Remind them when you finish and make payment cuz sometimes they forget. My husband Peisah to tell them so didn’t get the 20% off.

    Credits: This review is obtained from Flowerpod forums.

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