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Du Sol Hair Salon @ Raffles City

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Address: #03-27A, Raffles City Shopping Centre 
252 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179103
Telephone Number: 6338 4424 or 6337 4424
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday: 10.00 am - 9.00 pm
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Total Score
7.6/ 10



  • Korean Director Edward Kim produced a lot of youtube videos online so you can understand the process even before you actually go down!
  • Staffed by both Korean and local Hairstylists
  • Friendly hairstylists + Attentive service
  • Haircut by Edward Kim positively reviewed
  • Reviews for rebonding generally positive
  • Comfortable luxurious decor


  • Reviews about perms have been less than amazing

Posted January 4, 2013 by


Type Edward Kim Hairstylist into Youtube and you can find many different videos showing how the Director of Du Sol does Root Perm, Volume Rebonding, Men’s perm for his customers.

While the videos look rather impressive, we’ve not heard enough customer experiences to decide if Du Sol is a good salon to go to. As of now, rebonding have received positive reviews. Perms, on the other hand, seemed to yield mixed reviews. Regardless, service is good! If you are considering a place near City Hall for a haircut, you might just be positively surprised by Du Sol.

Have you tried out Du Sol @ Raffles City?

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Making Waves on CityNews (22 Apr 2011)

What are some of the latest trends in perms?

The perms that are in fashion now are the volume rebonding and natural looking curls. Glamorous curls and natural-looking rebonding is the look of the moment. No broomstick hair and frizzy curls!

How do clients decide on the perm that suits them best?

If you have a round face, you should increase the volume at the hair roots and on top of the head, and start the curls below the jawline. For those with long faces, minimize the volume on top of the head, and start the curls below the shoulders.

For clients who have never had a perm, how do they go about deciding on the style of perm?

It may feel a little awkward when you see yourself in the mirror with curls for the first time so I would recommend the custom waves perm which allows you to adjust the size of the curls according to your preference or face shape.

How do you tell if a perm job is a good one?

You can tell by seeing how damaged your hair is after the perm—obviously, the lesser the damage, the better the quality. For maximum protection, there should be treatment processes at every interval of the perm, in between each step.

What are some tips to protect the perm job to ensure that it lasts as long as possible?

The health of the hair is the most important factor for permed hair. Avoid styling products that are sticky and heavily textured. Also, it is advisable that you use shampoo catered for permed hair, along with strengthening/treatment serums. If your hair is in a good condition, it’s possible for the curls to last anywhere from three months up to a year.


Indicative Prices

As of January 2013

  • Wash and Blow: $30
  • Hair Cut: $ 55 (Ladies),  $45 (Men),
  • Hair Colour or Highlight: > $ 98
  • Korean Perm: >$ 100
  • Digital Perm/Setting Perm: >$ 200
  • Rebonding: > $ 200
  • Korean Volume Magic Rebonding: >$ 250

Promotion Packages

  • cut + setting perm + treatment: $288
  • cut + volume magic rebonding + treatment: $340
  • styling + makeup: $130

8 Reviews


    I am always curious with Korean hairdressers, with hit and miss even when I am Seoul. I visited DuSol Beauty today from the feedback from this website and I am pleasantly surprised by the service and more importantly the outcome from DuSol.

    Stylist Name: Sean Lee

    No booking, just a walk-in first thing in the morning for me, received my stylist as I have not experienced this establishment and I usually gauge the overall service from any stylist. Hair wash and head massage was great, professional assistants for both pre and post the cut.

    I spoke to Sean and advised of what I want and asked for his advise, so started off with a mutually agreed approach. You can usually tell its going to be okay when your stylist knows how to hold his scissors with confidence, cut was good, this stylist knows how to taper I find in Singapore the ‘undercut’ is a common approach for men, unfortunately I am against it.

    So in summary, without going into technicalities, service by salon assistants was good, hair cut was spot on and overall customer service by all staff is outstanding.

    Review approved by Beauty Undercover


    I would like to share my experiences doing volume magic rebonding (VMR) at Dusol Beauty. I requested Edward Kim (director) to do it for me. You can easily track his records online and his famous YouTube videos. I thought the premium I pay for his services will be worth it and almost a guaranteed for satisfaction. I paid a total of $470 ( $340 VMR and $130 Root volume). I wouldn’t mind such a price tag for a renowned stylist. I think paying a premium not only refers to the hair treatment that is provided but also the after service issues. The outcome of his VMR to me is a disaster. My hair turns out neither straight nor curly. It looks like I abandoned my hair for years without any treatment. I left the salon not satisfied but I thought I give it a chance, hoping that after a wash it might be better off.
    The next day, to my horror, after the wash and blow dry , my hair still looks terrible. The curls at the end is at all directions and very messy, Totally unmanageable and doesn’t even look like I spent I bomb on it.
    I think is only fair I return to his salon and asked for an explanation. I must say his after service attitude is very poor and not ashamed that his customers are unhappy of his service. He takes my problem lightly and thinks that nothing is wrong with it. He blames it on my hair roots for the issues I’m facing. Then why am I paying him to do my hair? He is the expert here but I’m the one prompting him for a solution. He refuses to solve my problem and only offer to wash and teach me how to blow dry my hair.I really cannot accept such service recovery.His attitude displays poor professionalism and don’t deserve such a reputation and a premium his customers pay for. He shows unhappiness to service my issues and just trying to brush me away.
    He even said this to me : ” you want me to spend the whole day here with you talking about your hair?” I was dumbfounded. I was only there a mere 10mins trying to convey my issues. What does he expect when he has no solution for me? In the end, I suggested he straightened my hair to solve the unruly curls. I think it will be better off then a head of duck tails. His reply to me : ” even if i do rebonding for you, you won’t be happy.” i cannot believe such a reply can ever exist from a professional service provider. In the end, He did it by asking his assistant to simply apply a cream , Washing it off and blow drying it. Again, I have to asked him, if this is gonna help? Can you at least use a rebonding iron to go through it? To me, if you fix the issue then do it properly, this is a good form of service recovery isn’t it? So now, I paid $470 for normal rebonding.
    I’m sharing this is to give heads up to those who are considering VMR treatment in Dusol Beauty. Find out more what to expect. Is not about the cost but re-doing any treatments causes severe damage to your hair. The premium you pay is totally not worth it and I’m sure you can find another salon with a more professional stylist. I strongly believe any business reputation not only provides good service standards but also good service recovery. Is not solely a one time affair.

    Review not yet verified


    My girlfriend n me went to spascene recently n got a shock
    At the results. This is not my first time doing volume rebonding but first time in spascene
    The ultimate result of volume rebonding n haircut totally cannot make it in this salon.
    I was so regretful . My friend on the otherhand redo her hairdo again the nextday
    After spascene. The stylist totally have no judgement in
    Designing clients’hair
    I am very sad n disappointed :( :( :( :( :(

    Being a professional I cant disclose the name of the hairstylist no matter how unprofessional he was.
    I had photo of my back haircut which was taken by my friend. The haircut was badly damaged by the hairstylist. Even my friend criticise on my haircut the moment I met her.
    I was hurt as I had paid so much n this is the result I got. I paid sin340 for it n the next day I paid abt sin200 plus to remedy my hair. THIS IS A VERY EXPENSIVE LESSON WHICH I WILL NEVER EVER FORGET.I WAS TRAUMATISED MENTALLY N EMOTIONALLY BY THIS HAIRDO DONE BY THIS HAIRSTYLIST.

    Review approved by Beauty Undercover

    Du Sol Hair Salon

    Just korean

    1. Their name has changed to something else now. So it gave me confusion to find the place.

    2. I booked the Edward, he was very nice but i was chemical treated by a fresh staff- looks very young and not a stylist yet. I had very dry so i warned him that the chemical treat should b very very careful but its done by a inexperienced staff. Worse was that he didnt even check during. So my hair was unrecoverably melt and streched like piggy hair at the end. They must have felt sorry too as after all the procedure is done, the staff suddenly started saying ‘ ur hair is really dry, its really demaged from the first,’ while she was washing and drying hair. And the designer himself was saying ‘ oh ur hair damage is worse than i thoght.’ while he drying my hair too. :-( I TOLD U SO FROM THE FIRST.

    3. They use quite cheap product judging by the bad chemical smell stayed like 3weeks and it reminds me of my teenager days cos i always went for cheap salons for rebonding. Hahaha. As a regular rebonder:) it was really desapointed. And their treatment included in the rebonding package was ‘wella’ not kerastese, not mukota, just wella without any steam or heat.

    4. Price is not cheap. I payed about $300~ 350(cant remember exactly)

    Anyway generally i think the stylist should pay more attention on the customer, thats my impression. And they should not talk bad things about other competitor salons to the customers as well.

    In short, i always had long hair entire of my life but since Spa sean, I cut my hair to shorter length than my shoulder for the first time of my life and bought kerastes nutritive thermique?? Shampoo and mask wih electronic hair cap which costed about $300 total. I didnt do any hair cut there cos i felt insecure after seen my hair was so demaged so I cant give any comment on that. If u have weak or damaged hair, i wouldnt recommend.

    Review not yet verified


    Went to Spa Scene @ Raffles City for a quick Haircut. My regular stylist is in the States for upgrading else I’d certainly wouldn’t want any strange hands touching my gorgeous locks (ok, not very gorgeous and they aren’t exactly locks! haha) Recommended by a friend, the place is filled with Korean stylist. I requested for a local as I didn’t want any miscommunication. Was served by a flamboyant little guy ala David Gan. He really had an uncanny resemblance to the “God” of hairstyling! The experience there was pretty nice. Starting off with a great relaxing massage whilst having my hair washed. Trouble arose later when another customer was pissed with this Korean stylist for not being able to deliver the service on time. Hmm…happens so very often I guess. The stylist very patiently tried to explain what he was doing but to no avail. The lady was simply raging, with nostrils flaring wide! Ended off with my stylist going forward to blow dry her hair and save the day.

    Ops…sidetracking! Terrible habit of mine. Thereafter the haircut (which I was pleasantly pleased)

    Credits: This is a review obtained from a blog.
    Read the original blog article here.


    My first time getting a haircut from a hairstylist from China as I thought the hair scene is usually dominated by Malaysians in Singapore salons.

    I did my perm and it was wonderfully done, although the first impression of my curls was that of a poodle. However the curls turned out nicely after a month, when the curls have slightly loosen.

    Credits: This is a review obtained from a blog.
    Read the original blog article here.


    Spa Scene…
    Is actually a Korean – run Hair + body wellness plc… all the women there tat day were Korean!! This is Senior Stylist J… very nice lady!! she mentioned tat she only been in Sg for 6 mths and some of the customers have trouble in understanding her English… i told her.. for some1 who only been here for 6 mths.. i tink her Eng not bad already! cos at least i can understand wat she meant! hahaha… she keep saying u clever… can understand! she was tell me my scalp was DAMN oily… and the hair on top of my head is like… abit thin compared to the rest of the areas.. :( sadness lo… she told me i had to spend more time washing the scalp of my head! hehehe.. at least 10 mins she said! :X…. she did texturing of my hair (not sure if tat is wat she said.. but something along tat line.. hahaha) and again CURL my hair… i tink all stylists like to curl my hair!! Y! Y! Y! ??? really dunoe leh.. hahahaha…. she was telling me now perm/curls are the in thing in Korea… hahaha.. she herself also perm her hair! cutsy gal la she… only 26 u noe! hahahaaha… and she told me i look Jap… -.-” pls lo.. Which part of me??!!! hahaha mayb cos i use the cutsy polka dot pink rubberband??!! hahaha

    Not very sure if u all can see the prices… they are located at Raffles City Shopping Ctr… so the prices will be a tad exp… a haircut for the ladies can set u back abt 60 bucks! but if u wan to do more wif the style of ur hair.. i do tink this is a place to go.. cos the stylists seemed quite experienced and do pay loads of attn on u and ur hair!
    okie… below are me camwhoring wif my newly curled hair..! dun faint ar… is alot… i tink… hahaah… deleted some as not so flattering.. cos i tink i look old in curls.. + my hair is dark red now.. :(

    Credits: This is a review obtained from a blog.
    Read the original blog article here.


    Same thing happen to me… Paid extra $120 and my hair is even flatter …
    Paid $280 for digital curl… My hair still straight…. Made a complaint to the hair director… but still insist my hair is curl…where all my friends said where you do your curl there is no curl at all

    Review yet to be verified

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