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Flamingo Eyelash and Nail Studio @ Tiong Bahru

Where To Find Them

If eyes are the windows to your soul, I hope to make your lashes the most beautiful pair of curtains possible.

Lash Artist at Flamingo Eyelash Studio


Especially with COVID-19 making it difficult for us to travel overseas, all we want to do is to get away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives once in a while. For many, this takes the form of cafe-hopping in instagrammable cafes but why stop there?

We're finding more and more salons offering an out-of-Singapore experience with Flamingo Studio being one of them.

Located along the nostalgic Tiong Bahru district, Flamingo's characteristic decor fits perfectly in this charming neighbourhood of heritage foods, vibrant murals and of course instagrammable cafes. It isn't just the red and white awning on the outside that got our attention though.

Yes, Flamingo Studio may be primarily a hair salon but walk on and you will find a hidden gem of a place for... LASHES.

Unlike other eyelash studios which tends to put customers side by side in cubicles, the Eyelash Studio at Flamingo offers you an exclusively private experience. The spacious room is completely enclosed by doors and curtains - and even offers a dressing area for you to touch up your makeup after the lash extension.

As Agent G can attest after coming here monthly, this place is as comfortable as it looks. Remove your shoes and you can feel even your feet being pampered by the mink fur beneath your feet as you lay yourself down on the snug and cozy recliner.

Then, all you've got to do is to take a nap for an hour or so, and your new set of eyes will be ready!

With such amazing service and beautiful decor by a real Japanese eyelist, one would expect prices for lash extension to cost quite a bit. That's why we were really positively surprised to find prices here LOWER than most other Japanese or even local lash salons out there. Even before any discounts, a full set of 80 lash eyelash extension start from $80 and only $60 for retouch after 3 weeks!

For a fully Japanese salon with the Japanese lash therapists certified by Japanese Lash Association AND having more than 6 years of experience, the prices here are definitely more than reasonable. In fact, you may find that the lash extensions here are actually a lot more sophisticated than others we've seen, as they are able to combine various different curl styles within one lash extension for a multidimensional look. 

That is why THIS is the place Agent G choose to regularly go to and pay for lash extensions (not sponsored!!) so don't be surprised to bump into her on your next visit!

Read about Agent G's Eyelash Experience at Flamingo here.


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OPTIONAL MENU FOR EYELASH SINGLE BOTTOM - $30 UP WARD - +$35 COLOR EYELASH: - Point Use +$10 - All Use +$25 - 3 Colors +$10~ All prices listed are inclusive of GST in accordance to IRAS policy.


  • Highly skilled authentic Japanese lash artist
  • Entire process is done in a private room so you enjoy ultimate privacy
  • Comfy recliner that makes the lash extension process very enjoyable
  • Affordable first-time and retouch pricing starting from $60!
  • Located within a Japanese hair salon so you can get both services done in one day
  • You can purchase lash extension friendly mascara and lash care products here
  • The salon is close to many cafes within the Tiong Bahru enclave


  • The salon is not near the MRT

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