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We were a little hesitant when we first walked into Apple Queen Beauty at International Plaza. The salon itself wasn't very big and the simple decor reminded us of what we would expect from neighbourhood facial salons.

If you don't mind the simple interior, you may just find one of the biggest hidden gems in International Plaza, Apple!

A friendly and skilful facial therapist, Apple has customers all the way from Jurong to Tampines coming to her for facial treatments and clearly, her ability to help them see a clear improvement in their facial treatments is a key reason why they keep coming back. Due to her strong knowledge of facial conditions and use of high quality facial products, Apple is able to customize the facial routine to the needs of the customer. Hence, we actually see and met many customers whose facial condition improved significantly under her care (within months!)

As Apple herself had sensitive skin in the past, we find her especially effective for customers who find your face easily irritable and acne-prone as she knows just the right natural products to soothe your skin and build your resistance for better skin!

Although Apple does extraction, she does it in a way that does not cause excessive downtime even for sensitive skin. Hence, she's highly recommended for ladies looking to clarify their face with minimal downtime.

Aside from effective results, her facial massage skill is also to die for! Having experienced her facial, we can personally vouch for her awesome massage skills.

We're not the only ones we're impressed though; Apple has a number of customers who have previously tried top aesthetic clinics and reputable facial salons in Singapore but eventually converted to Apple because of her excellent facial massage!

As Apple allocates a full 90-120 minutes to you for each facial regardless of the price, we found the facials here among the most value-for-money given her skill, experience, usage of quality facial products, service... and best of all, NO hardselling!

Definitely our top choice if you're looking for a good facial therapist in International Plaza.

Members' Privileges

Beyond attractive prices, Apple Queen Beauty offers a complimentary member loyalty program to reward customers who return for more services!

Membership Fee: Free but will have to visit the salon at least 3 times to register as a member

Membership Benefits

  1. Savings during Birthday Month
  2. Enjoy $30-$50 discounts for Seniors (above 60 y/o)

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  • Very knowledgeable facial therapist
  • Genuine personality who truly wants to help customers get better
  • Value-for-money 2 hour facial at very low prices
  • Many customers have seen a huge improvement in their skin condition after getting facials here
  • Apple gives VERY GOOD and thorough massage during the facial
  • Apple uses high-quality facial products despite the facial's low prices.
  • Affordable prices
  • Very thorough extraction
  • Conversable in both English and Mandarin


  • Decor reminds us of a neighbourhood facial salon
  • Some upselling exists but its easy to say no if you are not keen.
  • Apple is the only facial therapist here so we expect bookings to be a little harder to make once more people get to know her!

What Other People Say

Loving It

Joyce Yew

April 12, 2021

Good journey and experience

Review for Apple

Apple is very knowledgeable about her products and skin types conditions. Ever since I started my journey with Apple beauty, my skin condition improve alot more better! Apple always guide me very patiently about how to take care of my skin step by step. Their service are also good and efficient, with reasonable price!

Review not yet verified

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August 14, 2020

Excellent Service

Review for Apple

Apple is really friendly and easy to talk to which makes every appointment really enjoyable. She's also genuinely helpful and constantly gives me advice on how to manage my sensitive skin without trying to sell me any products or services. Her advice is helpful and her willingness to follow up on my progress makes me feel like she is more than a facialist. She is your personal skin care expert!

Review not yet verified

This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.


July 10, 2020

Cleared my skin

Review for Apple

Had a bad bout of breakouts due to travel and change of routine and I was struggling with it for 2 months. I tried various masks and skincare products but nothing helped. I decided to go to Apple and she managed to fix my face in just one session. The extractions definitely do hurt but she really takes the time and effort to remove every single impurity. My skin improved significantly and people around me noticed it too. Went back for my second facial and my skin continued to improve. Really happy with the results! Apple is detailed, patient and warm.

Review not yet verified

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March 09, 2020

Hard sell

Review for Apple

Overall I enjoyed the facial. The extraction did not hurt a lot. But there's a lot of hard selling to sign up for packages. Apple kept showing me invoices of other customers who signed up for her packages and said that she is very popular and I should sign up too. I don't like signing for packages without spacing some time between my facial as I won't know if my skin is suitable with the products used as I have sensitive skin. After 30mins of hard selling, I decided to buy a overpriced bottle of toner just to get her off my back about signing for the package. I will never come back again.

This review represents the subjective opinion of the Beauty Undercover reviewer and not of Beauty Undercover.

Dear Jasmine,

Thank you for visiting Apple Queen Beauty. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed your facial with us but am sorry that you felt uncomfortable during the sharing. There are many stories of customers who saw a huge improvement in their skin after coming to me regularly and using the right products.

However, I know I can be too enthusiastic at times and inadvertently make you feel uncomfortable. Thank you for your feedback. I will take note of it and seek to improve my service in the future!

Warm regards, Apple

Mar 20, 2020

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