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Simplicity, Individuality and Class - these qualities form the cornerstone of French beauty that I hope to share with everyone around the world.

Yann Beyrie


When we think of France, the first image that comes to our minds is that of chic elegant Parisian women strolling down the sprawling sidewalks of the world-famous Champs-Elysées with Hermès bag in hand and sexy tousled hair that looks effortlessly gorgeous.

If you've ever dreamed about looking as confident and stylish as they are, we've got great news for you! 

The salon

You no longer have to take a 14-hour flight to get the full-on French beauty experience because internationally renowned French stylist Yann Beyrie has recently established his flagship  salon right here in the heart of Orchard!

Created like a Parisian Gallery, his namesake salon Yann Beyrie is in itself a masterclass in design. Intentionally minimalistic, you won't find many machines cluttering the salon but instead plenty of space so that the focus is put squarely on your hair, their artwork.

While some may expect Avant Garde, or even drama from the Haute Couture hair that models stereotypically adorn on the Paris runway, the hairstyles we see in Yann Beyrie are anything but dramatic. 

More Understated than Bold, the French ideal of beauty is similar to what many of us here believe in Singapore. 

They've won the hearts of so many locals and took home numerous awards in 2022 including:

  • L'Officiel Beauty Awards for Best Deep Conditioner (Plumeria Nourishing Conditioner),
  • Best Leave-In Conditioner (Plumeria Nourishing Serum) and Best Moisturising Shampoo (Plumeria Nourishing Shampoo).
  • HerWorld Hair Awards Winner for Best haircut that grows with you - Director Cut
  • Expat Living Readers’ Choice Awards Gold Winner for the Best Hair Salon & Services 

In France, Beauty is "Natural but Better". Trending hairstyles in France focus not on forcefully sculpting your hair to make it straight or curly but to work with existing features to bring out your inner beauty and make you look effortlessly glamorous even in every mundane moment of your life. 

Just because it looks effortless doesn't mean that it is so. Many French hair artisans spend a long period of time mastering the art of painting to give customers' hair the natural sunkissed effect through techniques such as balayage.

And it is this training and philosophy that Yann aims to share and inculcate among stylists in Singapore. 

The stylists

Having started his hairdressing journey more than 15 years ago in Paris, Yann  had the benefit of learning from the crème de la crème in top salons in Paris and London. We're talking about top European salons such as Vidal Sassoon, Toni & Guy and even celebrity salon Trevor Sorbie! His voracious appetite for knowledge and skills got him noticed, so much so that he rose to the position of Creative Director within 4 years. Soon after, he was given numerous opportunities to work with celebrities such as Justin Timberlake for Editorials and fashion designers such as Jean-Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood editorials for the Paris Fashion Week. It is these experiences that honed Yann's sense of aesthetics and skills to make even wearable hairstyles look glamorous. 

Yann is not the only one with such illustrious credentials. He counts fellow French stylist Anthony, who worked directly under celebrity stylist George Lucas and in top salon chains such as Rossano Ferretti across Barcelona, Milan, Berlin and more recently in Tokyo, as part of his team. A passionate artisan with a strong grounding in European hairdressing techniques, Anthony is wonderful at creating sensual hairstyles by infusing movement into hair through precision of haircut and contrast in colour. 

Hailing all the way from Manhattan, New York City, CK Karkhanis is yet another gem of a colourist who does balayage so brilliantly, we guarantee that you'll fall in love with her in your first visit. 

We haven't even got started on the vivacious Jess, a veteran Singaporean stylist you'd remember for her solid skills and larger-than-life personality along with Nich, Zeff and Diva, all local stylists with extensive experience at top salons in Singapore. 

It is clear that not everyone in the team is French yet Yann has successfully crafted a French experience for all customers who enter Yann Beyrie. Some parts of it has got to be the characteristically French Crème Simon tea, minimalist decor as well as its Made-in-France hair products. However, it is ultimately the investment in training the team that has possibly paid the most dividends in this aspect. 

From the Vidal Sassoon-style hair workshops to etiquette training that even Louis XIV would approve, we see a renewed sheen and a layer of polish among established stylists in Yann Beyrie in service. 

Having said that, it is skill where the stylists in Yann Beyrie truly shine. Yann's training require one to think of one's face as the light and hair as the shadow. Stylists here are taught to create the outline that accentuate one's features while taking into consideration head shape and hair condition, resulting in a wash-and-wear haircut that naturally brings out one's individuality.

Cut aside, French Balayage is another service where Yann Beyrie stands out. As foils are not used, the technique disguises unwanted regrowth lines and created a more natural, sophisticated and dimensional look that looks more and more natural over time as the highlights are coutured to complement your features. It is hence no surprise why the French Bob and the French Balayage emerge as our must-try hair services here at Yann Beyrie. 

How much do they cost though? While a hair service at Yann Beyrie is certainly not cheap, prices here is also thankfully not out of this world. Insisting on French founder Yann Beyrie will set you back by $185 for the cut but the price drops to $129 for Anthony and further to $79 for local stylists directly trained by Yann. Sunkiss highlights, on the other hand. start from $179.

Given that a flight to France cost much more than that, getting your hair done at Yann Beyrie may just be the excursion you need to scratch that travel bug and get your French fashion fix in time for that special occasion. 

The products

If you're into salon-grade hair care, you need to check out Pumeria, Yann Beyrie's very own exclusive hair collection. It isn't just curated for the salon, but every stylist contributed towards formulation and packaging of the products to make it suitable for the Singapore market.

The current line-up includes a shampoo, conditioner, and serum — if you get the 3-piece bundle, you will receive a free Yann Beyrie candle worth $49.90!

The service

On top of the luxurious interior, prestige, trend-leading styles, star-studded stylist team, and more, they also have a VIP room because they respect your privacy, nail services because they respect your time, and an extensive drinks menu to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Overall, Yann Beyrie is definitely a French hair experience not to be missed in Singapore!

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  • Founded by renowned French Stylist Yann Beyrie, who had previously styled for Justin Timberlake as well as Jean-Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood
  • International stylist team comprising of stylists with experience in France, Germany, Spain, New York, Australia and Singapore
  • Their diverse talents and experience make the stylists here particularly good at handling even hairs of different texture e.g. curly, afro or wavy hair... without pestering you to straighten your hair!
  • You can get fabulous balayage, sunkiss highlights as well as chic French Bobs here at Yann Beyrie
  • All products used in Yann Beyrie originate from France, including its teas!
  • Centrally located in Wisma Atria, making it easily accessible.


  • Digital perms are not available here
  • Prices are high though not out of reach for many Singaporeans

What Other People Say

Loving It


September 04, 2021

Haircut and highlight with Jess

Review for Jess

Thank you Jess for injecting colour and life to my otherwise “style-less” hair! Jess is most welcoming and makes you feel comfortable right away. She takes time to understand your preferences, study your hair flow and texture and then make suggestions to see what you are comfortable or not comfortable with before doing her magic. I have not had short hair for many years now, but Jess’ reassurance and confidence sure worked wonders to help you make that move to try something different! Jess is very meticulous, taking time (cannot emphasise this more, you do not feel rushed at all through the session) to ensure she does the haircut to perfection. When doing the highlights, Jess also takes time to pore through my very thick hair to make sure the highlights turns out very fine (therefore not chunky), according to her high standards. Whether you are looking for a simple hair cut or a change, know that you are in good hands because Jess does not compromise. She is truly professional and only wants to deliver the best to her customers. Look no further. Jess is a gem! :) (Review approved by Beauty Undercover)

This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.


July 31, 2021

Authentic French Balayage

Review for Anthoine

Anthony is truly a Master of Colour! I am very, very picky about colour and techniques. I tend to salon hop as the outcomes don’t usually meet my expectations, but so far, he has never failed to impress me with his knowledge of hair, skill and keen eye for detail. I find it interesting how he begins the consultation by asking how I am feeling on that day, and what image I would like to portray. He then makes his recommendation partly based on his emotions and the vibe clients give him as well. So far he’s been spot on, giving me two authentic French balayages that blended and faded beautifully. Can’t really tell from the pictures, as these were taken right after the colour. But there was a LOT of skill and effort that went into the hair. Merci Beaucop Anthony! I will definitely be back! (Review approved by Beauty Undercover)

This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.

Seok Woon

June 27, 2021

Great haircut that's ready to maintain

Review for Nich

Nich was my hairstylist and she is truly amazing. With my thick unruly hair, I was always turned down for a shorter haircut but Nich truly studied the nature of my hair and also listened to the kind of haircut I need to provide me with the haircut which is stylish and easily managed. Though the cut was pricer side, a good haircut goes a long way. Thank you, Nich! (Review not yet verified)

This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.


April 17, 2021

Haircut was great but service could be improved

Review for Jess

My haircut with Jess went great. She has a really bubbly personality and gave me the exact haircut that I wanted. However, my mood was somewhat ruined before my haircut due to the staff who washed my hair making inappropriate comments about my personal life (i.e. hounding me for the reason why I didn't have a boyfriend). Didn't get his name but he mentioned that he was there for around 3 months.

Review not yet verified

This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.


April 11, 2021

Customer Centric experience

Review for Yann Beyrie

Love the ambience of the salon and special thanks to Timen who never fail to make my haircut experience pampering. Timen always put the customer experience first and with his skills that's the reason why my husband and I kept returning to him.

Review not yet verified

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December 28, 2020


Review for Nich Ho

I had haircut after a very long time. And now it's just Awesome. Thanks to Nich!

Review not yet verified

This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.