Artistic Designer (off day: Wednesday )
atYann Beyrie @ Wisma Atria


Anthoine- Yann Beyrie @ Wisma Atria

L'amour, l'art et la coiffure rendent la vie belle. Si la coiffure est une religion, je serais un extrémiste.

Artistic Designer (off day: Wednesday )atYann Beyrie @ Wisma Atria

Yann Beyrie @ Wisma Atria

Wisma Atria

"Bienvenue chez Yann Beyrie, Welcome to Yann Beyrie."

Anthony, easily one of the most good-looking male hairstylists we've seen in a while, greeted us with an enthusiasm you'd associate with the French. This is the first time we've spoken to a French stylist, much less one who was handpicked to be among the 8 apprentices of David Lucas of his time. I mean, not many of us would have the opportunity to fly to Paris and get our hair cut by the Virtuoso of Natural Hairstyles, so we can't help but feel awed at this opportunity to get our hair done by his protege.

Having tried him for ourselves, we can safely tell you that an experience with Anthony is like no other. From the very first moment we entered the salon, Anthony was unfailingly attentive, making sure that we're comfortable at all times and taking the effort to really diagnose our hair issues and understand our preferences. As he explains, hairdressing is not just an art but a meeting of art and science. Anthony is not seeking to create an artistic masterpiece just to show off his expertise but instead, prefers to act more like an artisan who incorporates the precision of geometry with the creativity of colormetry to bring out the best of each individual. 

It doesn't mean that he designs hairstyles the same way; one of the biggest factors that draw customers to Anthony is his ability to translate your personality into your hairstyle. Through his in depth consultation, Anthony is able to quickly get a grasp of your vibe before letting his emotions inspire a hairstyle that is uniquely yours.

His specialty? A gorgeous Sunkiss highlight and French Balayage that adds much femininity and the iconic Parisian glamour to your everyday hairstyle. Thanks to his extensive experience colouring and styling for models and celebrities walking down the runways of Paris (yes.  he was previously the backstage stylist for Paris Fashion Shows and many other similar ones in Europe), Anthony knows exactly where to place the colour, by how much and what tone he should use. For those who wonder if he can do the same for us Asian women,  you'd be glad to know that Anthony spent the last 4 years in Tokyo, at luxury hair salon Mikuraya transforming Japanese ladies who wished to attain hair as glamorous as that of their Parisian counterparts.  With many of his groundbreaking balayage and sunkiss done on Asian hair, you don't have to worry that it is not possible.

All you need to do is to relax, trust him and have a good time as he relays his stories working at all the fashion capitals of the world (Paris, London, Barcelona, Milan, Berlin and Tokyo). With skill, credentials, personality and looks all packed in one attractive package, Anthony is definitely one of our top MUST-TRY hairstylists for haircut and colour in Singapore!