I used to feel really bad about my skin; no matter what OTC products I used, my skin will flare up and turn red for days. That's why early on in my life, I studied a lot about skin and what I need to do to keep it clear and healthy. Now, I wish to share some of this knowledge with customers who are facing the same struggles as me so that you too can attain clear, flawless, healthy skin!

Facial TherapistatApple Queen Beauty @ International Plaza

Apple Queen Beauty @ International Plaza

International Plaza

We don't often feature local facial therapists as we're really afraid of hardselling. However, Apple is one of the few who stands out for her FLAWLESS skin and genuinely helpful personality. 

We go for facials to achieve a better complexion. As much as it may seem superficial, it is important for us to have facial therapists with perfect skin. Other than inspiring us to take care of our skin better, it also shows us that the facial products and routines that the facial therapists use actually work. That's why Apple's flawless skin caught our attention. There're no pimples, no pores and no lines even though she does not put makeup.

Initially, we thought she was simply blessed with good genes. Her past photos as a teenager, however, showed us that that is not the case. Apple had really reddish skin that breaks out rather easily due to irritants or harsh chemical ingredients in facial products. This led her to find out more about how she can better take care of her skin and eventually revamp her entire facial routine to achieve what she has today. 

If you are keen to find out more, Apple would very generously share her tips and advice based on her many years of helping customers improve their skin condition. Whether acne-prone or sensitive-skin, she has SO MANY customers whose face improved under her care, a major reason why she is so popular via word of mouth referrals. Many graduated from coming twice a week for intensive treatment to once a month for maintenance when their skin becomes a lot better. 

We would highly recommend you to ask more during one of her facials though; Apple is darn good at facial massages which last more than 15 minutes even for her basic facials! As her customers would attest, Apple doesn't skimp on facial products or the time given to each customer even if the price of the facial you opt for is low; she gives the best service she can give. 

While Apple would share the type of facials that is best suited for your skin, we're glad to find that she does not hardsell. If you're not keen on packages, just say no and she will respect your decision, something we really appreciate. 

Given the price she charges, we can confidently say that Apple's facial is one of the most value-for-money facials we've experienced!

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