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Salon 5 @ Katong Joo Chiat

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To serve customers and beautify their hair and their lives is, to us, an incredible privilege. This is why we call this place Salon 5 - to remember and put this Grace and Goodness front and centre in our every interaction.

Co-Founder of Salon 5


"Is this really a salon?" We wondered, as we walked down the East Coast enclave, shaped by ornate facades, intricate motifs and timeless treasures. Curious after seeing the unmistakable Red and Blue Barber's pole outside, we couldn't help but push open the Peranakan swing doors.

What did we unveil? A cozy, rustic and highly instagrammable salon full of vintage gems dating all the way to the 1970s.

With vintage barber chairs decking the entrance and sewing machines remodelled as tables, we can't help but be fascinated by the many details within.

But alas, we digress. We first heard about Salon 5 from a friend who tipped us off on how amazing their hair colours (and how nice the stylists are). Apparently, the most highly raved stylist here is founder Carrie. She has garnered SO MANY good reviews, we knew we gotta check her out.  

As many customers point out, Carrie is one of those stylists who takes the effort to consider everything from face shape to personality in the choice of colour and placement of each highlight to create something that is uniquely customized for you.

But it seems as if colours aren't her only strengths. Her perms, too, give off an effortlessly ethereal vibe thanks to her intentional effort to create curls that fall at just the right places.

We were already impressed after seeing her hair works but meeting her in person only made us fall in love with her even more.

Beyond her astute sense of aesthetics, Carrie has this caring nature and genuine sincerity that makes it easy for us to achieve a sense of camaraderie with her. You don't feel the need to keep talking as she just knows when to start and when to stop - leaving you feel simply... comfortable. It is possibly this combination of skill and service that got so many customers introducing friends and family to her over the past 7 years. 

Carrie is however not the only star in Salon 5. The tall and talented Kin is the up and upcoming stylist whose colour blending got us going WOW. He knows just how to mix the right colours and get you that tone that is sure to light up your IG (and even your Tiktok) - all while making sure it looks absolutely natural on you. We haven't even gotten started on the ever-stylish Esther who can give you an instant style lift with her signature cut, highlight and perm!

Even though a signature colour and perm here take at least 2-3 hours, we barely noticed the time. The place is just so chill, particularly with complimentary free-flow alcohol and unobtrusive stylists that Salon 5 becomes the perfect place for us to read or even do a little bit of work.

With the highly skillful team of stylists and immense effort put into the ambience within the exclusive Joo Chiat neighbourhood, you'd think that prices would likely be on the high side. So we're positively surprised to find that not to be the case. Ladies' haircuts by the master stylist would set you back by $50 and $45 for men and an even lower $28-$32 for kids. Whole head colour start from $95, making this place pretty value-for-money for their signature services.

As much as we waxed lyrical about this place,  the charm of Salon 5 is one where you need to experience to understand. The little dance your heart does when you first enter and the joy of getting your hair done (or seeing your family get their hair done) by the team of loving stylists here is something no words can describe. 

We consider it our blessing to discover such a beautiful salon and am proud to share it with all of you here on Beauty Undercover!


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  • Experienced Hairstylists Brilliant with Hair Colours and Cut
  • Strong even with Highlights for Caucasian Customers
  • Great service from stylists who treat customers sincerely from the heart
  • Value-for-money pricing around Katong
  • Rustic Instagrammable Decor with vintage gems within the salon
  • Complimentary Free flow beer, alcohol and beverage provided
  • You can get nails done at the same time as your hair
  • FREE Parking at Salon 5 (on a first come first served basis)
  • Relatively easy to find parking on the roadside


  • Not the most convenient to reach via Public Transport

What Other People Say

Loving It


April 22, 2022

More Than A Hair Salon

Review for Carrie

/ skilful hairstylist / comfortable ambience / warm hospitality / lovely vibes / list of complimentary drinks This salon checks all the right boxes, and more! Such an unique decor with personality! Everything is delightful & quaint. Carrie the stylist (cum owner) makes you feel that u r in gd hands. Glenn (cum owner)is attentive & offered to get me bread as it was lunch time n likely that I had not eaten. The guy who washed my hair was funny. Overall, come ready for a relaxing afternoon, let down your hair literally, n just enjoy being in a space which makes u feel comfortable. The salon need not be the only destination as it is nestled within the quaint Joo Chiat area. Come for the hair/make-up service n spend the day walking around the area which has many interesting curios/fashion/bakery shops, or do it vice versa, ending your day with a nice coiffure. Easily one of the most unique salons in Singapore, without the stifling “atas” feel of those orchard road salons. (Review approved by Beauty Undercover)

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Peggy how

March 06, 2022

Exceptional experience

Review for Kin

Nice vibes, great stylist. Kin is unbelievably good at accessing your features and recommend a cut that suits. They took great heights to ensure you enjoy every bit of your time there. Definitely will be back. (Review not yet verified)

This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.

Grace Kok

July 13, 2021

Grace K.

Very courteous and friendly staff. Very satisfied with their service. (Review not yet verified)

This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.