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Izumi Hair Salon @ The Central SOHO (CLOSED)

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It is my responsibility, my purpose in life to make ALL my customers look better and feel more confident about their hairstyle than before.



It was the first time we visited a hair salon at The Central SOHO 1 (located besides Burger King, on the right of the escalator after coming out from the MRT)

James, Izumi’s husband, greeted us as we entered the cozy salon with a surprisingly amazing view of Marina Bay Sands and the CBD area

While seating space for companions are aplenty, there is only one seat for the customer in the entire salon, demonstrating Izumi’s insistence to give each and every customer ample time for her hair service.

No double bookings.

No hair assistants.

Just Izumi attending to one customer from start till the end.

Although this limits her ability to expand and grow the salon, the practice of attending to one customer from start till the end helps Izumi understand each customer’s hair texture more so that she can design the best hairstyle she can for each customer.

Beyond the good service, we were most impressed by Izumi’s depth of hair knowledge. Due to her various stints in Tokyo and New York (read below for more details!), Izumi is familiar with many different types of haircutting techniques, which she uses in combination to design a hairstyle for different customers. Izumi is so good, she can even assess if you previously had your hair cut by someone trained in Toni & Guy, Vidal Sassoon, Kim Robinson or a Japanese stylist!

The incredible skill she possesses and the quality of service she delivers makes it easy for Beauty Undercover to declare Izumi as Singapore’s best haircut specialist!


We are sorry to inform all of Izumi's fans that she has closed the salon and is moving back to Japan :( We wish her all the best in her future endeavours!

If you're looking for more haircut specialists like her, do read about our best hair salons for haircuts in Singapore or Telegram us or send us a PM on Facebook us for personal recommendations :)


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  • One of Singapore's top haircutting specialists in our opinion!
  • The best person to go for if you are very discerning about your haircut... becauseher skill is perfect!
  • Customers who have travelled extensively know that Izumi is among the Best Hairstylists in the world for her skill.
  • Many customers who have been to the top Singapore salons will find that she poses the best value because of her experience and service... one of Singapore's best kept secrets for haircuts and sunkissed highlights!
  • Izumi attends to you exclusively, one-to-one from start to finish
  • More than 30 years of hairdressing experience in Japan and New York
  • Does a thorough hair consultation
  • Doesn't let you wait once your appointment is reached
  • Use of quality hair products e.g. Shu Uemura, Kerastase
  • Gives out hair advice
  • Cozy and warm ambience
  • Central location
  • Fluent in English
  • Friendly and Meticulous


  • The budget may be out of reach for some people
  • Haircut will take at least 1 hour... not for those looking for a quick haircut!
  • Difficult to make appointments at times
  • Izumi is the only stylist so you may not be able to get her when she goes for a vacation!
  • They are not on any social media platforms so it will be hard to contact them on other platforms! If you have any questions, contact us!
  • Difficult to make last minute changes to your appointments e.g. add a hair service
  • She doesn't have any promotions

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Loving It


November 14, 2016

Amazing experience by an amazing hair stylist

Review for Izumi

I always love a "personal-touch"kinda experience instead of the usual mainstream. And so, I decided to pay Izumi Hair Salon a visit. True enough, this is exactly what I received and experienced there.

Top notch.

To begin with, Izumi San is so skilled and confident in her trade that I can fully entrust my hair into her hands as she can easily turn my flimsy-looking hair to a gorgeous and easy to manage hair.

Next amazing thing about Izumi San is that, she has already painted a picture about what she's gonna do next to your hair once you entered her salon. (Talking about planning prior to execution). :) Well done!

Not only was she detailed in the process of doing the haircutting, she's also very detailed person towards every single item used during the whole process. So, there's no need to worry about hygiene level or even quality of their products used. In summary, she's definitely worth visiting.

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April 13, 2016

She is 100% worth going to

Review for Izumi

After seeing all the comments, I decided to travel to a salon far from my house to visit Izumi salon for a haircut & treatment. I actually permed , treated & coloured my hair with Inoa hair color one month ago from another salon . Not to elaborate so much here . I must say , I am having trouble with my hair. My decision to go to Izumi salon was so right. She is awesome. I did a cut & treatment only , my problem was solved . They are a knowledgeable ,humble & nice couple . You will have undivided attention that Izumi San provided . I love the salon too. To me, she is 100%worth going to . Highly recommended. I am so happy with my hair.

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November 09, 2015

Haircut from Izumi always looks good even when my hair grows out

Review for Izumi

Izumi is my go-to hair salon. I have been going to Izumi for the past three years and have always received a fantastic haircut from Izumi. Some people say long hair is hard to screw up, but honestly my haircut from Izumi always looks good even when my hair grows out or even when I put my hair up in a ponytail. Compared to some other hair salons, Izumi's prices seem a little on the high side but given Izumi's experience/seniority, I think the prices are really quite fair and reasonable for comparable hairstylists.

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August 17, 2015

Thumbs up for the cutting skills and professionalism

Review for Izumi

I am a customer who only choose the best hairstylist...tried a couple of the salons mentioned and end up not happy with the haircut. But today, I decided to give Izumi a try and I will say thumbs up for her cutting skills and professionalism... That although I was pretty late because I forgot to bring my handphone to check the unit number and did not call to postphone the appt.

Yet she still serves me with a fantastic attitude. I can link her skilld and qualities to a salon director like Toni & Guy for $218...

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August 07, 2015

It's like watching an artist paint!

Review for Izumi

Visited Izumi and James today. Awesome humble couple. Most of all love my hair cut. It was also like watching an artist paint!

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May 12, 2015

My hair has been transformed!

Review for Izumi

Visited Izumi yesterday for a haircut and color. The hairsalon is located in a quiet and secluded part of Central (office wing called SOHO1). You need to buzz the intercom in order to be let in. The moment you step in to the salon, your eyes will be greeted with the most amazing view! Felt as though I was going away for a spa session! I really love the natural light that comes in through the huge bay windows. Izumi-san and her husband are the only people running the salon. They are a lovely and friendly couple and I felt at ease immediately. I was offered a magazine to look through, from which I selected a hairstyle. Izumi-san took time to study the hairstyle that I have chosen; which I thought rather unusual! Most hairstylists would just take a cursory glance at the picture you have provided and then start working on your hair; only to give some lame excuses later when your hair does not turn out the way you wanted. She is also very attentive and knowledgeable. She did not rush through with her work but took her time to cut, assess and cut again. I'm very pleased with the end result. My hair has been transformed from boring, long and heavy with no movement to a sassy shoulder length that has great movement and volume. Love it! The hair color she chose for me, really complements my skin undertone and as a result enliven my whole appearance. I look forward to my next appointment with Izumi-san as I am curious to see what kind of hair wizardry she will wield next!

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April 03, 2015

She's the best hairdresser I've ever met!

Review for Izumi

Must visit Izumi salon! Since I visited Izumi salon about three years ago, I have never come across better beauty salon than Izumi salon. I must day she is the highly skilled and the best hair dresser whom I have ever met.


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February 08, 2015

Very professional hairstylist with good skills

Review for Izumi

Visited Izumi salon for the 3rd time for hair color and haircut. Izumi is a very professional hairstylist with good skills. A humble lady who shows great passion in her profession. She listens to concerns and requirement, and provides good advice. She even keeps a record of my hair services from her (am impressed). I love keeping my hair long and I remember when I first visited her, my hairdo was dull and boring, she managed to give me a stylish haircut. Izumi is good, do pay her a visit.


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February 06, 2015

She's the only stylist I dare to leave it totally to her to decide my hairstyle

Review for Izumi

Back in May 2012, I wanted a change to my boring long hair, so I started looking online for salon reviews and I chanced upon Izumi Salon on one of the beauty blog. They have many good reviews about the salon and how the hair cut changed their look. So out of curiosity, I made an appointment with the salon and I never regret it since then. It has been almost 3 years since I first patronize the salon, and every time Izumi delighted me with her hair cut. I always get a 'wow' remarks every time I go back to office the next day. She's the only stylist I dare to leave it totally to her to decide my hairstyle and hair color because she knows what suits me best and it has been proven that she's always right! She's a very friendly lady who always make me feel at home when I come for haircut. She gives me her 100% attention during the cut. I love their new salon location as i can see MBS and Singapore flyer right here at her salon. For those who wish to change a new hairstyle, you will never regret coming to Izumi salon.


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Wen Xi

March 09, 2014

Thrilled with the finished cut and style!

Review for Izumi

I wanted to do sports regularly and do not like my hair untidy and dirty after sweating. Thus I decided to cut my hair really short. But I have a high forehead and my hair was fine and curly, They needed weight to pull the hair in shape and in place. So its will be very challenging to cut it really short. I didnt want to just go to any high end salon with reputation and assume they will do a good job. So I read and check online for a stylist I feel comfortable with from reviews.

I came to saw Izumi Hair Salon in this website and read many good reviews of her. So then I booked an appointment with Izumi san and finally went down to her today. I only show her a few photos of hair styles that I wanted and told her that I really wanted it short. I also told her that I have fine and curly hair for her to understand my texture. She studied the few photos I gave her carefully and picked one of them which looks best and stylist. Same taste as me. She went ahead and cut my hair, she was very friendly and careful. I closed my eyes all the while but I can feel the way she cut my hair was totally different from other stylist. She pull my hair back and fore and cut slowly for one end to another, from front to back.

After that she blow dry my hair and again did another round of detail cut to give my hair body. I could feel that she use between cutter and scissor and alternate them as if designing my hair. After that, when she style my hair I could feel she pull enough hair as my fringe and created beautiful volumes all around my head.

I was thrilled with the finished cut and style! Never did I had such beautiful hair cut before. I no longer have look of high forehead. What is more amazing was that I feel that my whole facial features just stands out nicely. I really loved my new crowning glory. I definitely thinks that I look better in short hair than in the long hair style. I dont want to go back to long hair style already. I highly recommend anyone who wants to look their best to go to Izumi san.

Some people say you need to try a hair stylist 3 times to see if she suits it. I would say that Izumi san only needs 1 try and you will be thrilled. She is totally different level from all stylists in Singapore.

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April 12, 2013

Went during the wrong time

Review for Izumi

After reading the great reviews on this page, I decided to try out Izumi.

Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed in their service and output. (Also, the prices seem to have increased)

The hair washing part was too … “whatever-ish” and the layered haircut that I asked for is cut 太碎 (meaning … too many layers for my head shape / style)

My appointment was at 5:30pm, but Izumi herself was not done with the previous client yet, which is absolutely fine. I had nothing to do afterwards anyways, so I wasn’t in a rush. The man/receptionist kindly just told me to sit down after I arrived.

No one asked me if I wanted water.
No one offered me magazines.
No one asked how I’m feeling.
No one asked what haircut I wanted.
I just kinda sat down and awkwardly sat……….. and then, decided to grab magazines by myself after realizing that no one was gonna cater to me.
When Izumi was finished with her client, she asked me to change seats (which is ok). But she asked me to sit in the same, WARM, spot that the previous client had been sitting for the past X hours. (I mean… at least ask me to sit in a DIFFERENT seat or wait til the seat is cooled before you have me sit there … )

@Listening & Responding
Anyways, so I told her I wanted to get a trim and hair treatment. Also, I wanted a highlight. Then, she said she was closing soon. I understand. And I feel bad to keep her if she’s closing. But she was nice to stay for me to satisfy all my hair needs.

@Washing Station
However, throughout, I feel like maybe she was rushing because -
when she was washing my hair, she kept getting water in my ears!!! I felt embarassed to keep picking at my ears throughout, but I tend to get ear infections SUPER easy, so I HAD to keep attending to my ears. Annoying.

Then, when I was telling her what kinda color I wanted for my highlight. She didn’t even show me a sample, but just started applying “a color” on, based on my description of what I was imagining. Sad. I’m a very hands-on person. I NEED confirmation in everything before I get going. However, during the process I asked her what color she selected. She said “ashy brown”. I had no idea what ashy brown was like. How ashy is ashy brown? Anyways, all that was running through my head. Then, she added that it was a color she mixed for me which she believes will fit my skin tone. Um. ok. I guess I just have to trust her. In the end, the color came out ok I guess. I was hoping for lighter, but whatever. it’s not great. But at least it’s not horrible. Its ok. Acceptable.

The pro is Izumi is very meticulous when doing the highlighting. She’s picking my hair strand by strand.

Do you see the highlights? She says it’s called a sunkissed highlight.
@Cutting / Trimming
At the beginning, I told her I had a big face and I wanted something that will elongate my face and hide my fat sides/cheeks/lower portion. So I said I wanted more volume. However, the result came out to be worse than how I walked in

Too many layers.
Top of head is too ‘poof’ and big.
Bottom portion is too thinned out. As if I lost a lotta hair.

I don’t wanna judge. Perhaps this is the Japanese cutting hairstyle. Maybe Japanese like it. But it’s definitely not fit for my face type.

I must say that Izumi is very careful with her work. And full of passion. But wait – let me give you an example:
Your son/cousin/friend goes in for a math exam. He’s very very very careful doing each question. But each is answered wrong. Then he tells his teacher: “So what if the answers are wrong? I was very very careful during the process.” Does it matter?

@Hair Treatment
I asked what kind of treatment I wanted. Izumi didn’t really give me a clear answer. She just said there’s two types. One was $45. The other is $85. And the difference is that – $45 gives you shiny hair. $85 gives you VERY shiny hair um ….. ok.
I don’t think the hair treatment went well for me because she set a timer and everytime before the timer goes off, she’s already removing the products (washing it out and stuff).

@Good Bye
Maybe I went during the wrong time. Maybe I shouldn’t have made an appointment at 5:30pm.
But – in the end, I thank her for staying later to answer to my needs. But I don’t think I’ll be back again.

Anyways … I was disappointed and I ranted all about it on my blog:


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March 01, 2013

Experienced, meticulous and very dedicated

Review for Izumi

Izumi is the only hairstylist I really feel comfortable for getting haircuts. She’s experienced, meticulous and very dedicated to her craft – and of course, we pay for it. Each haircut costs $100 and no less. However, considering how much a good haircut means to me, I’d rather pay for quality.

I have fine and wavy hair which I generally find hard to manage. Before Izumi, I would take pictures of hairstyles I like to the salon but have my final look emerge different from what I wanted. The stylist would then comment ONLY AFTER all the hair cutting that because my hair texture is different etc etc, I cannot achieve the look I wanted. To me that’s just an excuse for poor skills.

Since the first time I went to Izumi for a haircut, I would bring along a picture of what I wanted. She looks at the pictures very carefully and would tell me if the hairstyle was not 100% achievable with my hair texture or without proper styling. On other occasions, if the hairstyle I wanted had a long fringe but my fringe was short, she’d suggest a variation of the chosen hairstyle, and so far, I have not been disappointed with the outcome. Izumi was the one I went to when I chopped off my past-the-shoulder long hair to a short, chin-length messy bob that was inspired by Dianna Agron. I got many compliments for that. I would say, bring a picture of what look/ hairstyle you want – it’s a safety net. Only once have I gone to get a haircut without a picture, but that was to rectify a bad haircut done when I was in Seoul. Needless to say, Izumi saved my hair! I won’t let another person cut my hair again!


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Blog Review

August 13, 2010

Love the undivided attention

Review for Izumi

I really love the undivided attention izumi san had given me throughout my fringe cut! She really pays attention to you solely when she is cutting your hair! She spent a good old 20 mins to trim my fringe and around 1 hour to cut linn's hair! LOL! It was sooo longggg that i nearly fell asleep while waiting for her.. Later on you will see my camwhoring photos while waiting for her. On top of that, she is really friendly as well and also gave suggestion on the most suitable haircut/hair colour according to your face shape and complexion etc.. And the of course, the ultimate plus point would be that... She is a japanese and she definitely know the trend and style of the japanese! [:


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